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Crash Problems During Beginning of 'The Pitt DLC'


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Hello all!


Everythings been running relatively smoothly (with only the occasional crash) but I've had a spot of bother when playing through 'The Pitt' DLC. Whenever i enter the gate that the slavers open for you on your initial arrival at the pitt (just after you make your way over the bridge) and approach the NPC 'Max' the game crashes everytime. I've also noticed the the dialogue of other NPCs in the area doesn't seem to be playing.


I think this may have something to do with my load order but i've used BOSS and tried to solve the problem myself to no avail. Im quite the noob when it comes to modding so any suggestions or solutions you can come up with would be much appreciated!


My load order is as follows:


Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm
Project Beauty.esm
Vault 101 Revisited.esm
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esm
Mart's Mutant Mod.esm
Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow.esm
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Alternate Travel.esp
Project Beauty- Vault 101 Revisited.esp
Project Beauty- Broken Steel.esp
Project Beauty- Point Lookout.esp
GNR Enhanced.esp
Moriarty's Saloon Fen chui Mod.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Anchorage.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC The Pitt.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Broken Steel.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Point Lookout.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Mothership Zeta.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Followers Enhanced (BrokenSteel).esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional Restore Tracers.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Optional VATS Halftime.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Project Beauty.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Project Beauty (Followers Enhanced).esp
WeaponModKits - FWE Master Release.esp
WeaponModKits - OperationAnchorage.esp
WeaponModKits - ThePitt.esp
WeaponModKits - BrokenSteel.esp
WeaponModKits - PointLookout.esp
WeaponModKits - Zeta.esp
Armored Duster.esp
Stealthboy Recon Armor - CRAFT.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Anchorage.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC The Pitt.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Broken Steel.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Point Lookout.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Zeta.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Zones Respawn.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Tougher Traders.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Natural Selection.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Master Menu Module.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Project Beauty.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - FWE Master Release + Project Beauty.esp
Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow in Fallout.esp
Enhanced Weather - Radioactive Rain and Snow Plugin.esp
Enhanced Weather - Weather Sounds in Interiors.esp
Enhanced Weather - Sneak Bonus during Storms.esp
Enhanced Weather - REBOOT.esp
CRAFT - Workbench Replacement.esp
Tunnel Snake Leathers placed v1.esp
Wills Power Armor.esp
Wills Power Armor FWE Patch.esp
Total active plugins: 90
Total plugins: 101
Thanks again.
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Delete any of your unused plugins. If it is in "Data Files" it will be loaded into memory.


Use only one FWE-Project Beauty patch, not both.


Does Project Beauty - Vault 101 revisited have an .esm header but an .esp file extension or is it just in the wrong place?


Disable and delete Mart's Mutant Mod - Zones Respawn, Tougher Traders and Natural Selection. They are part of FWE.


Hope this helps!

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Use only one FWE-Project Beauty patch, not both.


Thanks for your response! I've deleted and disabled the plugins you suggested but When you refer to the project beauty patches which of these do you mean?:


FO3 Wanderers Edition - Project Beauty.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Project Beauty (Followers Enhanced).esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Followers Enhanced (BrokenSteel).esp
And the Nexus Mod Manager gives me a warning prompt that Project Beauty - Vault 101 revisited seems to have an .esm header but an .esp file extension.
Thanks again!
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FO3 Wanderers Edition - Followers Enhanced (BrokenSteel).esp is not a Project Beauty Patch, leave it installed and active.


FO3 Wanderers Edition - Project Beauty.esp is not needed, you are using Fallout Wanderers Edition - Followers Enhanced (BrokenSteel).esp. Deactive and delete it.


FO3 Wanderers Edition - Project Beauty (Followers Enhanced).esp is needed since you are using Project Beauty and FO3 Wanderers Edition - Followers Enhanced (BrokenSteel).esp. Leave it installed and active.

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Damn, I've deactivated and deleted those plugins you kindly suggested but unfortunately i'm still faced with the same problem.

Also i've now noticed when i attempt to create a new merged patch i'm faced with a number of error codes, all along the lines of:


Error: Can't merge faulty ordered list aaaSIguns2OrderedList [FLST:310158DA]


10 in total :(


Thanks again for your help! If you can think of anymore suggestions or possible fixes at all then keep me posted.

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Hm, I might be totally wrong here (last playthrough 2010 :blush:) but isn't that the part where the remove-all-inventory-script is firing? Do you have any non-vanilla items in your inventory, especially items from MMM (live Iguanas for example)? Removing those prior to entering that gate might help.

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