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Modify which friendly fire on which NPCs causes them to become hostile


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I'm looking for a mod that allows me to change whether or not a friendly unit will attack me, if I attack them. There's been many times where a stray arrow has hit a guard while I was fighting something else, causing the guards to then turn on me.


I've been playing around a lot with Warzones, and it'd be nice to have a mod that would manage aggro depending on which faction you're a part of, or something like that. Say I was part of the stormcloaks, and in a battle that was stormcloaks vs imperials, and I accidently shot a stormcloak, I wouldn't have the whole stormcloak army fight me instead of the imperials because of one stray arrow.


I'd love if someone could make this, I'd give them the biggest highfive



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