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Windowed mode doesn't work with SKSE: can somebody help?


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Hello, so: I havne't played Skyrim in a few months. I've always used Mod Organizer to launch the game with SKSE, and a few days ago, windowed mode stopped working.


When I use MO to launch SKSE, this is how it appears:



this happens regardless of whether or not I launch SKSE through MO, or manually through the Data folder.


however, when I launch Skyrim in any other way, it works: be it through MO or through Steam directly, windowed mode works as normal:




I have uninstalled and reinstalled Skyrim, MO, and SKSE: nothing works. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this? I need SKSE for my mods, but I don't really like playing full screened either.

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Ah I get what your asking for you want to have the windows background up in the back with SKSE stuff working too. Not sure how to make that happen.


Exactly! I like having my Windows background up so I can easily switch back to my browsers and Skype at convenience, I really don't like playing the game fullscreened.


Does anybody have any advice on what might be wrong?

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