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Problems downloading Perkus Maximus

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I'm having troubles downloading a mod here. It's probably my connection or something but I'm not sure. I'm trying to download Perkus Maximus. I have done it through NMM and straight from link. With NMM it only downloads part of it then moves on to loading the mod onto my list. When I download it straight it's either to small or to big. I posted on the forum for the mod but got no response. Was hoping someone could help me trouble shoot the problem.
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Check your Internet Speed. Its the day before Thanksgiving....Chances are that there are a ton of people using up the local bandwidth of your service provider. My best guess is that your going to have to wait just a few days before making a big download.


At least I know it happens to me. The other thing that can happen is that yes Nexus can and does get a bit overloaded during Holidays. There again just try again another day. That's just my experience though but my service provider gets slammed during holidays and the worst is trying to order movies with the family in the evenings on certain days like Friday during holidays good luck haha.

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