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Skyrim NMM Error corrupted file (need help)


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I have a problem with the mod installer. if i install a mod i got this error message:

A problem occured during install: Coul not extract files! Message: File is corrupted. Data error has occured. The mod was not installed.


i search for a 7zip file that is corrupted, i open ALL 7zip files in nexusmods/skyrim/mods but they all work i have no idea why it doesn´t work


p.s: sorry for bad english (i am german)

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Found this fix in another thread. I know you said you did this to one file but you might wanna try the others he mentions.

You have a corrupt Zip file somewhere, in one of these locations:
Mod Path: d:\Skyrim\mods
Mod Cache Path: d:\Skyrim\mods\cache
Mod Download Cache: d:\Skyrim\mods\downloads

You could try manually opening them all to try to locate the bad file.
Or just delete everything in the cache and download cache folders, and see if that helps.


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