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After installing DSfix22, have i been banned?


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I downloaded and installed dsfix22 from nexus as i have done previously and never had a problem untill now.


after installing and editing the text file (changed the aa, res, frame etc etc, nothing major) i restarted and then launched the game.


It launched fine and when i was in the menue (i saw the dsfix start immage where u select new game or continnue etc), and after a few sec i got a gfwl update notice and got in offlinemode.


After the update the game wont launch, after doubble clicking on the ds icon to start up the game it starts, and as soon u see the loading icon in the bottom left i get this error/fail messege(se attached pic) and i cant do anything but close the game.


(it is in english but translated it says someting like this:

A problem made the program to stop working correct. The program will close and you will get noticed it there is any solution for the problem.(and the clickable button just say's close program in swedish))


I have deleted everything and reinstalled but still this s***.


when reinstalling it installed as usual and when launching the game the same (i think) gfwl update came up and after that the game is like explained.




im happy for any input or help!

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Not a ban, Looks a lot like a generic 'it stopped working and we don't know why, but will inform you if a solution is found'


These are common with Microsoft - and please don't hold your breath waiting for a reply - I have never seen one from one of these type messages.

First guess - something is not working properly since you made that change.

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Try playing the game without DSFix. Could be you messed up installing something. If it works again, then try installing DSFix 2.4. You do know all the right folders to put everything in, right?

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