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Being able to wash blood off.


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I'd also like to be able to remove blood from weapons for immersion's sake. I mean, let's face it...if I killed a wolf on my way into a little hamlet like Rorikstead, then walked into the bar with a blood-drenched blade...that's going to unnerve people. "Why's there blood on his weapon? Did he kill someone? Is he going to kill again? Why is he here?"

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Just take them off and wear them again...


I find your lack of immersion disturbing. :tongue:


I'm sorry XD


Drop them in the water and wear them again? Wear another piece?


Have you ever dropped something in a river in Skyrim? VWHOOSH! There it goes, with the current!


My #2 method of disposing of bodies btw, after CUYC. Lmao.

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