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It Seemed To Be A Good Idea At The Time (Redux)


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One 20.2[29]{29}


Jennie shook her head, quickly and briefly. "The kinds of organisations that could solve such puzzles are relatively quite small and under resourced. Elite military forces get far more resources and more hitech allocations such as the UN Peacekeepers. The more orthodox UNMSIA gets far more support than does the more specialised UNPSIA."


Behind the counter was a mature, youthful looking woman thanks to the rejuvenation process, who was in some ways like the J-Triplets. Jennie had watched her come quietly, smoothly, into the diner's main room from the back. None of the clone-triplets had observed her before for she had been away from Tarrytown though they had not learned where she had been. The woman pretended not to notice Jennie but did a poor job of it. Jennie noted that her biological mother seemed to be nervous. She was not sure why.


Carmel nodded. "That is your mother."


Jennie turned. "Yes but of course you would know this since you are an elite investigative reporter famous for going deep cover for long periods of time."


Carmel shook her head. "I am semiretired now, thanks to my two beautiful daughters. The father was okay but then there was Brandt Event."


The supersoldier arched her eyebrows. "You know of that?"


The non clone woman shrugged. "Only that my reliable, but not loving, husband was working at the Brandt Outpost when something terrible happened there. Why don't you go talk to your mother?"


Jennie looked uncertain. "I do not know what to say. I am not program-conditioned for this kind of.... incident."


Carmel sighed. "Then call over here and I will be here to help you in your meeting."


Before any such thing could happen, the mature woman gave Jennie one last nervous look and vanished to the back area of the diner.






One 20a


The nervous woman, who had gone into the back of the shop, went to a small office room. There she, who was not Rhona but her twin sister Shona, was soon making a 3Dphone call to an Order of Compassion outpost, a large one. The Order of Compassion was based in LabyrinthCity, along with cousins Orderhood Orders. The Orderhood was still forming, growing, evolving in its early stages. Shona ceased to act nervous as she quietly informed her grandmother of the arrival of both the clone-triplets and of Carmel at the shop. She gained some guideline instructions in response for Shona would need to think on her feet because there was too much a lack of important information.

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One 21.1[30]{30}


Airforce One appeared at the UNPSIA airport that the first aircraft had done but with it materialised three other jets, all three being airfreighters with only a small crew each. The idea of sending aircraft back to the home world was seen at first as a highly implausible one but another shock was soon to come to change that view. Unlike those who had entered the LL by more conventional means, those who materialised there could not leave the LL at least for a time yet to be discovered. This was also true for non living items. One man who went to go home simply dematerialised and appeared back at the airport along with all the gear he had formerly had with him on the aircraft. After that 'uncomfortable experience' all such lifeforms, and things, were officially confined to the LL; this was necessary for various political, bureaucratic and legal reasons.


Richard Rixon quietly quit his position as President of the United States of America, being under powerful domestic pressure to do so. Instead he took up position as the first US Ambassador to the Lunar Labyrinth Colony and was soon to move to LabyrinthCity where he gained staff and an official office along with a residence. Part of his family were soon going to join him there.


The airfreighters carried each a mixture of freight being classed urgent, luxury or emergency. One carried a special built powerful cross country vehicle that was at once grabbed by the UNPSIA as was everything else. Former owners would be very well compensated monetary wise but the former owners of the vehicle, professional rally drivers, were understandably upset at the loss of unique items, as were others. Priceless Ming vases ended up in the Visitors Section of the international terminal, along with some other famous art works.


Mulder, and Scully, were part of the team that went through each aircraft in turn, starting with the former Airforce One now replaced by a new aircraft. They were going through the second freighter, with troopers and other specialists, plus two sniffer dogs, when it happened.

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One 21.2[31]{31}


In a fairly narrow lane between modular containers, a sniffer dog began to go crazy with fear and anger. Barking crazy, snarling and whimpering in turn the canine backed away from one container. It was quietened as those with guns prepared for trouble, including Mulder and Scully with their special powerful handguns.


After both dogs were taken back away from the cargo module, along with unarmed specialists, and back up was urgently called for, a silence fell except for some thudding noises. Something was smashing against the walls of the modular container with amazing force and it sounded like fists.


Mulder cursed and raised his large pistol in readiness. None of them liked being in such a confined space with what they were starting to 'sense' was extremely dangerous. Which was when black, tightly, clad figures darted through the aircraft hold with amazing speed, agility and quietness. The supersoldiers, as led by Jessie, seemed to know what they were doing as they struck at the target container at the roof and the one fully exposed wall. They attached odd black devices to the cargo container and then activated them. Clearly the supersoldiers had done this type of operation before and far more than once.


After the modular container was carefully removed from the airfreighter and inside were found the few belongings of desperate illegal migrants who had somehow become undead. The supersoldiers vanished before they could be questioned and this was obviously no coincidence. An answer was soon found, of sorts, that the migrants had died either before the vanishing of the airfreighter or during it; the rejuvenation process had gone very wrong for them. Yet the supposed answer was far from confirmed and it begged many questions.


Future search procedures were tightened up with more precautions taken but no more zombies were found amongst those four aircraft.






One 21a


The Grandia, the new Big13 Faction that was trying to take total control of the Big13 but with only mixed success, had its leadership meet in a very secret fashion. In black hooded robes and gloves, with black full face masks, the Grand13 were a half circle. They were raised above the height of the floor and were behind a long, curved, bench. The chamber had them dimly lit and those they questioned in bright light. Those questioned did not get to sit down.


The Grand13 arrogantly, aggressively, wanted to know why the Grandia Faction was not being more successful against its enemy Big13 Factions. Perhaps they would have learned more if they had truly listened, if they had been willingly to admit to their own mistakes, but they were focused on finding scapegoats for their own blunders. That is except for four of them, a wiser and cannier minority, who found themselves outvoted by the majority.


Petros was both chairperson of the Grand13 and its biggest fool in many ways; she was a brilliant fool and a very greedy person who should never have been put on the council, let alone become its chairperson. She faced a tall, handsome woman in a sharp business suit, as cut for a woman, who was clearly unphased by by the 'cheap' trickery used by the Grand13 in that chamber.


Petros frowned. "You sent a message stating that you know the real reason for the failure of Grandia to take over the Big13." She tried to hide the fact that she was disconcerted by the amazing confidence of this one called AlphaOmega. Petros was used to being faced by frightened or angry individuals, even defiant ones, but not any with the quiet strength of this person. "State your case!"


AlphaOmega half smiled. "Chairperson Petros, you are the problem. That is you and ten others on the Grand13, along with your various lackies, and cronies, in the Grandia. Four of you Council Members are worthy of the council. Another three of you are mere useless puppets and two could be useful. Three of you, including you personally, are the real problem. The forces behind Grandia are finished with you, have no more use for you. Your fate is decided. The puppets will be demoted to the sort of jobs their kind are good at. The other six will be kept but two will be retrained. Your fate is not so kind."


Petros might have said something except that she died quickly, quietly, then and there as did two other council members. The coup was over that quickly, taking but seconds. The purge, through out the Grandia, had started and was continuing. AlphaOmega would soon take up her position as the Grand13 Chairperson but it would be generally known she had more authority, power, than that which came from that position.

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One 22.1[32]{32}


Jonnie faced, sitting at a big metal table, some UNPSIA people. Jessie and Jennie were at home helping Carmel, and her children plus pets, move into the house. Ginger was not happy with sharing her feline territory with two other cats, at first, but was soon sleeping curled up with both male moggies and some superbugs. The big old scruffy looking mongrel, of a female dog, slept on a couch with her head on some human's lap when she could.


Jonnie faced Scully, Mulder, Collins, Armstrong and other UNPSIA people including newly arrived Lieutenant Samantha Carter who had formerly worked with the United Nations Waygate Program. The Waygate Program had come to a temporary halt when certain problems had arisen with the Waygate itself that was an ancient alien artefact found in the upper levels of the Lunar Labyrinth but in an ancient alien complex with Earth like gravity.


Jonnie spoke very calmly, almost coldly. "There is going to be a limit to what I can speak to you of, how much I can speak to you of, thanks to a variety of factors."


Collins sighed. "Who do you supersoldiers serve?"


Jonnie paused for a noticeable but short time before answering. "The Special Investigations Intervention Taskforce Beta101B1, the SIITF-B101B1, serving the Special Investigations Intervention Force Beta, the SIIFB, of the Special Investigations Intervention Agency, the SIIA."


Collins showed his surprise, great as it was. "I had assumed you served some obscure branch of the UNMSIA or perhaps some other United Nations mandated agency."


Jonnie responded dryly. "While the SIIA has important links with some UN Factions, it serves neither the UN or under any kind of UN Mandate. We, the J-Triplets, and our clone-pack were created here in the Lunar Labyrinth using surrogate mother cloning programs. For about the last 10 years we have been involved in a wide range of programs, projects and other ventures in the Lunar Labyrinth and other locations."


Collins frowned softly. "What other locations?"


Jonnie responded, again dryly. "I am unable to discuss such matters at this time."


Armstrong asked a question. "Who does the SIIA serve?"


Jonnie turned to look at the captain. "I am unable to discuss such matters at this time."

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One 22.2[33]{33}


Scully asked a question, ignoring Marshal Collin's soft frown at breaking protocols. "What can you tell us?"


Jonnie turned to her. "We serve a contract with the Maharg Agency, that is based here in the Lunar Labyrinth being centered in LabyrinthCity itself. We are also linked with the Maharg Foundation and the Maharg Corporation along with the Maharg Initiative."


Scully nodded. "After the XFiles Office was disbanded, as part of the USA's FBI, the Maharg Foundation supported us for some years as the XFiles Agency. Then it supported out shift to the UNMSIA and later to the UNPSIA. I understand that the Maharg Foundation supports other organisations with funding and in other ways and that it runs a series of institutions such as a network university and a network museum. What of the Maharg Agency, Maharg Initiative, Maharg Cooperative and the Maharg Corporation?"


Jonnie again noticeably paused before speaking. "The Maharg Agency runs groups of specialists of a wide range of types, sometimes hiring them out to others. The Maharg Initiative is linked with the Maharg Foundation; it runs a series of programs that each are linked to a series of projects. The Maharg Corporation and Maharg Cooperative a commercial enterprises of different kinds. None of this information is secret; all of it is on public record as is the Maharg Family and its activities. I must go soon."


Scully sighed. "What do you know of the Brandt Incident?"


Jonnie frowned. "The Brandt Outpost was a research development station carrying out research projects on the ancient alien artefacts in that area, one being a Waygate like the one that Lieutenant Carter, and her people, have been working on until recently. Something went terribly wrong at the Brandt Outpost and my people were sent to deal with the situation. We did so! We cleaned up the mess and we departed."


Collins frowned. "When my UNMSIA Taskteam arrived at the Brandt Outpost we found little more than a burned out ruin of an outpost. Everything was removed or destroyed. There were no people, no bodies, no equipment or anything. What did you do to the people there, the working dogs?"


Jonnie looked bland. "I am not at liberty to discuss such matters but soon somebody will contact you with important information."


Then Jonnie vanished with a soft sparkling shimmer.


Collins frowned. "Damned metahumans! Anybody get anything important from that discussion?"


Fox Mulder frowned hard. "Only that we are dealing with very dangerous forces and that, hopefully, we are not in over our heads."







One 22a


Jonnie met with Rossilan Maharg, clone-daughter of Graham Maharg who was officially his daughter, in a secret Maharg Agency underground base close to LabyrinthCity. He quietly reported a briefing of what he had learned to the beautiful, slimly voluptous-muscular woman. She gave him a warm hug, and a soft kiss on his cheek, which she always did with him and his triplet-clone sisters along with other metahuman superclones.


Around them, in the big sophisticated fortified chamber, were active metafolk of many kinds including metahumans, metahuman superclones, metaclones, metachimps, two metadogs on guard duty and some less common types such as metahuman cyborgs (metaborgs). One of the oddest were replicant androids that had not been created by humanity but which very much like them except for one replicant copy of a metachimp; this was an accurate copy of one of the more upright, opposable thumb equipped, real metachimps.


Basic remote-robots hummed along in their duties, such as cleaning the floors, and banks of computer mainframes were linked to rows of advanced deskcomputers and more basic terminals. There were many security guards, in special security power armour, of varied kinds along with security remote-robots.


It looked what it was; it was part of an ancient secret war, was part of an ancient anticonspiracy.


Even as Jonnie kept listening to an inflow of information, and orders, he picked up a superclone infant who he held against his hip, the boy looking quite sleepily happy until he did go to sleep.

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One 23.1[34]{34}


Scully was only too aware that the UNPSIA people had not managed to question Jonnie about Project X56. It turned out that while Marshal Collins knew more about the project than Scully did that it was not much more. Project X56 had been the experimental teleportation project that had sent animals from one teleport pad to another but they died and came back as infested biovamps. They then had infested others after scientific staff had made foolish mistakes.


Scully looked up from where she sat before a 3D desktop computer with its 3Dflatscreen. Mulder was busy at his own computer and was also going through a whole lot of data in old secured archives of various agencies, corporations and other organisations. She had found something brief, hidden, on Project X56 that had probably been lost unintentionally in the vast UN data-networks.


"According to this Project X56 was run by the Progressive Possibilities Corporation that is a daughter corporation of the Umbrella Corporation." She frowned. "Somehow it does not surprise that the damned Umbrella Corporation should be involved somehow."


The Umbrella Corporation was amongst the biggest corporations of the Big13 organisations. Not all of the Big13 were corporations and at the top, by itself, was the mysterious 9of9 Foundation. The Umbrella Corporation was one of the three below that. The Progressive Possibilities Corporation was not in the Big13 at all but next to the Umbrella Corporation was the Mass Dynamics Corporation and the Vankerburg Institute. Below that were nine more institutions such as Mooncorp, the Stellar Vanguard Corporation, the New World Order Foundation, the ArmaArms Corporation, the Pure Investments Institute, the Ultimate Achievements Academy, the Armacham Technologies Corporation, the Dizzyfun Corporation and the Cybus Industries Corporation.


The Big13 was all imbued with dark reputations, at least to some extent, including the innocent sounding Dizzyfun Corporation. Some were more infamous than others and the Umbrella Corporation was at the top of the list. Twice it had almost been totally destroyed thanks to major disasters caused by its greedy stupidity but both times it had managed not only to survive but once again to grow and thrive. This was largely because of world wide corruption, greed, stupidity and other factors. One important factor was that the Umbrella Corporation had produced a series of advanced technologies that had greatly benefited the world when sold at a relatively rate of profit.

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One 23.2[35]{35}


The gifting of a wide range, of special technologies, to the world had done much for the reputation, power, wealth and influence of the Umbrella Corporation but they continued to have many enemies. One was the Maharg Family that had always claimed that those 'special technologies' had been stolen from the Mahargs with the assistance of treachery.


Mulder looked back to Scully. "So Marshal Collins was involved in dealing with Project X56. In what way?"


"Only in that he went with a UNMSIA team to investigate and that by the time they made it into the orbital research development station, somebody else had gotten there first and there was not much left except the station hulk itself. Remember, our own team did not even get to see the station." Scully shook her head just a little, as if the gesture went with her thinking. "I wonder if the cloned supersoldiers were involved."


Mulder shrugged. "Which batch of cloned supersoldiers? Whispers have it that more than one faction has created them. There are also cyborgs, other genetic creations, advanced robotic drones and elite troopers in exopower armour that could do the trick."


It was then that alarms began to sound through out the airport base and it was quickly confirmed that the situation was no exercise, that all had to report to their emergency posts.






One 23a


The shadow, within a shadow, was more defined now thanks to the addition of more pale lighting. The whole chamber was almost lit up and the flittering, threatening, things were gone from there. The betrayed traitor had achieved new gains and a funny, chunky muscular, figure danced back and forth for its entertainment. The betrayed traitor had some that he had once known this other one but could not quite remember clearly who, what, it had been.


Information flowed through his pained mind, from the exotic throne, and he sorted through it though he did not stop gawking at the amusing humanoid. There were AraAncients active inside the great AraComplexes inside the Lunar Labyrinth. There was the Great Enemy for ever seeking to escape from its prison of the NullVoid though not all of it. There were many immortal, and mortal, factions at work in the struggles of the OldEarth, Terra, and other areas including in the same universe and beyond.


The betrayed traitor grinned upon realising that supposed true events, that had taken place, were not what they appeared to be to most.


Later he slept, truly resting, with the small chunky muscular humanoid curled up sleeping in his lap with the betrayed traitor's hand resting on its rather shoulder.

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One 24.1[36]{36}


The push to send people to the Lunar Labyrinth, from Terra, increased as it was fully realised that the very elderly, sick and handicapped could be rejuvenated into starting new lives. This would both assist them and relieve the home world of the use of many resources. Not all were happy with this idea, including the families of those on the lists and those who feared it was a way of getting rid of the unwanted.


Then there was the idea of sending the 'starving masses' of the world to where they could be rejuvenated and gain a new, strong, possibility of life.


From the LL, to the home world, had gone cheeserock, thornpods, blue crude oil, thornplant sap, processed metals and others resources in one way shuttles built in the upper layers of the LL Colony. The flow had become consistent but not great. There was a demand that more such resources be sent along with more items manufactured in low, and zero, gravity where such as lens, ball bearing, special metal alloys and biochemical serums could be made in special ways.


Cheeserock, 'a greenish vaguely cheese like substance', was like a poor joke come to life except that the substance was highly valuable in the creation of many products useful to humanity including food for the masses. It also seemed to regenerate, to regrow, to replace itself but mining operations were carefully regulated to keep cheeserock mines running.


Blue crude oil was vaguely like black crude oil but amazingly more potent and versatile in how it could be used to make such as amazing materials and fuels.


Metals were found, oddly enough, in purer forms than they were on the home world. Gold, silver, iron and more were found as metal veins of very high quality.

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One 24.2[37]{37}


While metals, blue oil and cheeserock were fairly common in the Known Lunar Labyrinth, they were not hugely abundant. The pressure increased, mostly from Terra, to increase human expansionism through the Lunar Labyrinth along with exploitation of its resources. For reasons hard to define, most of those living in the LL felt that caution was very necessary; this was especially true for those born there.


Thornplants grew quickly and in harsher areas of the LL, being constantly carefully harvested. So it was that thornplant sap, and thornpods, along with thornwood, was sent in quite large quantities to the home world. There was research development being done on other LL plants, fungi, and other such life to develop useful drugs and other products from them.


It all came down to growing, opposing, pressures from both Terra and the LL Colony.






One 24a


Graham Maharg had suspected the truth for a very long time, since he had entered the Known Lunar Labyrinth back before the very first 'modern human' had come to be there. That is that the Known Lunar Labyrinth was a special purpose area, of the Lunar Labyrinth, designed to attract Terran humanity to it and to be the zone of their focused activity in the LL. The amount of available resources, for human exploitation, was amazing by human standards as was the amount of fertile ground and much more of interest.


Geological, geographical, biological and other studies had both gained many answers but had failed to gain him any the deeper truths that he had sought. Then there was a good deal of information gained that led only to more questions.


He sat looking at a large holographic map of an area of the Known Lunar Labyrinth that was unofficially known as the Lesser Known Lunar Labyrinth, the LLLL, where exiles, escaped criminals, cultists and others tended to go to get away from authorities. There were official forces there but they were stretched in their resources. There were also strange stories of exotic humanoid peoples, crumbling ancient cities and much else. Some of those stories were horrors hinting at the presence of such as biovamps and zombies along with selenite like insect peoples.


The LKLL were the very lowest levels of the KLL. While very rich in natural resources, there were many such areas more easily accessed by the bulk of the human population.


In his sophisticated, efficiently set out, office he examined the map and after a time he quietly began meditating. There was something right in front of him that he was missing, a vital clue to what was real going on, and he was hoping that the meditation would help.

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One 25.1[38]{38}


At the UNPSIA airport a big transport plane had materialised, monstrous and former Soviet in design, and from it had spilled out zombies and fewer ghouls. The zombies shambled quickly while the ghouls ran; the zombies struck with guns, using them as clubs, or just used their claws and fangs; the ghouls used their guns though clumsier than humans would have done. The creatures were unnaturally rotting and regenerating with amazing speed and it was a horrific process to look upon.


UNMSIA Troopers protected the terminal buildings and other aircraft, blasting away with their weapons. Heavy machineguns mowed down the attackers as did concentrated fire of lighter weaponry. Thankfully the attackers had no real idea of strategy or even common sense survival. The glowcrystal light seemed to weaken them, to disorient them. They hungered for life energies, blood and liquefied flesh. Rockets and small missiles exploded amongst them as did mortar shells.


From another angle, came pulsebeams of laser destruction, sweeping the undead things down with impressive accuracy and speed. Supersoldiers had come to the assistance of the base.


As the undead perished, they burned away strangely as if nature was catching up with their unnatural existence, but they left much gear behind them.


Abruptly it was all over, a sudden anticlimax of a finish to an amazing savage but short battle. Thankfully none of the defenders had even come close to being hurt or killed or infested.


The supersoldiers vanished away with amazing speed, just as they had appeared in the first place with amazing speed.







One 25a


Tarrytown, and the new UNPSIA Airport Base, were very deep in the Known Lunar Labyrinth and on the very upper edges of the Lesser Known Lunar Labyrinth, the LKLL. Security was even more important, because of this reason, than it probably would have been. Paramilitary Ranger patrols began to use Tarrytown as a stop over, as a place to get supplies and the Rangers used it, in general, as a rest recreation site. Others began to do the same, bringing into the edges of the town, most did not want to get any closer to authorities, trade goods and information. Soon there was a whole other part of Tarrytown, growing quick, that was quite different from the main part of the secret UNPSIA installation.


Outer Tarrytown looked very different from Main Tarrytown, so much less disciplined and with less regularity of architecture and layout. Outer Tarrytown was more irregular, even patchwork in places, with odd mixtures of architecture though official regulations were tightly enforced. Except that much of that urban zone was soon expanding underground and that area was much harder for the authorities to regulate.


Some very interesting individuals, and groups, began to make an appearance at Outer Tarrytown though not many visited Central Tarrytown. It soon became popular with a few UNPSIA people and even supersoldiers along with others from the More Known Lunar Labyrinth. Some very interesting meetings began to take place in that increasingly important, exciting and in some ways dark place.

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