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I seem to have sold a propylon index that I need, As you some items tend to "disappear" after a while, so just in case, could anyone please give me the cheat codes for the various indexes.


The set of cheat codes I have are only about half complete, so I would be extremely obliged if the necessary codes could be found.

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Certainly. Here are the cheat codes for each Index:


player->additem index_andra 1
player->additem index_beran 1
player->additem index_falas 1
player->additem index_falen 1
player->additem index_hlor 1
player->additem index_indo 1
player->additem index_maran 1
player->additem index_roth 1
player->additem index_telas 1
player->additem index_valen 1

That should be all of them.

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