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Dynamic Snowstorms In Battle


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So after spending an hour and a half in a coffee shop discussing The Elder Scrolls with my sister, an idea for a mod came to me.


We were discussing the different features that different provinces could provide in future games and I pointed out that combat in Elseweyr would be boring as it would mostly just be flat deserts, so we were thinking of ways that it could be interesting, and the standout one was that sandstorms could kick in at random intervals during combat or travel, forcing you to change your tactics midgame, a la Company Of Heroes 2. In Elder Scrolls games, the only really valid tactic is to charge the enemy and force their lines apart, retreating to get a better shot with a bow or to heal. This would change that up, as the obscured view would make hunting down your enemies next to impossible (At least for most, maybe Khajit could see better or magic could help and things such as Deadra or Golems would be unaffected) forcing the player on the defensive and changing up your tactics.


And then I wondered, why wait for a game set in Elseweyr? We have massive amounts of snow in Skyrim, so why not change it to be blizzards in the middle of combat? Granted, the enviroment is probaably too warm in the south of SKyrim to make this realistic, but I use overhaul mods to make the whole of Skyrim desolate and frozen, so that isn't a real concern for me.


Now I know that this is a tall order, and I totally understand the cutting of features, but I think that the Skyrim community could really do this justice. Now, I don't know the first thing about the CK but I thought I could pass on the idea and see if anyone was interested before I tried and probably butchered it. I don't think it would be that difficult to do this, at elast on a base level. Creating blizzards would just be a weather change I think and I know that we can make AI do what I want as mods like Immersive NPC in the dark do similar things. Maybe even hide the compass during this like what you see in iHud? I think it could turn out really well.

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