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Kai Leng is a quite lame boss. He has better skills in cutscenes than in actual combat. To make defeating him more satisfying his combat should be modified. He only rushes with sword and sends electrical waves. In letter from Hackett we have informations that he uses same implants like Phantoms, who are really challenging. I suggest to change his combat style to make him a phantom with additional powers electroslash and shield boost as he normally has. I don't have any programming skills, so I leave it to some skilled mod maker.

What's your opinions?

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Well, one thing that would help would be to switch up the dialogue or cut some of it. The hero vs villain exchange between Shepard and Leng is cringeworthy.


"You're still slow, Shepard!"

"I'm only slow because I'm not running!"

"Shut up!"


Depending on how hard it is, you could mod out the trashmobs and make it a focused fight, Shepard vs Leng, or if possible, make the party be knocked out at the start of the fight so it's actually a 1-on-1 and then in the following cutscene they'd be lying on the ground so they're not two doofuses who turn their back conveniently so Leng can try a surprise attack on Shepard.

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