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How to get rid of finished quests shown as open


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Do you want to end the game with a journal showing all completed quests and none open without having to resort to the console? Well, I'll tell you what I know. Please also refer to the thread under general Morrowind.


I'll deal with the quests under three heads:- general quests (including Ahnassi, Daedric and vampire quests), Guild quests and Great House quests. The main quest does not cause problems or at least has not for me.


General Quests


Fjol the Outlaw

Do not kill him until you have spoken to Larrius Varro in Fort Moonmoth.



When you meet him, refuse to kill him. This gives you the journal entry that closes the quest. Re-open the dialogue box and kill him.


Lady's Ring

When you have the ring, stay in the pond until the 'lady' runs out of throwing stars and pulls out a dagger and runs towards you. This gives you the journal entry. If you attack her earlier you won't get one.



Added for Charon. While the alcoholic Nord may be in the wrong and the 'witch' no more than a healer, the only way I have found to delete the journal entry is to kill the 'witch' and give the axe to the Nord.



Solution comes from Theta Orionis. I have now confirmed it. When you get the Flamemirror robe do not give it to Ahnassi, merely acknowledge that you have it. However you will not get her last quest and so miss out on an extra gift worth 40000 septims. (The choice is yours. I do without the money.) For those on PC there is a mod called Ahnassi Fix on Morrowind Summit that will remove the quest from your journal even if you give her the robe.)


Cure for Vampirism

What a pain! You do this innocent quest of getting a book for Skink in the Mages Guild and this quest appears. Well the solution's pretty obvious - become a vampire and then get cured. That's all!!!


The Imprisonment of Mastrius (vampire quest)

The only way to get rid of the journal entry is to refuse to help him. Sadly this means that you cannot get the Spellbreaker shield for it only comes into existence if you do agree to help him. No shield or permanently 'open' quest, you choose. If you are on PC you can type the following into the console 'Journal VA_Vampcurse 50' (or possibly 40 I can't remember). This gives you the journal entry that you refused the quest even though you have done it and wipes it from your outstanding quests.


Corprus Cure (Tel Fyr Corprusarium) - if at any time you visit the Corprusarium and talk to Upse Fyr you will probably get a journal quest for Corprus cure following reference to a guarskin drum. Finding the drum is irrelevant. In fact the entry relates to when you have Corprus and need to be cured of it. Therefore until you do this part of the main quest this quest will show as open. Presumably if you do not use the main quest as a way of beating Dagoth Ur it will remain to the end.


Guild Quests

It is easy to complete one 'by accident'. You cannot close it because there is no one to report it to. This is not a major problem as you can belong to all the guilds at the same time and thereby get rid of the entries legitimately. Just remember that you must join the Thieves Guild before you do the Fighters Guild quest to get Sotthilde's code book (quest 4 in the Balmora Fighters Guild). If you get the code book and try to join the Thieves Guild they will not let you in. (I don't know if there is a legit. way around it. I haven't found one.) There are still a couple of annoyances.


Compassion (temple)

However you cure the orc, say you had to use a potion. Otherwise no update.


I'm not a necromancer (mages guild)

Open the locked chest by Sharn gra-Muzgob in Balmora and get her book. She teaches you a spell and you get an update. You also get thrown out of the mages guild. You make amends by seeking Trebonius who makes you wait two game weeks until your 'case comes up'. Suggestion - get the book before joining the guild. If you have offed Trebonius beforehand - whoops!


Trebonius (mages guild)

If you deliver Skink-in-Trees-Shade's letter you get no update. You must drop the letter and dual in the arena. You get an update and a jolly nice necromancer's amulet to boot. (You can get this legitimately but he's such a pompous **** the world's well rid of him!)


Great House Quests

As with guild quests, you can stumble into them. By joining a house you can eliminate those of the house you join only. There is a mod that lets you play all three houses. There is also a bug by which as long as you begin as Redoran or Telvanni, you can later play Hlaalu as well. The info below is for those without the mod and who consider taking advantage of bugs as cheating.


Starting as Redoran

All Redoran quests update except the last, 'Bolvyn Venim'.


Duel with Bolvyn Venim

The only way to avoid this 'open quest' is to become Redoran Hortator before getting to the level of Councillor. In fact Duel with Bolvyn Venim is not supposed to be a quest (see UESP list). If you become Hortator you have to duel him, and it becomes a dialogue topic, but never a quest. Killing him allows you to complete 'Redoran Hortator'. When you then apply to become Archmaster no journal ntry appears.


You can only complete one Telvanni quest 'by accident'; that is ending the slave rebellion in the mine near Tel Branora (one of Therana's quests). If you don't want the quest to stay as 'open' in your journal, don't do it!

As far as I can see there are several so-called Hlaalu quests you can do and in all cases you are able to report them. I am unaware of any 'accidents' that will leave open journal entries. The quests you can do are:-

3 from the agent in Hlaalu Canton Vivec - reported back to her

2 for Ilmeni Dren under Twin Lamps - reported back to her

Murder of Ralen Hlaalu Balmora - reported back to the agent in Balmora

Vassir Didanat mine - reported to one of the Hlaalu Councillors (Dram Bero is best)

Hlaalu Hortator - as part of the main quest.


Starting as Telvanni

I had no 'outstanding' Telvanni quests when I finished.

Same comments for Hlaalu as under Redoran.

There are unfortunately quite a few Redoran quests you can bumble into, rescuing pilgrims, Caldera mine, mudcrabs etc. If you want to avoid 'open' entries in the journal you need to keep a wary eye out for them.


Starting as Hlaalu

I had no outstanding Hlaalu quests when I finished PROVIDED I did as I was told.


Inanius Eggmine

If you refuse to kill the Kwama queen and instead take the owner's 1000 septims to spare her, you can get the next quest but the Inanius Eggmine quest, like the mine, remains 'open'. But hey, if you're playing Hlaalu you aren't a nice person. Take his money and kill the queen anyway. Much better - 1500 septims and a reputation boost!


Same comments for Telvanni as under Redorn

Same comments for Redoran as under Telvanni.


Using the 'glitch' to play Redoran and Hlaalu


Comments for Redoran apply as before. You are able to complete all but two of the 30 Hlaalu quests without any journal entry remaining open. The only problem is the Stronghold. Since the Hlaalu stronghold is automatically generated at the same time as you build the Redoran stronghold it cannot be 'constructed'. You may get the land deed and steal a contract from Duke Dren but Dondos Driler will say 'construction will start shortly' and nothing else will happen.


The only way to avoid an open quest is not to open the subject at all. When you are Grandmaster those working in the stronghold will treat you as if it were yours.


Using the glitch to play Telvanni and Hlaalu


Comments for Telvanni apply as before. As with the Redoran/Hlaalu combination above, the only problem is the second stronghold. As before, do not open this dialogue topic in Hlaalu.




It is possible to complete all but one quest without leaving a journal entry. The exception is Mournhold Museum which appears if you enter the museum and talk to the curator about the museum. The quest cannot be 'completed' even by selling all items possible (at least not in my version). However there is no need to have the entry at all. When talking to Torasa Aram simply avoid the topic 'Mournhold Museum'. You can finish the main quest and sell as much or as little as you like without any 'quest' appearing in the journal.





It is possible to complete all quests without leaving a journal entry but there appears to be a bug after you become leader of the Thirsk Mead Hall. The hunt for pelts works but ordering mead never ends unless you type in the following console entry 'Journal BM_Meadhall_LostRing_b 20'.


The Missing Missionary

While this is not quite the same, it is possible to lose the opportunity of completing the quest when it will remain open in the journal. You will get the quest from the Imperial Cult guy at Fort Frostmoth. You must complete it at Thirsk Mead Hall before you leave to kill the Udefrykte. Once you leave to kill the beast the Missionary cannot be rescued.


This is not complete and may not be entirely accurate. It is the sum total of what I have established so far. I would love more info if anyone has it and don't forget to check out the general morrowind thread for MarxistBastard's ideas.


If anyone has other problems please post. I'm sure I or someone else out there can help.

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Lol I think you're right there Marxist. Moving this to Spoilers, and will pin it in a minute... :P


Done. ;)


Oh, and, 2000th post, by the way. *Opens some champaigne* :D

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I have an open journal entry about the quest:Vivec informants. when i asked mehra milo r sumtin like that she told me about the book but she said id have to speak to cais first but he had gone away. when i came back to where mehra milo was she was gone and there was a note saying something about 2 divine intervention scrolls and the hall of processing.so i got the scrolls came to the hall of processing and the guard let me in. every ordinator inside attacked me and i looked in every single cell and room but i cud not find her. icame back to where she originally was and she was there again telling me to go to ebonhart and to talk to some one about going fishing. i did and she brought me to where she was supposed to. i went up to the door slept till sunset so it wud open went inside asked mehra milo about the quest and she said she was going to stay there. So now i have 2 open quests which i cannot complete. cud ne one help?
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I think it would've been better to open a new thread for your question, as this one is four and a half years old! :blink:


For the next time maybe, nevermind now.

I'm afraid I can't help you with your issue either, but maybe we can if you answer Malchik's question. :)

Lol I think you're right there Marxist. Moving this to Spoilers, and will pin it in a minute... :P


Done. ;)


Oh, and, 2000th post, by the way. *Opens some champaigne* :D

Awww it's a Switch post from 2003. :P

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I uh...Morrowind's got a quest tracking sys - ohhhhh, wait, I get it now. I was thinking in terms of Skyrim (which I'd been playing a lot of until I was able to dig up my old Morrowind disc - talk about a happy day!)

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