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Looking for a "Shoking Hookah" animation! HELP :D


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Hi community! I am working on a fairly big mod and i need an object the player can interact with to start an animation. The object is a hookah pipe/waterpipe. The animation doesn't have to be something big. Just a simple "sit down" animation followed by an animation where the player picked up the hookah hose put it up to the mouth and then possibly exhale a puff of smoke. If possible it would be nice if the animation could involve more than the player. So 1-2 other npc's could indulge in the activities at the same time!

I am really in need of this animation. and have hit a stalemate until i have worked my way around it. So i hope someone will help me with this resource!


Thank you in advance, Agnon.


(Here's a picture from the old game "Gothic 3" where the player is utilizing a water pipe! I am no expert when it comes to animations. But perhaps it could be extracted from said game?)


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Two of my house mods add hookah.

You can sit cross-legged, you can turn on/off smoke fx effect...and even if I'm using vanilla animations it seems like your character is grabbing the tube with the right hand.

Here's the link to one of the mods. Check the pics!

PS: of course it's only a static animation, but, I repeat, the way I did implement it is very immersive





The other mod (HOUSE OF THE REDGUARD II) was an unfinished project. You can still download it though.

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