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Post here if you need voice actors for mods, or if you'd offer you


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I've noticed that a lot of people would like to include voice acting and I've noticed that there are people willing to offer thier voice but these people have trouble getting together so I'm making this thread for voice acting and those who need it,


If your working on a mod please post an organized description of the mod and the type of voices you need. And if there is a thread or place to discuss your specific mod, let me know and I'll make a link to your mods thread as I want this thread to only involve voice acting, not mod ideas.


And for those willing to voice act for others please post a description of your voice and if you see a voice you may do please message the poster, since it doesn't take long to dub a character although make sure to put some good effort into each, as apatitic readings are worse than no voice at all.

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Here I'm quoting the thread that inspired the creation of this one, I'll also post a link so you can offer to voice Jericho for this mod.


I guess most of you know my Cafe Of Broken Dreams - Jericho.

However, I can not use any sounds from Fallout 3; that's why I'm looking for a good actor who could voice him.

Contact me if you're interested!


So if you can play a serious aged male role, this is the voice you can share!


Voice For Jericho -- Cafe Of Broken Dreams

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Also If you'd like to voice act military roles, or other serious characters, theres an large enclave mod in the works and I posted an opposing idea of a larger (and seperate branch from the vanilla) BoS group that will need voice actors if a modder chooses to make it.


Here Are the links to the two discussions and ideas:


NV Enclave Expansion And Faction


Join The Brotherhood, Rise to an elder?


I'll link this thread to any and all mods and ideas that may require voice acting, if you have any suggests message me personally, so that way we don't clutter this thread too much.


Edit: Heres An Ideas that the courier comes across an unopened vault, and becomes their model of outside and depending on his actions the vault and its people will change in a similar fashion.


Discover and Change A Vault


Heres the famous Fallout Who mod (Off Doctor Who), so perhaps europeans may offer thier voice to help

Fallout Who New Vegas Mod Thread


Ideas for Mods involving areas underground below Vegas such as scary mods, secret bases, archeology excavations etc.

New Vegas Underground

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Here are some large and or promising mod ideas, most of which are simply ideas at the moment, however a modder or "voicer" would more likely attempt to make them if one or ther other offered services should someone make it.


My personal megathread for Fun and Silly Mods And Ideas

Frank Horrigan Mod Idea (Super Bad Guy From Fallout 2)

Area 51 In Neveda Mod

A thread over Jobs and promotions in the wasteland

A New Popular Topic over A romanceable NPC

Firefly/Serenity Mod Ideas

An Idea for a Benny Companion

Lets Fill The Empty Mojave

Silent Hill Mod Ideas

Play As A Glowing Ghoul Trooper


In the future I'll post more links As I find them or I am made aware of them.

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