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Dwarven Battle Armor Lotr


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I cant find something nearly looking like a battle armor for dwarvish kind of player models.

This is what i am searching for.

i would love to see this armor in skyrim, so thank you all modders, i would appreciate it if you are able to create it.



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I do believe you are searching for the "Iron Hills" dwarven armor from lotr. That is If my magnifying glass is working correctly, You may want to find a bigger photo.


Nevertheless, a fantastic request, One I've wanted to seen implemented into Skyrim for awhile now

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Now that armor would be fitting for the guards in Windhelm.


EDIT: here are some better pics







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yes please


I always liked most of the dwarven armour (besides the boots, they look terrible) but this looks much better, and would look good in a brass colour with purple fabrics


obviously the skyrim one would be taller, but there's enough boot hidden under the chest piece that it should look fine

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