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World Of Wizardry Full Conversion Idea (Need a little help)


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After a lot of work in smoothing out edges, we're now ready to pitch a new idea for a mod given to me by my best friend. The Harry Potter based World of Wizardry Full Conversion Mod. We've been working, and now we're ready to pitch the 'alpha' concept to you at Nexus.

You are a Wizard living in the magical world. You may live your life as you see fit, using magic for whatever purposes you wish. If you choose to start your journey from the beginning, you may grow up in the world, get a wand, and attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Learn spells, go on adventures, make history, or even destroy it all.

-The Basics-

You may play as a child, teen, or adult and live your life. As a child or teen you will age, but no plans for such features have been made after Adulthood. Starting as a child you will need to visit Diagon Ally and retrieve a wand (There will be a special way to do this, simple, but accurate. The wand you receive will be canonically matched to your personality.)

You will then attend Hogwarts and learn about magic. Of course, before all of this you will create a character, choose a pet, and much more. During your time at the school you can go on adventures, make potions, learn spells, and many other things too.


1. Accio- The attraction spell. Can summon objects. In game this spell may or may not be featured.

2. Alohomora- The lockpick spell. Unlocks objects. (Game-bypassing spell. Will be limited)

3. Avada Kedavra- The Killing Curse. This spell is unforgivable and if seen using this at all you will be considered a criminal.

4. Avis- The magician's spell. Used to launch birds from the wand.

5. Confringo- The combustion spell. Casts flames on target- Similar to Fire Spell.

6. Crucio- The Torturing Curse. Unforgivable.

7. Episkey- The Heal Spell. Fast Healing ingame.

8. Expecto Patronum- Summon Patronus.

9. Expelliarmus- Disarm.

10. Epulso- Explode

11. Finite Incantatem- Stops spells currently in use.

12. Flipendo- Knockback. Similar to Unrelenting Force.

13. Homenum Revelio- Detect Life

14. Immobulus- Petrify

15. Imperio- Controlling Curse. Unforgivable.

16. Animagus- Power. Allows player to become an animal.


None decided yet.


This mod needs just a few things before we begin making it:

1. Confirmation. Will this work? We've checked over it and made sure but from the experienced, is this mod possible?

2. Help. We need at least one (preferably more) people willing to help us create this.

3. Feedback. Missing something? Would you play with this mod? Please tell us so we can improve!

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