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Name: Shadow (it's a nickname actualy, real name unknown, even to himself)


Gender: Male


Race: Argonian / Angel of Death (not really a race, is it?)


Starsign: The Thief


Class: Knight / Angel


Homes: The Ancient Towers [link-ness-ness]


Favourite Land: All of Cyrodiil


Best Friend: Kyran


Worst Enemy: Lady Kay, The Grim Reaper


Combat Preference: Melee


Combat Style: Basic fast scythe swinging, followed my a few spells. When in out doors he sometimes uses his wings to fly up to avoid attacks


Greatest Fear: Losing his twin brother


Greatest Want: To end all known threats to Cyrodill


Physique: Average (mortal form) Very strong (angel form)


Level: (All my characters are RP type characters, so they don't have any specific level)


Joined Guilds/Factions: Assassin's guild, Mages Guild, Followers of the Silver Dragon


Enemy Guilds/Factions: Mythic Dawn, Necromancers, Lady Kay's followers


Childhood: Most of Shadow's (and his brother's) childhood is only a blurr. As they both reached their early teenage years all his memories faded. As a younger boy Shadow lived with his family at their farm in Aleswell. Stangely upon returning there,nobody has ever known of his family or their farm. His parents have also vanieshed along with the mentioned portion of his memories.


Teenage: His late teenage years is when his memories start up again. Around that time his idol in life is his older brother Dragonheart. So he tried to follow in his brother's footsteps but eventualy went on his own path upon finding the heirloom sword from his father, Shadowrend and the great powers that came with it.


Prefered Food: Fried meat (any except rat) and apples


Disliked Food: Rat meat


Favourite Arrow Type: None


Favourite Blade Type: His inherited sword Shadowrend, altough he mostly fights with his scythe


Spells: Death Touch, Shadow Bolt, Ultimate Execution, Transform (used to switch between his angel form and back)


Friendly Races: All


Neutral Races: None


Hostile Races: Dremora , with the exception of one of his friennds who is a Dremora himself


Favourite City/Town: Cheydenhal


Least Favourite City/Town: Hackdirt


Favourite Daedra: Sanguine


Least Favourite Daedra: Mehrunes Dagon


Favourite Divine: All


Least Favourite Divine: None


Main Weakness: Danger to his friends and brother


Main Strength: His Immortality


Goal in Life: To uncover the mystery of his past, and acting as a hero to Cyrodiil along with his brother and friends.


Why he was sent to jail: Unknown reason. The day the emperor was assassinated is the day Shadow and Dragonheart began to have memories again.







P.S. The images seen are in this order: Mortal form with powers / Angel form / Mortal form without powers

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Name: Dragonheart (it's a nickname, nobody knows his real name)


Gender: Male


Race: Formely an Argonian, now a Half Dragon


Starsign: The Lord


Class: Knight


Homes: The Ancient Towers, along with his brother


Favourite Land: All of Cyrodiil


Best Friend: Midas Aurimus


Worst Enemy: Lady Kay, His Angershade (a physical embodiment of his inner anger. Dragonhert no longer has an inner anger ,but the shade exists on it's own)


Combat Preference: Melee


Combat Style: Master at one handed swords. Similar to his brother, in the outdoors he would use his wings to fly up to dodge attacks.


Greatest Fear: Losing his brother.


Greatest Want: To protect Cyrodiil and be a faithful servant of Akatosh


Physique: Well built


Level: (Same as Shadow)


Joined Guilds/Factions: Order of the Dragon, Mages Guild, Followers of the Silver Dragon


Enemy Guilds/Factions: Mythic Dawn, Necromancers, Lady kay's followers


Childhood: Same with his brother. His early childhood was pretty average. He lived with his family in Aleswell. In his early teenage years he stopped having memories and it was all a blank.


Teenage: He started out as a follower of of the Silver Dragon, a very small religious cult beliving in a Silver Dragon, said to be a *cousin* of sorts to the Great Dragon Akatosh. At the same time he was a member of the mages guild. After becoming a champion of the Silver Dragon, his deity sent him to to Akatosh. From the loyalty Dragonheart showed to both Dragon gods, he was eventualy transformed into a half dragon. He now wears a suit of sacred armor, said to have been forged from Akatosh's scales and wields "Akatosh's claw" a very powerful sword, crafted from one of Akatosh's claws.


Prefered Food: Shepard's Pie


Disliked Food: Any raw meat


Favourite Arrow Type: None


Favourite Blade Type: One handed sowrds


Spells: Dragon Breath, Fire Resistance (passive), Fingers of the Mountan (granted to him by the Silver Dragon)


Friendly Races: All


Neutral Races: None


Hostile Races: Daedra, with the exception of one of his friends, who is a dremora


Favourite City/Town: Chorrol


Least Favourite City/Town: Leyawiin


Favourite Daedra: Azura


Least Favourite Daedra: Molag Bal, Mehrunes Dagon


Favourite Divine: Akatosh


Least Favourite Divine: None


Main Weakness: Being unarmed. When his frinds and/or family are in danger.


Main Strength: His master sword skill.


Goal in Life: To Serve Akatosh and to protect Cyrodiil


Why he was sent to jail: Same reason as Shadow's. The day the emperor was assassinated is the day Shadow and Dragonheart began to have memories again.






P.S. The sword seen in the images is *not* the one i mentioned. A look-a-like of his real sword can be found in the Ancient towers mod in the Blacksmith's shop,2nd floor.

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Here's my favourite character:


Name: Elizebet StormCrow

Gender: Female

Race: Xenius Night Elf

Starsign: Atronach

Class: Mage

Home: An Ayleid palace called Eden (mod made by Exilehunter)

Favourite Land: Cyrodil; born and raised there.

Best friends: Seliandae and Reandra, her night elf adventuring companions.

Worst Enemy: The Daedra that slew her parents on a sheer whim.

Combat preference: Destruction Magic

Combat Style: Passive Aggressive; Weaken foes through spell and damage reflection, then a few destuction spells for good measure.

Greatest Fear: Loss of all magical power.

Greatest Want: More magical power.

Physique: Voluptuous (DMRA)

Level: Nearly 50

Joined Guilds: Fighters, Mages, Blades

Enemy Guilds: Mythic Dawn, Blackwood Company, doesn't see any issue with necromancy though.

Childhood: Parents slaughtered by Unknown Daedra, saved by mages and brought up in mages guild.

Teenage: Learned magical arts from mages that saved her.

Prefered food: Basic, easy to cook dishes.

Disliked food: Complex or pretentious dishes.

Favourite arrow type: Silver, kills ghosts and easier to procure than daedric.

Favourite blade type: Longswords,

Spells: Supreme Magicka. Shock and Frost Magic, Damage and Spell Reflection, Shielding, Healing.

Friendly Races: Elves

Neutral Races: Beastfolk, Humans

Hostile Races: Daedra

Favourite City: Cheydinhal

Least Favourite: Bravil

Favourite Daedra: None

Least Favourite: All of them

Favourite Divine: None

Least Favourite: None

Main Weaknesses: Stunted Magicka, panics when heavily outnumbered.

Main strengths: Colossal Magical power and heavilly enchanted armour.

Goal in life: Vengance against Daedra that slew her parents, too long ago to remember what kind of daedra killed them but thinks if she slaughters any daedra she happens upon she'll eventually get the culprit.

Sent to Jail for: Attempted murder of Valen Dreth 11 years prior to assasination of emperor by Mythic Dawn (start of game), for taunting her about her parents' deaths. To add insult to injury he was sent to prison shortly after... and put in the cell opposite her.

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Name: Garkul gro-Drak

Gender: male

Race: orc

Starsign: lady

Class: adventurer

Homes:whatever inn he can find

Favourite Land: cyrodiil - lots of diversity and monsters to slay. quests to do too, not to mention the fighter's guild

Best Friend: himself - he's pretty private

Worst Enemy: necromancers - he found one in Vilverin, and now he has a personal vendetta against them.

Combat Preference: sneaking around with his bow (yes, i said sneaking), hitting them with a sneak attack, then charging into combat with his war axe

Combat Style: err... i guess ranged and melee hybrid, also with a little restoration for healing

Greatest Fear: being turned into an undead minion by a necromancer

Greatest Want: his race becoming equal to that of others

Physique: not as muscular as other orcs, but quicker and more agile

Level: 6

Joined Guilds/Factions: fighter's guild

Enemy Guilds/Factions: necromancers

Childhood: raised in Cyrodiil until age 13, then he left for Orsinium for his warrior training

Teenage: living in orsinium, training to become a warrior, left at age 21 to pursue adventure in Cyrodiil

Prefered Food: venision, corn, and cheese

Disliked Food: lettuce. he absolutely refuses to eat lettuce.

Favourite Arrow Type: he really wants to find some elven arrows because of their unique tip, but then again he is level 6

Favourite Blade Type: 1h axes, right now he has steel, but he'll get a better one eventually

Spells: starter healing spell. he has restoration as a major, but the other spell takes too much magicka :S

Friendly Races: orcs, argonians, dark elves, redguard

Neutral Races: khajiit, nord, imperial, bosmer, breton, high elf

Hostile Races: anyone that chooses to become a necromancer, no matter what race

Favourite City/Town: bruma. it reminds him of the few years he lived there

Least Favourite City/Town: imperial city. it's too loud, and thieves lurk everywhere

Favourite Daedra: malacath, of course!

Least Favourite Daedra: nocturnal. she's too shifty and reminds him of the thieves he dislikes in the imperial city

Favourite Divine: he doesn't really think about the divines or gods in general, really. he likes malacath because, well, he's an orc.

Least Favourite Divine: same as above

Main Weakness: will not use any magic besides restorative magic, potions and enchanted items

Main Strength: he's smarter than the average orc, not to mention quicker; this is because of his archery prowess

Goal in Life: to become a great warrior and change people's opinion of his race from bad to better

Why he was sent to jail: I use robert evrae's start, so I sort of immigrated from orsinium to cyrodiil :3

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Hell, why not.


Name: Aleron

Gender: Male

Race: Hidden Elf (Ayleid)

Starsign: The Warrior

Class: Hunter

Homes: Shadowcrest Vineyard, though he spends most of his time on foot, living at various inns and the like.

Favourite Land: Cyrodiil.

Best Friend: Samum, his wolf.

Worst Enemy: Anything that tosses fire. Damn corrupted light...!

Favoured Enemy: Trolls... he really likes slaying trolls.

Combat Preference: Blades, bows and alchemy.

Combat Style: Arrows from afar or sword in your back. If you survive the first hit you'll receive 3-5 quick slashes with his dagger, all poisoned with Damage Fatigue. Most hard fights end with his opponent exhausted on the floor while he hacks away at his defenseless body. In really grave situations Aleron uses an old family recipe called The Sting of Serpents which just rapes anything but is expensive as ****.

Greatest Fear: Finding out he's the last Ayleid left.

Greatest Want: Finding others of his kin.

Physique: Athletic

Level: 12 I think.

Joined Guilds/Factions: None

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Doesn't really care, though he finds people that summons stuff kinda annoying since he needs to mix Dispel poisons for that...

Personality: Very silent and only speaks when he has something important to say. He hates purposeless killing, but shows zero mercy towards those that wish to do him harm. He values straightforwardness and wisdom, and dislikes the hasty, naive and foolish and has a hard time showing sympathy for them.

Childhood: Grew up in a hidden Ayleid temple just outside the borders of Cyrodiil.

Teenage: A pack of trolls broke into the hidden temple and killed his family. Aleron eventually left the temple and travelled to Cyrodiil to search for other Ayleid.

Prefered Food: Rat meat, easy to hunt and prepare.

Disliked Food: Nothing really.

Favourite Arrow Type: Steel arrows, cheap and reliable.

Favourite Blade Type: Light and long blades.

Spells: Despite his huge Magicka pool due to his Ayleid heritage, Aleron has a bit of an Arcaneophobia (I just made that word up heh...). He finds magic too chaotic and unreliable.

Friendly Races: Bosmer has tended to be more friendly towards him during his travels, likely because they mistake him for one of their own. Over time he's grown to like them a bit more than the other races.

Neutral Races: Everyone else really.

Hostile Races: None.

Favourite City/Town: Skingrad, he likes the Alchemist girl there.

Least Favourite City/Town: Bravil, nice supply of Mandrake and Nightshade in the surrounding enviroments, but the town itself is crap.

Favourite Daedra: Frost Atronaches... Frost Salts is an awesome ingredient.

Least Favourite Daedra: Scamps and Fire Atronaches... they toss fire... daaamn fire...

Favourite Divine: Doesn't care.

Least Favourite Divine: Doesn't care.

Main Weakness: Has trouble trusting people, though at times it's proven to be his greatest strength as well.

Main Strength: He's adventurous, but not stupid. He never jumps into battle unprepared.

Goal in Life: Find others of his own kin.

Why he was sent to jail: He never was. Alternative start mod ftw ;)



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Name: Ilyana

Gender: Female

Race: Night Elf(Xenius Comp)

Starsign: The Steed

Class: Witch

Homes: Sunrise Treehouse, Celestial Lagoon

Favourite Land: Anywhere warm and lush

Best Friend: Ambreska Desir

Worst Enemy: Ja, her evil alter ego, who happens to be a necromancer

Combat Preference: Magic only

Combat Style: Close Quarters, but flee often

Greatest Fear: Necromancer Mobs

Greatest Want: Unnecessary Violence

Physique: Puny, but cased in armor

Level: 9

Joined Guilds/Factions: Mages Guild

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Necromancers, Daedra, anything wicked

Childhood: Parents unknown, was found in a chapel one day and raise in an orphanage. Possessed a gift with magic and became an apprentice to a reclusive mage at an early age. He was ambushed by necromancers and killed and she was left homeless and an orphan at 12. Wandered the land for next few years, abusing her magic to survive.

Teenage: Still a teenager

Prefered Food: Radishes

Disliked Food: Anything.... Taboo

Favourite Arrow Type: N/A

Favourite Blade Type: Daggers(only for looks)

Spells: Custom Spells, prefure spells to wretch havoc on mobility and courage

Friendly Races: Most

Neutral Races: Dunmer/Orks(don't like me for some reason, guess they're jealous of my looks)

Hostile Races: Dremora

Favourite City/Town: Cheydinhal

Least Favourite City/Town: Kvatch(hidious)

Favourite Daedra: Spider Daedra

Least Favourite Daedra: Clannfear(stupid dinosaurs, don't feel like playing Turok)

Favourite Divine: Don't know em to begin with/Worship Azura

Least Favourite Divine: Don't know em to begin with

Main Weakness: Lack of confidence, and always starving

Main Strength: Gift with magic/have many friends

Goal in Life: Still lost on the path

Why she was sent to jail: Found looting vegetables on farms


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Name:Harshm-Unknown last name










Homes:Waterfront house


Favourite Land:Morrowind


Best Friend:Claudius Arcadia/Quill-Weave/Fathis ules


Worst Enemy:Rufio- He raped Claudius wife or daughter :(


Combat Preference:Sneaky/with a bow


Combat Style:Nervous but deadly


Greatest Fear:Zombies and will-o-the whisps


Greatest Want:Power and money


Physique:Slim yet strong


Level:10 or so


Joined Guilds/Factions:Thieves guild. Fighters guild.


Enemy Guilds/Factions:Dark Brotherhood/Blackwood company.


Childhood:Troubled. He grew up on the streets of the imperial city.


Teenage:He met Fathis ules and committed small crimes. A guard caught him robbing the umbaccano manor and he received a 10 year sentence in the imperial prison.


Prefered Food:Carrots and venison


Disliked Food:Black berries and straw berries.


Favourite Arrow Type:Deadric


Favourite Blade Type:Shortsword


Spells:minor heal.


Friendly Races:Argonian/imperial/Nord/Orc


Neutral Races:Redguard/Dunmer/Bosmer/Breton


Hostile Races:Altmer/Khajiit


Favourite City/Town:Cheydinhall


Least Favourite City/Town:Imperial city


Favourite Daedra:Sheogorath


Least Favourite Daedra: Namira


Favourite Divine:Arkay


Least Favourite Divine:Dibella


Main Weakness:Magic


Main Strength:Stealth


Goal in Life: Lead the thieves guild and the fighters guild.


Why he was sent to jail:Robbed the Umbaccano manor

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I'm almost afraid to post here due to my newness (ignore the date, I'm a chronic lurker on many forums :) ), but here goes:


Name: Viola [no last name known] ("Hey, that's me!")

Gender: Female

Race: Moonshadow Elf

Starsign: The Thief ("You'd think I'd have been born under the Shadow considering what I am, but oh well, it's nice to have stars that look after you.")

Class: Nightblade (technically, it's a custom class but has the same name)

Homes: The Waterfront ("There's no place like it - that's not entirely a positive description, by the way.")

Favourite Land: Cyrodiil (she doesn't do much traveling) ("I wish I could see Akavir...")

Best Friend: [Formerly] Lucien Lechance, Ocheeva, and Vincente Valtieri; [Currently] Baurus and an undisclosed "friend"

Worst Enemy: Daedra of pretty much any type; [Formerly] Adamus Phillidus (not Hieronymus Lex though - she always felt pity for him)

Combat Preference: Using a single one-handed shortsword (preferably enchanted and poisoned for maximum bite)

Combat Style: Lightning fast, dazzling, whittling down the enemy into nothingness via attrition; honed from both training and arena fights; uses poisons if she can

Greatest Fear: Becoming trapped within Oblivion is her second worst fear; her worst fear is personal. ("An assassin would never give away her worst fear. I mean, come on.")

Greatest Want: She doesn't really have one - she lives by the moment - but if she had to pick, she would say money to do whatever she wants.

Physique: Skinny and toned; agile ("Some would perhaps even say too small, but they've never seen a real woman - these Imperial girls are too bulky.")

Level: 17

Joined Guilds/Factions: Dark Brotherhood, Thieves' Guild, Mages' Guild (she feels incredibly out of place there despite her skills in several magic schools), the Arena (grand champion, in fact) ("I find it amazing how I managed to get to the top in the arena of all things. Those other fighters were total pushovers, except for the former Grand Champion, but that wasn't even a fair fight for him. It feels like I cheated or something. I also find it strange how no one else seems to notice just who I am at this point...On a side note, I like my fans who do know me, except for that one annoying kid. He's just a creep. A backrub? Seriously?") Also rumored to be a member of the Blades.

Enemy Guilds/Factions: The Imperial Legion/Guard, Necromancers, Daedra ("I hate those creepy demons, especially the big scary ones, and especially those nasty spider women, with their hybrid-ness and their webs and their spider babies and their implied...wait, let me stop there.")

Childhood: She was raised in a secluded village in Cyrodiil near the border of Skyrim, separated from general society. Her mother was a Moonshadow Elf who'd run to escape the life of the thief and assassin, and her father was a noble Dark Elf from Cheydinhal who'd left his money to (ironically) evade the Dark Brotherhood.

Teenage: At age 22 (13 in human years), as is custom for the females in the society her mother came from (the males rarely do this), Viola was sent to a remote island (whose real location is unknown even to her) to receive training in the arts of the assassin. This did not happen at the behest of her parents - they took her in exchange for their lives. She was expected to outperform the other initiates present at the island or die trying, as there was severe competition. As it was, she was the highest-performing initiate among twenty-nine others (her biggest rival was the one male initiate there, incidentally), and so she was offered as an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood, similar to the Shadowscale practice of the Argonians.

Prefered Food: She has acquired a taste for many unusual ingredients in the name of wortcraft, but her favorite food is still cooked venison with some Tamika wine. ("Surille tastes like rotten cherries.")

Disliked Food: Tree bark (no, seriously - she tried once on a dare while in training) ("Hey, that's not funny! How do I change these records, again?"); most varieties of alcohol besides wine

Favourite Arrow Type: She mostly uses standard Imperial arrows (of the iron, steel, and silver varieties) due to their plentiful supply, but she is a fan of ancient Ayleid arrows to the point where she refuses to fire them due to their rarity [breaking the fourth wall a bit here eh].

Favourite Blade Type: Her family heirloom blade, simply called the Elven Firebrand, is an elven shortsword with [wordy] engraved markings in Ayleid that apparently loosely translates as "To the one whom will strike fear into the hearts of men, mer, and daedra and save them from their own failings [can be interpreted as 'fate' or 'destiny']" - her mother claims it was given to Viola's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother many years ago by the Grandmaster of the assassins-in-training on the remote island as a reward for exceeding him in skill. However, she has recently sold it. Greed knows no bounds.

Spells: She knows many spells [most of them useless] due to spending much time pouring over texts, practicing, and receiving training from the Mages' Guild, but she is the most well-versed in Alchemy, Illusion, Restoration, and Alteration [the latter of which is not even a major skill, but it's somehow at Journeyman] - which, interestingly, encompasses the whole "changing reality" scope.

Friendly Races: Most non-beast Imperial races seeing as Viola is a charismatic, charming person despite her faults, except Orcs (who think elves, especially a small, cute one like Viola, are pansies) ("Orcs are just jerks. Plain and simple.") and High Elves (who are generally disliked and dislike everyone else due to being stuck-up)

Neutral Races: Argonians and Khajiits - although they tend to respect her due to Argonians' Shadowscale heritage and Khajiits' tendency to be thieves

Hostile Races: Daedra, Orcs, High Elves

Favourite City/Town: She lives in the Imperial City and spends a lot of time there, but she is still often overwhelmed at the sheer number of people there, seeing as she's only been in "civilized" society for a year now. She mostly prefers Bravil due to its inhabitants being friendly towards thieves and because she's used to the poor and downtrodden, but she also likes Skingrad.

Least Favourite City/Town: Bruma ("I may have grown up in the mountains, but that doesn't mean I like to freeze my eyelashes off when I step outside."), Leyawiin ("That orc bookseller needs to shut up and let me browse already.")

Favourite Daedra: Clanfear ("They're like adorable little lizards...adorable little lizards that like to eat your face off, but still!")

Least Favourite Daedra: Spider Daedra, Daedroth

Favourite Divine: None

Least Favourite Divine: None (She doesn't worship the Nine - indeed, she's either atheist or agnostic due to her upbringing.)

Main Weakness: She is quick and agile, but she lacks in strength. Also, despite her magical skill and knowledge, she has little innate talent and struggles to draw magicka into herself for spellcasting. Mostly, however [the rest is completely scribbled out and covered in splotch marks] ("An assassin would never give this away.")

Main Strength: She has incredible speed and dexterity to the point where she can dance around her foes and wear them down without skipping a beat. She seems to have incredible stamina despite her small size.

Goal in Life: By her own words, "To become to greatest of something." ("In hindsight, maybe I should have just left this blank...")

Why she was sent to jail: She was caught stealing an apple from a farm. The farmer who owned said farm called for the guards, and, conveniently, a patrol was nearby. The resulting chase went across Cyrodiil from Cheydinhal to Anvil, and, in desperation, Viola tried to smuggle herself onto a ship to Valenwood, but the captain refused and gave her to the guards for her bounty [which was five gold, incidentally - she would've been willing to pay up to a thousand, but never got to mention such]. Normally, she would've just been locked up for a day in the local Anvil jail, but while being escorted she managed to pick the lock on her manacles and kill two of the three guards. The third managed to knock her out after a struggle and decided that the security of the Imperial Prison would probably be a better choice. Look where that got her... [Alternatively, we could go with Yahtzee's reason - sleeping with the Emperor's wife while playing an awesome guitar solo after killing one of the Nine. Take your pick.] ("I would've gotten away if that last guard hadn't been staring at me the whole time. I swear he was oogling me.") [Of note is the fact that she's been caught doing much more severe crimes before but always got away due to the help of the Thieves' Guild. Seriously, she probably owes about thirty years in jail.]


And here's a few not on the list:

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (This is despite the fact that the Dark Brotherhood runs on strict tenets.)

Favorite Race: Moonshadow Elves ("What did you expect? Nords?")

Favorite Outfit: When not wearing armor or combat gear [which is most of the time] she prefers to wear unusual clothing, as she finds the standard Imperial outfits to be too stiff and formal. Often, she can be found wearing lacy and frilly [but comfortable] dresses that emphasize her physique, much to the posh embarrassment of nobles, and much to the delight of poorer men. Her favorite armor would be her prized arena raiment, but she usually doesn't wear it unless she's actually at the arena, so most of the time she wears the armor given to her by her Grandmaster when she passed her training.

Private Life: [This entry is completely crossed out and splotched with what looks like blood, but the words 'lover' and 'unusual' are slightly visible in the passage.] ("It's called private for a reason.")

Current Criminal Status: "By order of the captain of the guard, WANTED, with a bounty of 35,000 gold for manslaughter, assault [involving a bar incident in Bruma], outlawed rituals, burglary, robbery, fraud, smuggling, bribery, blackmail, conspiracy to commit theft, conspiracy against the public, public indecency, illegal residence, tax evasion, resisting arrest, escaping custody, and impertinence ("How is that a crime?"). Subject is of the rare Moonshadow Elf race and is known for unusual dress style and tattoos, which makes her easy to find in a crowd. Subject is approximately 5' 1" and of a very slender build with light blue hair, stone-blue skin, and purple eyes. Known to be a prominent member of both the Thieves' Guild and the Dark Brotherhood - rumored, in fact, to be the Listener (in layman's terms, the leader) of the infamous assassins' guild. Extreme caution is advised, as the subject is also a trained fighter, being the Grand Champion of the Imperial City Arena. Subject also has strong ties to the Mages' Guild (rumored to command the replacement Archmage in secret) and the Blades. Anyone with information should contact Hieronymus Lex Adamus Phillidus the captain of the guard in the Imperial Prison Office."


Addendum: These records have been tampered with. Recommend recovery and/or rewrite of records by suggestion of I, Chamberlain of the White Gold Tower.


Addendum: Are you crazy? How do you expect us to interview her? The only time we managed to do so before was when she was locked up in the Imperial Prison. And how do you expect us to find records on her, anyway? She has no official records except this one, seeing as she's not an official citizen of the Empire. I'm not willing to get my head chopped off just to get rid of a few scratch marks on a piece of paper. She might be a looker, but she'll kill you faster than a Dremora will.


Addendum: Guard Samuel Lemmin has been stripped of his position and reassigned to slop drudge in Skingrad. Recommended recovery and/or rewrite of records has been accepted.


Addendum: Despite the subject's incredible bounty, no one has so far turned in any information on her. This is despite her being very well known due to her status as Grand Champion. It seems as if she has many friends in high places, as there's no way she can simply walk through the streets without anyone reporting her. Even the guard seems reluctant to apprehend her! In fact, they let her roam freely through the Imperial City itself!


Addendum: Recommended recovery and/or rewrite of records changed to rejected by suggestion of the Blades. Let's not anger the good late Emperor's well-trained guards, eh?



Wow, that took a lot longer than I thought it would.


Edit: Changed a few things based on her new appearance.

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Name: Lucien DeVile

Gender: Male

Race: Drow (Xenius Race Mod)

Starsign: The Thief

Class: Custom Class (Dark Ranger)

Homes: A Dark Lair Mod

Favourite Land: Wherever Killing Is Needed

Best Friend: No one D:

Worst Enemy: Anyone who Opposes the Dark Brotherhood

Combat Preference: Ranged

Combat Style: Wear enemy down with Desturction Magic or Bow, finish him with blade weapons, summon undead if needed.

Greatest Fear: The world no longer needing Assassins.

Greatest Want: To become the next mortal to ascend into godhood.

Physique: Average/Slim

Level: >_> 3

Joined Guilds/Factions: Arena (Grand Champion) Dark Brotherhood (Slayer)

Enemy Guilds/Factions:

Childhood: Sucked

Teenage: Sucked More

Prefered Food: Meat

Disliked Food: Veggies

Favourite Arrow Type: Steel or Silver

Favourite Blade Type: Short Swords or Daggers

Spells: Cold/Ice related Destruction Magic and Necromancy related Conjuration Magic.

Favourite City/Town: Cheydinhal

Least Favourite City/Town: Bravil

Least Favourite Daedra: Hates them all. FOR SITHIS!

Least Favourite Divine: Hates them all. FOR SITHIS!

Main Weakness: Close Combat

Main Strength: Ranged Combat

Goal in Life: See Want

Why he was sent to jail: Multiple accounts of Murder and Theft.

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Name: Asvar Asino

Gender: Male

Race: Nord

Starsign: Steed

Class: Brawler(STR+speed. hth HA, LA, armorer, Ath, Acro, Block)

Homes: Cheydinhaal, Chorrol

Favourite Land: County leyawiin

Best Friend: Vilja

Worst Enemy: Mages

Combat Preference: Melee

Combat Style: Bare knuckle combat

Greatest Fear: Prison

Greatest Want: Glory

Physique: Strong upper body. Particularly upper arms

Level: 17

Joined Guilds/Factions: Blades, knights of the thorn

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Bandits

Childhood: Raised by his father the innkeeper of the Broken back inn. Which is found across the niben far south of leyawiin, an inn for travelers before they voyage out to sea

Teenage: Spent his early teens working for his father as the bouncer of the broken back inn. Until it burnt to the ground and he was forced to flee

Prefered Food: Cooked rat meat and any alcoholic beverage

Disliked Food: Sweetrolls

Favourite Arrow Type: Dislikes arrows "a cowards touch"

Favourite Blade Type: Hates blades "a weak mans enforcement"

Spells: N/A

Friendly Races: Nord, Argonian, Imperial

Neutral Races: Kajiit

Hostile Races: Dremora, Breton, Dunmer

Favourite City/Town: Chorrol

Least Favourite City/Town: Imperial city

Favourite Daedra: Hircine

Least Favourite Daedra: Boethiah

Favourite Divine: Akatosh

Least Favourite Divine: Zenithar

Main Weakness: Ranged combat

Main Strength: CQC

Goal in Life: Asvar is unsure of his goal in life at the moment, He finds himself seeking honour and glory. but also does not wish any harm to come upon his companion Vilja

Why he was sent to jail: He has never been to jail(alt start) instead his journey began one night as he left the cave his newly turned vampiric father had run into and found a dead prisoner carrying a note and amulet.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Favourite occupation: innkeepers, brewers, priests

Drive: A highly evolved defender complex that forces him to defend the weak and innocent, this has found him caught up in the Oblivion crisis wherein he is attempting to conquer it himself

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