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Name: Ewe 

Gender: Female

Race: Lycanthrope elf (From BP)

Starsign: The Shadow 

Class: Reaver (Custom class. Heavy-armored blade user with conjuration) 

Homes: Inns and roads

Favourite Land: Bruma

Best Friend: The undead she summons time and again to fight alongside her. 

Worst Enemy: Her bloodlust 

Combat Preference: Blade-to-Blade  

Combat Style: Conjure the undead, unsheathe, and fight.

Greatest Fear: To die.

Greatest Want: To become greater than those that out-casted her because of her imperfect body. (She is blind on one eye)

Physique: Lithe.

Level: 3 

Joined Guilds/Factions: The thieves. Planning to join the mages. She has been offered a place in the DB, but she believes she is a killer, not a murderer, and hence refuses.

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Dark Brotherhood. 

Childhood: She grew up in the wilds along her tribe, until the accident that cost her an eye. 

Teenage: She spent the rest of her life there trying to prove she could still achieve greatness without an eye, but was stil banished in the end. 

Prefered Food: none.

Disliked Food: none. 

Favourite Arrow Type: Silver 

Favourite Blade Type: Double-Handed, thought she can scarcely use them well at the present time. 

Spells: Summon Skeleton. 

Friendly Races: khajit, argonians.

Neutral Races:  Mer.

Hostile Races: Men. 

Favourite City/Town: Bruma 

Least Favourite City/Town: Imperial City 

Favourite Daedra:  Sanguine

Least Favourite Daedra:  Mehrunes Dagon.

Favourite Divine: Talos 

Least Favourite Divine: Arkay 

Main Weakness: Attempting to fit into society. 

Main Strength: The blessing of not doubting herself. 

Goal in Life: Same as her greatest want. 

Why she was sent to jail: After she was banished she became almost feral with hurt and rage. She killed some travelers in an attempt to prove herself, but when she returned to her village with the corpses she was promptly beaten and given to be sent to the imperial prison.


<Picture later> 




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Name: Parsas

Gender: male

Race: Nord

Starsign: The Lady

Class: Paladin (self made)

Homes: Skingrad(main home), Bruma, Chorrol

Favourite Land: Skyrim

Best Friend: Varnado

Worst Enemy: small doors

Combat Preference: Sword and Shield

Combat Style: being a living fortress

Greatest Fear: Alduin's return

Greatest Want: n/a

Physique: Big and strong

Level: 30+ ... something like that

Joined Guilds/Factions: Fighters Guild, Arena, Blades, Nine divines...

Enemy Guilds/Factions: n/a

Childhood: preparing to be a future Warrior

Teenage: training to be a future warrior

Prefered Food: MEAT

Disliked Food: carrots

Favourite Arrow Type: n/a

Favourite Blade Type: the one of the knights of the nine..

Spells: Restoration spells

Friendly Races: Nords, Imperials, Redguards

Neutral Races: Kahjiit, Argonian, Orks

Hostile Races: Elfs, Bretons

Favourite City/Town: Bruma

Least Favourite City/Town: Cheydinall

Favourite Daedra: Sheogorath

Least Favourite Daedra: Nocturne

Favourite Divine: n/a

Least Favourite Divine: n/a

Main Weakness: Sneaky stuff

Main Strength: Strength and Endurence

Goal in Life: to die an glorious death in battle

Why he was sent to jail: he had a little "accident" with an Dunmer in a pub

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Class:outlaw ( cutome class specialized in hand to hand combat, merchantdile, security, acrobatics, speed, and other things I don't use.

Race: Argonion


Description: a shirtless argonion who gives any one who PO's him off a fist/foot in the face. Accasionoly setting off a fire ball if injured

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Name: Kittie

Gender: Female

Race: Kawa-Khajiit



Homes: Tree house in the middle of the great forest, hidden

Favourite Land: Forest land/woods, the great forest.

Best Friend: Valtierro!

Worst Enemy: Mannimarco. He's disgusting.

Combat Preference: Lightening staff, but works to be proficient in everything except bows.

Combat Style: Whatever works

Greatest Fear: Being unable to progress or losing Valtierro.

Greatest Want: To be better than everyone else!

Physique: Strong, lithe, muscular. Tall.

Level: Current level is 6.

Joined Guilds/Factions: So far mages guild only. But plans on joining others in the future.

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Blades.



Prefered Food: Meat

Disliked Food: Wimpy things like wheat or apples

Favourite Arrow Type: N/A

Favourite Blade Type: Whatever kills the easiest!

Spells: Mostly distruction, some alteration, working on getting illusion up.

Friendly Races: All

Neutral Races:

Hostile Races:

Favourite City/Town: Bruma and Bravil are tied

Least Favourite City/Town: Imperial City. It's too complicated, big and boring.

Favourite Daedra: I love Dremora

Least Favourite Daedra: Imps, they're annoying like ants

Favourite Divine: Sheogorath!

Least Favourite Divine:

Main Weakness: Disorganization

Main Strength: Stealth

Goal in Life:

Why she was sent to jail: It was all a misunderstanding! I swear!....... >.> Now where can I find some good loot to steal?

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Starsign: The Shadow

Class: OutLaw (custom)


Favourite Land: Argonia

Best Friend: mai'q

Worst Enemy:countess of leyiwien

Combat Preference: Hand to any weapon

Combat Style: hand to any weapon

Greatest Fear:Nothing

Greatest Want:kill the scumbag who framed him


Level: 50

Joined Guilds/Factions:thieves, darkbrotherhood, and fighters, mythicDawn

Enemy Guilds/Factions:Blades

Childhood: raised for the dark brother hood as is all argonion shadow scales

Teenage: rotting in jail for being framed

Prefered Food: human heart

Disliked Food: fruits & veggies

Favourite Arrow Type: None

Favourite Blade Type: none

Spells: fire ball, restoration, and Invisibility

Friendly Races: kaijits, dark Elfs, orcs.

Neutral Races: Bretons, high Elfs, Wood Elfs

Hostile Races: Imperial scums

Favourite City/Town: Bravil, Leyiwien, and cheydinhal

Least Favourite City/Town: Impereal city

Favourite Daedra:

Least Favourite Daedra:

Favourite Divine:

Least Favourite Divine: ALL

Main Weakness: Nothing

Main Strength: Hand to Hand combat

Goal in Life: kill all Imperials

Why he was sent to jail: FRAMED

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Name: Thron

Gender: Male

Race: Nord

Starsign: The Warrior

Class: Custom, close to knight

Homes: Skingrad and Coral (Yeah, I don't know how to spell it)

Favourite Land: Cyrodill

Best Friend: His Horse, Shorny

Worst Enemy: Any and all who commit crimes against their own morals, or harm another Innocent.

Combat Preference: Sword and shield, if he can't find a sword, war ax

Combat Style: Offence over defense, if you're afraid of getting hurt, don't fight.

Greatest Fear: Losing his arms. He can't fight without them

Greatest Want: To become the most skillful swordsman in Tamriel

Physique: Strong, Well Muscled

Level: 4 (just started, I'm trying to play this with no cheats,no mods)

Joined Guilds/Factions: None, other then the blades

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Dark Brotherhood ( See "Childhood")

Childhood: Born in the great land of skyrim, he trained with his father in hopes of joining the group of warriors his father was leading. On his 12th birthday his father was showing him his famous "Sword Slash n Smack" move when they both heard a scream from the house. They ran in only to see the beloved woman of the house , Helena, dead with a dagger plunged into he chest. No one was with her in the house it seemed, but then, Thron, due to training his eyes to see very small changes around him, saw it, Lachance, Using an invisibility spell to sneak away! He charged at him with is strong iron short sword, but it was no use. Lachance deflected the blow and banged Thron on his head with the butt of his dagger. This knocked Thron out cold. When he awoke, there was an orc man in heavy armor standing over him, holding the body of his fallen father. The orc explained everything. His father was killed by Lachance in a harsh battle. He also handed Thron a note:


To my future personal kill,

So, you tried to kill me just because you lost your pure, miserable mother... Well... I have a mother to, and she wanted your's dead. I can see it in your eyes now as I stand over your limp, miserable body. We will meet again. I will kill you, but not now. You are not even worth my blade yet. I will let you grow stronger. I will watch as you grow. And one day, you will be sleeping, and I will come. I will as if you want to join this Wonderful family. If you say no, I will let you strike first...dear...child.

- Lucian Lachance


Teenage: The orc took him in, taught him how to move in heavy armor, and how to use many weapons. The orc went off one day to return to his home in skyrim, leaving his student with these words "You are strong, young Thron, stronger then even me! You can even use magic to! Keep these tools alive in your mind and arms as you carry your life and memory with you. They will come in handy. You are destined for great things."

Prefered Food: Any fruit, any meat

Disliked Food: Tomatoes

Favourite Arrow Type: Anything that shoots

Favourite Blade Type: Long sword

Spells: Fire and frost damage

Friendly Races: Nord, Orc, imperial, Breton, Redguard. Dunmer, Khajiit

Neutral Races: Bosmer, Altmer

Hostile Races: Argonian

Favourite City/Town: Dawnstar

Least Favourite City/Town: Bravil

Favourite Daedra: Atronach

Least Favourite Daedra: Dremora

Favourite Divine: Alduin

Least Favourite Divine: Shor

Main Weakness: He's not that strong with magic

Main Strength: Blade and Blunt skills

Goal in Life: Kill Lachance, Become the best swordsman in both skyrim and Cyrodill

Why he was sent to jail: Bar brawl, hit an officer.

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Name: GGORRO (im roleplaying,after all)


Race:Synx (he has royal blood in his veins)

Starsign: The Lady (a paladin knows how to fight but he also has a way with words)

Class: Paladin

Homes:He lives in Chorrol

Favourite Land: Cyrodiil (he loves the forests and hills,but also loves the gloomy weather at times)

Best Friend: none (he may be famous and loved but he is a lone wolf)

Worst Enemy: Sheogorath

Combat Preference: melee

Combat Style: tower shield and and heavy hammer (or long blade,depending on enemy)

Greatest Fear:that sheogorath looses what remains of his sanity he posseses and destroys everything

Greatest Want: for all evil to be vanquished


Level: ??

Joined Guilds/Factions:fighter's guild (where he sharpened his combat skills) and mage's guild (where he perfected his holy magic)

Enemy Guilds/Factions:thieves guild and dark brotherhood

Childhood: his parents died when he was young,though as little as he was he was intellegent and never done anything evil,always upheld the code (of the paladin) and worked hard everyday so he can stay at an inn and not out in the harsh environment.in his spare time (or what little of it there was) he trained and always wanted to become a paladin

Teenage: he started becoming better with the blade and hammer and started parrying and blocking properly. he also started using holy magic. he started killing weak bandits and marauders as his job and as his training

Prefered Food:anything baked,cooked,fried or whatever (in his youth he learned how to live off the land but he didn't like it one bit)

Disliked Food:anything raw (see above)

Favourite Arrow Type: none (he doesn't use arrows

Favourite Blade Type: long,big and sharp

Spells: holy spells (shielding with holy energy,shooting beams of holy energy,and his very own art,imbueing (he can imbue his weapons and armor with gems that give him more strength)

Friendly Races:imperials,nords,orcs,redguards and dunmer (warriors with good alignment)

Neutral Races: altmer and bretons (too self centered,not to be trusted)

Hostile Races: khajits,argonians and bosmer (they mostly persue the path of a bandit)

Favourite City/Town: Chorrol (he loves the circle with the great oak and the benches underneath where people share stories of the day.)

Least Favourite City/Town: bruma (too many thieves and skooma heads reside there)

Favourite Daedra: Jyggalag (he is the only one with a good element despite being a daedra,order is good)

Least Favourite Daedra: Sheogorath (ironic i know) (he fears his insanity will take over and he will destroy everything)

Favourite Divine: Stendarr (he IS a paladin after all)

Least Favourite Divine:Dibella (he loathes females who abuse their good looks and seduce others)

Main Weakness: someone truly pure evil (as they say only those with a good heart can stop evil .well the opposite applies too)

Main Strength:Power of the nine

Goal in Life:to purge this world of as most evil as he can

Why he was sent to jail:he wasn't (alternate mod,hate my good character being a scumbag)

please tell me if you enjoyed reading about my character as mutch as i enjoyed writing it)

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I have several, so I'll just keep it short:


Bellatrix Sheogorath:




My first character and the one I achieved the most with so far. A Nord, since I wanted as many strenght bonuses as possible in order to carry loot. In terms of personality, she was a typical "blood knight", a purebred warrior who enjoyed fighting for the sake of fighting. For those here who like anime: I originally intended her to be Saber from Fate/Stay Night but with the personality of Zaraki Kenpachi from Bleach. She was intelligent, but had a tendency to solve all problems with violence. Her primary motivation was to grow stronger and aquire more power in order to overcome even greater challanges, until she either died or was most powerful being in the universe. (Yeah, she really wasn't sublte, or modest, in any way.) I imagine she was in jail for getting drunk and stabbing the captain of the city guard in "self defense".


She finished all the major questlines except the Dark Brotherhood (due to an unfortunate glitch) and, ironically, the Fighters Guild. (Due to boredom and being way overleveled when she started.) She took to the Shivering Isles storyline with gusto and became very fond of Sheogorath. After becoming he Mad God of Shivering Isles, she took the name Bellatrix Sheogorath to honor him.


One peculiarity of her character was he undying hatred of the undead, particularly vampires. Because of this, she maintained a personal and very one-sided enmity with (the completely unsuspecting) Countess Narina Carvain, whom Bellatrix was convinced was secretly a vampire.


Ultimately, I stopped playing her because I ran out of interesting stuff for her to do and there wasn't a lot that could top becoming a Daedric Prince. IIRC, her level was something around 30-40 at the time.



Flora the Red Dragon:




My second character, a bosmer. Flora was simultaniously the spiritual successor for Bellatrix and the prototype for Ashae. (See below.) Like Bellatrix, Flora was a free spirit who mainly just wanted adventure and fight challanging opponents. Her motivation was a bit more refined, though - she wanted to become the greatest swordswoman alive. Flora was a swashbuckling blade for hire and a good-hearted but slightly selfish person with little respect for rules or social mores that didn't suit her. The kind of woman who did whatever she felt like if she could get away with it, in other words, though I always imagined her as someone who had an easy time making friends. I'm not sure how she ended up in jail, but I bet she was convinced she didn't derserve it. She was a promising character, but I ended up distracted from her story when I went and created Ashae.



Ashae Whitestrike:




Superficially very similar to Flora - indeed, she was intended as a kind of palette swap - this dunmer warrior also sought ultimate mastery of swordsmanship, but for somewhat less selfish reasons: Her intent to perfect her fighting skills grew from her desire to combat evil as effectively as possible. Ashae is a "white knight" sort of character, a noble warrior who's goal is to rid the world of evil and darkness. Unflinchingly brave and completely devoted to her ideals, she could never see a wrong without wanting to right it, never leave a just cause undefended, and was generally willing to offer her aid to anyone who needed it. She believed that even should the entire world descend into darkness, there must alwas be a single shining light no matter how small. Because of this, she made for an ideal heroine, though naturally her moral character wouldn't have suited the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood questlines. (On that note, I really have no idea how she ended up in prison.) Though she and Flora were very different, they would probably have been good friends -in a opposites attract sort of way- had they ever met each other.



Elena McCoy:




My current favorite character. Elena is... a bit different from my previous ones. Though she's technically a Breton, I actually imagine her as a visitor from a more modern world. Essentially, she's a Lara Croft-sort of character with some Chronicles of Amber-style dimension hopping tossed in: A treasure hunter and hobby archeologist - possibly immortal or very long lived - who travels through various planes and dimensions looking for artifacts and treasure. Originally she just stopped by in Tamriel on her way to the Shivering Isles but somehow got herself thrown in jail and ended up staying much longer then expected. Now she even owns property in the empire and has started to really care for Mundus. The occasional ventures into the Oblivion portals are to her not much different then the jumps between worlds she routinely does anyway.


Elena doesn't wear armor, prefering highly enchanted adventurer's gear from her homeworld. Due to her lifestyle and origins, I imagine her as having nearly unlimited funds and access to top quality equipment. This has meant that she has always been slightly overpowered, but I mostly consider that fitting.


One thing that sets her appart from my other characters is that while she is a very potent fighter, she she is not strictly speaking a warrior. This means that she will accept quests that involved recovering artifacts or exploring dungeons but avoid those with objectives of martial nature. She never saw a ruin she didn't like and enjoys collecting swords and unique books. Aside from her fighting skills, Elena also knows a bit of magic and is a skilled burglar, though she usually only steals things when she needs them for something and has been known to put stolen items back once she is done with them.

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Name: Da'Jinari

Gender: Male

Race: Dremora

Starsign: The Steed

Class: Warrior

Homes: Bruma

Favourite Land: Woodland Areas

Best Friend: Sable a Panther

Worst Enemy: Mehrunes Dagon

Combat Preference: Longsword & Shield, or Greatsword.

Combat Style: Get up close and personal, then execution.

Greatest Fear: Giant mudcrabs.

Greatest Want: To stop dagon once again.

Physique: Middle built.

Level: 32

Joined Guilds/Factions: Fighters, Mages, Dark Brotherhood.

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Mythic Dawn.

Childhood: He does not remember it.

Teenage: Nor does he remember this.

Prefered Food: Bread and Corn.

Disliked Food: Humans. >_>

Favourite Arrow Type: Enchanted arrows.

Favourite Blade Type: His enchanted sword.

Spells: Summon Creatures.

Friendly Races: Imperial, Nord, Dwarfs, Argonian, Khajiit

Neutral Races: Dark Elf, Redguard,

Hostile Races: Daedra, Dagon

Favourite City/Town: Bruma

Least Favourite City/Town: Chorrol

Favourite Daedra: None

Least Favourite Daedra: All of them.

Favourite Divine: Akatosh

Least Favourite Divine: None

Main Weakness: Frost

Main Strength: Blade and Block

Goal in Life: To stop mehrunes dagon.

Why he was sent to jail: He didn't get sent to jail, he appeared from a random small oblivion gate in which he opened to escape dagon.

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My brand new character


Name: Kara

Gender: Female

Race: Imperial

Starsign: The Shadow

Class: Archer

Homes: Various Inns

Favourite Land: Cyrodiil

Best Friend: Isleif the Open Handed.

Worst Enemy: Audens Avidius, Ulrich Leland.

Combat Preference: Blade and Archery.

Combat Style: Preferably stealth, but she is not afraid of direct combat.

Greatest Fear: The world's ending.

Greatest Want: Revenge on those who killed her parents and ruined her life.

Physique: Thin but strong.

Level: 1

Joined Guilds/Factions: None so far.

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Dark Brotherhood, Town guards and the Imperial Legion(Not all of them, but she has a distrust for most of them as she's suffered because of corrupt guards and soldiers.)

Childhood: She was raised with her parents in a house out in the great forest, a bit west of the White Rose River. Her father was a war veteran and trained her in both melee combat and archery.

Teenage: She grew up to be a good warrior, handy with both a blade and a bow, and also unarmed. However, one terrible day when she was 16 and out hunting, she returned to see her home burned to the ground and her parents slain, and just in time to see two Imperial Legion soldiers riding away. She did however have time to see their faces clearly, and memorize how they looked like. Without any place to live, she moved to the Imperial City and lived there as an orphan in the waterfront district. She would have starved to death if it wouldn't have been for the help of Isleif the Open Handed, whom helped her to get a job in the docks.

Prefered Food: Deer meat.

Disliked Food: Tomatoes.

Favourite Arrow Type: Steel.

Favourite Blade Type: Steel.

Spells: Her mother had some knowledge of magic, and taught her some basic healing spells. Her skills is very basic so far though.

Friendly Races: All.

Neutral Races: None.

Hostile Races: None.

Favourite City/Town: The Imperial City(It's the only one she has ever been in)

Least Favourite City/Town: Bravil, because she's heard such terrible tales of the poverty and corruption there.

Favourite Daedra: Azura

Least Favourite Daedra: Mehrunes Dagon.

Favourite Divine: Talos.

Least Favourite Divine: Zenithar

Main Weakness: Her natural distrust of authorities.

Main Strength: Her stubborness.

Goal in Life: To do her bit in combatting all evil in Tamriel, especially corrupt lords and soldiers.

Why she was sent to jail: She got into a brawl with an arrogant Imperial Soldier at the floating bowl Inn, and ended up in the Imperial Prison.

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