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Nehmain is the eldest of my characters I still play. As a character, she was born thanks to Cortex. I created her to play his Vampire Embrace in Morrowind. As such, she have been blessed by a lot of time for gathering details to flesh out her background. Actually, her background covers not only her life before Oblivion, but also the whole life of her mother, that is supposed to be the unknown hero of Daggerfall. As a matter of facts, Karrakaz (Nehmain's mother) is the result of a synthesis of several characters I played in Daggerfall named Karrakaz/Ressaven (since often I call my characters after the ones of the books I was reading at the time, you can guess what I was reading while I was playing Daggerfall...). As a character, I think (I hope, actually) that by now Nehmain has developed a voice of her own.


Note! Nehmain "kindly" asked me to let her answer the questions. Personally, I'm not able to say her "no" (if you think you can, you're welcome...). So, she wrote down her answers using blue ink (since she loves the colour...). Then, in the usual grey, I added my comments and filled the questions she hasn't answered. (And finally, I revised the whole thing and added my last notes: do not expect I let BadbCatha to have the last word).


Name: Nehmain Bonenfant (also known as Rose-Marie Slywater. Nope. That has never been my name. Rose-Marie Slywater never existed.)

Gender: I'm a girl

Born: 3E 408.

Race: True Blood Vampire

Starsign: The Thief

Alignment: Align-what? You're joking, aren't you? If so, Chaotic. Definitely. ...Neutral, if you want. (I mean: alignment... me!)

Class: Knavish Trickster. Ask BadbCatha why... (It isn't easy to find a class she belongs to. Nehmain is too stubborn and individualistic to allow someone to encage her in a existing class. So, a custom class was needed. I do not pretend to know by heart the Shakespeare's work, or that I had, or would it, track down every occurences of the word "knave" in such work: I'm too lazy. It's enough to me having seen his use of the word "knave" two times: king Lear calls "pretty knave" the Foul; Oberon instils that Robin Goodfellow "committs his knaveries wilfully". This establishes, by me, the requested connection between the two words. King Lear's Foul and Robin Goodfellow are embodiments of the archetype of the Trickster, which they share with such characters as Hermes, Loki, Harlequin, and so on. I thought that such a company, if any, could be the one Nehmain would like to belong to.)

Homes: A lot scattered in Cyrodiil and in Morrowind, but my favourite are the ones I can carry always with me (Clept, as an example)

Favourite Land: Sheogorath in Morrowind, that place is messy like me. And Solstheim: such a unbearable beauty...

Best Friend: Vilja, finally found someone who can laugh about the vampire thing... And Mannimarco, who has always acted as a father, for me.

Worst Enemy: I’m a nice girl, I’ve no enemy. (This is not completely accurate: take as an example the captive in Deepscorn Hollow. He used to be someone she could consider a worst enemy...)

Combat Preference: When in Morrowind, dual wielded wakizashi. I love the delivery system of both food and weapons they use in Morrowind. Lately, I began to appreciate Hand to Hand. Also, I can kill "as a vampire", you know, but only if I think my target deserves the extra stress (by the way, I think that destroying a good source of food is a really stupid behaviour that must be avoided, if possible).

Combat Style: When I was young, I had quite a impetuous behaviour, I used to jump in the very middle of the action, singing a happy song. Lately, as I grow older, I adopted a quieter stance, silently sliding near my target, and hitting them lightning fast.

Greatest Fear: I fear nothing. (Actually, it's not true. Judging by her reactions, she fears the possibility that someone could have the power of actually gain control over her. The only suspect is able to take out her worst side. As an example, the "sleeping" guy in Deepscorn Hollow had tried the task, without the necessary power: you can see the result. I'm going to bite you, if you don't learn to behave yourself and shut up...)

Greatest Want: This is a really interesting question! May I address directly the Bethesda Staff? If so, I beg you: make feasible to play Skyrim as a vampire. I'm a Vampire (and proud to be) and I'm eager to move to Skyrim: make this possible. The easiest way is to implement a basic vampirism (useful for NPC), leaving space to the modders: you cannot satisfy everybody, because different people want different things: modders can provide variety. As an example: you know the workings for which when someone became a vampire is completely disfeatured? Several mods are been done to remedy that, and hordes of players use them. If you throw it in the trashcan, you save time (that you can use better), modders save time (they can use it better, too), players save a place in their total amount of mods, and became a bit less prone to bugs. And, by the way, please, do not call me "soulless monster", only because I need some haemoglobine from time to time.

(What? I'm not allowed to address directly the Bethesda Staff? That's the reason for which I rushed to speak before you could stop me...)

Physique: Slender, agile, not so tall (when I say I had to jump to someone's throat, I mean actually that)

Level: Currently, 24 (in progress...)

Joined Guilds/Factions: Mages' Guild (I love the way they supply free meals... By the way, someone's thinking I cannot be in the Mages' Guild, being a friend of Mannimarco? I've never been bothered by questions of this kind: I still remember when Ranis Athrys asked me to find the Telvanni spy in the guild...); Fighter's Guild (I'm still waiting for their free meals: they're not as well organized as the Mages...). Oh, by the way, I've gained the title of Baroness of Casa Bella Vista, recently. I'm confident the local settler have been pleased, not less than the Telvanni have been, when I've been elected their arcmagister in Morrowind.

More interesting, I've just managed to be welcome to Kynareth's and Hircine's service as a Druid (Druid mod Remade by Pimpskinny, with my best thanks...). OK, "service" is a word that gives me the hives. Let say they have kindly granted me their benevolence, and I've kindly accepted.

I'm also considering the opportunities given by the Dark Brotherhood, the Thieves' Guild and the Arena. There seems to be a lot of fun, in their quests. Not sure I could bear the "shut up and obey" stance in the Dark Brotherhood, however. But perhaps, part of the fun will be in teach them what they can and what they can't take as granted...

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Vampire Hunters, Witch Hunters, Crusaders, all the holier-than-thou lot, you know...

Childhood: I spent it tossed back and forth like a ragdoll... - Nehmain is the daughter of the unknown hero of Daggerfall and a vine farmer from Wayrest. Her father was murdered before her birth. Her mother, thinking to be targeted, hid the child in a village of Ilessan Hills, entrusted to an old woman. Then, she was forced to undertake a mission that keep her far-off for years. When the old woman died, Nehmain (about three years old) was housed in a orphanage driven by Stendarr's priests. When the mother came back, nobody was able to tell her where the child was. At the age of six, Nehmain was adopted by the Slywater, who bring her at the court of Wayrest (lord Slywater was a far cousin of king Eadwyre). The Slywaters adopted Nehmain not for her sake. They just wanted to earn the favour of the religious hierarchy. So, they neglected the child from the beginning.

Teenage: I spent it trying to survive my murderous step-relatives... - Neither Nehmain, nor the Slywater were important enough to actually be involved in the murderous game that was played in the Wayrest court - think about Elysana... - nonetheless, the scent of murder was always in the air. The Slywaters were not interested in Nehmain enough to pay for her education. Fortunately, other people commit themselves to take care of the matter. An old scholar gave her the general education, the now-retired captain of the night blades - remember the guards of Castle Wayrest? - provided her the best training the night-blade Academy could give, and Mannimarco granted her the access to... a less conventional high quality training - from the Necromancers. Eventually, to stop the Slywater to arrange her wedding, and after having disposed of the last ***** who thought her available for such arranged wedding, she went to Necrom to continue her studies.

Prefered Food: Besides blood? Let me see... Oh, yes, Blood, naturally.

Disliked Food: Khajiits (too furry), Argonians (too much scales), Corprus Beasts (I don’t eat rotten things), Xivilai and Dremora (they’re taste is... weird. Useless things: neither good to eat.)

Favourite Arrow Type: Arrows are not my cup of tea. I prefer ranged destruction spells. But I'm going to train my marksman skill, as soon as I can. Everything is worth to be learned.

Favourite Blade Type: Dual wielded wakizashi (as I said, I really enjoyed the system of delivery in use in Morrowind: it was funny). Katanas are too heavy and too long. But, growing old, I became lazy: currently, I prefer hand-to-hand. If really I need, I can always conjure a dagger.

Favourite Outfit: I hope you don't think I'm willing to wear something that weighs more than me! Thanks to AlienSlof, I found Animation's amazing LWB Unarmoured. I use also the not less amazing ZenshinZenrei's Class Advantages. Those mods together allow me not to use any armour. Speaking about the style, Sinblood's Ravenous Elegance is a good example of what I like (if only BadbCatha wasn't too lazy to open it in the CS and modify a tag...). But sometimes I prefer something less... goth: something like Shaiya, you know.

Spells: I breathe spells. Not only they're useful, I enjoy the feeling of the magicka flowing in my body, too.

Friendly Races: I never put the question in "race" term: it's definitely a personal matter. However, the ones who don't call me "soulless monster" have good chances to become my friends.

Neutral Races: As above.

Hostile Races: As above.

Favourite City/Town: I don't like cities. To live one over the other? a nightmare. I prefer to have the stars over my head. However, in Cyrodiil I don't dislike so much Cheydinal. But it's only an architectural question. If only they haven't told me that captain Leland can come in handy later...

Least Favourite City/Town: Leyawiin: it has neither the architecture to balance the Countess (I'm only waiting her be no longer necessary for the quests... then I'll make her worth of something, finally.)

Favourite Daedra: Sanguine: he makes me laugh, and is a good binge fellow. Hircine: he knows how to play... and I know even better.

Least Favourite Daedra: Mehrunes Dagon: such a bull in a china shop; Molag Bal: too chauvinist; Mephala: spiders? where is the DDT? (don't tell Therana and AlienSlof...); Boetiah: too simple-minded; Jyggalag: frankly, if anyone can cope to kill me, it's him: such a bore...; Meridia: has anyone brain washed her? Can she say anything else than "soulless monster"? Have I to get in her head the thought that Vampires are not undead using a war-hammer?

Favourite Divine: Considering she’s a vampire, and one of her best friends is Mannimarco, you can guess she worships... Arkay, who else? (This is inaccurate: I like the girls, too. Kynareth in particular: I feel a certain sense of identity with her). (Kynareth seems to be the Tamrielic counterpart of Artemis. Not a perfectly fitting counterpart, actually: as a matter of fact, Kyne is supposed to have been married, and still be mourning for the loss of her beloved: can you see the Artemis' raised eyebrow about the subject? Nehmain shares the Artemis' absolute wish of autonomy)

Least Favourite Divine: None

Main Weakness: Her inability to take anything seriously.

Main Strength: Her ability to take nothing seriously.

Goal in life: Having fun, what else?

Why she was sent to jail: This is a really good question! I never understood why! Actually, I thing I've been involved in a kind of charade, and I always enjoy a good joke. I mean: I went to the Arena, I poked my nose everywhere, I chatted with the spectators, I bet my money and lost it pitifully, I managed not to jump at the throat of the old hag sitting there (I had to count to 10000)... eventually, I spoke to the guy in charge there, you know. He was so helpful. Really kindly, he offered me to join the Arena, since I was obviously unable to keep myself well fed, and in the evident need of some money gain. He also boasted the role that the Arena could have in giving me a badly needed renown, which I evidently lack. I was so impressed by the amazing opportunity he was giving me, that I said something like: "Terrific! ...and, at the end, am I allowed to climb the walls and feist over the onlookers?", smiling to him in awe. But, at that very moment, he became greyer than the Grey Prince and backed away babbling. Five minutes later, a half a dozen of not so willing guards were arresting me. Naturally, I let them to do: as I said before, I always appreciate a good joke. (To put the event in a correct perspective, I must say that Nehmain tries her angelical smiles at the mirror, to allow only a minimal part of her fangs to appear, so nobody could feel threatened).


A final note by me, before BadbCatha hits the "Enter" key: I want to thank heartily the authors of "Blood is Everything": Nomad Dervish, Traven73 and Skyliner390: being a Vampire have never been so funny. And, as a friend of mine says, as ever Chaos rules all, but gently

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note that much of this takes into account OOO-included content


Name: Kitrina (or Sheogorath)

Gender: female

Race: Imperial

Starsign: Warrior

Class: Crusader

Homes: all owned, though prefers Frostcrag Spire in Cyrodiil when not in New Sheoth

Favourite Land: neutral to Cyrodiil, warming to Shivering Isles after becoming the madgod

Best Friend: Imperial Guards, Knights Of The Nine, SI residents. She also wishes to "get closer" to Cutter someday but the Oblivion crisis is just a bit more important at the moment.

Worst Enemy: Dremora, necromancers, Putrid Hand, Guardians Of Oblivion

Combat Preference: bladed weapons

Combat Style: up close combat

Greatest Fear: Dagon winning, though if it happens she can go to the Shivering Isles, at least

Greatest Want: A collection of fine armor and weapons, the day when she will finally fully grow to be a Daedric princess now that she is Sheogorath

Physique: Exnem's FEC body

Level: 31

Joined Guilds/Factions: Fighter's Guild(leader), Blades, Knights Of The Thorn, Knights Of The White Stallion, Knights Of The Nine(leader), Shivering Isles(Sheogorath)

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Dark Brotherhood- attacked Lucien LaChance on first meeting, Fighter's Guild retaliated and killed him when he fought back. Promptly broke into the Cheydinhal DB sanctuary and finished off that group(mod used). Not a fan of the Gray Fox or the Thieves Guild. She also hates the Amazon Man-Hunters- Kitrina does "prefer girls" but not so much as to hate men. She finds their murder of men to be quite intolerable.

Childhood: unknown, orphaned. If she had a last name, she never knew it

Teenage: poor and alone

Prefered Food: any

Disliked Food: poisoned types

Favourite Arrow Type: she has almost no skill with a bow but collects anything not sold in stores, especially enchanted arrows.

Favourite Blade Type: enchanted blades that swing fast- preference of the fine blades used by corrupt followers of Jephre

Spells: reliance on healing, secondary on attacks or summons. Being Sheogorath, she will summon a Golden Saint if people get rude

Friendly Races: most

Neutral Races: Khajiit. She thinks most of them are just strange. She's also a bit lukewarm on Orcs and Golden Saints, thinking both tend to be a bit snobbish.

Hostile Races: Dagon's dremora

Favourite City/Town: New Sheoth, Chorrol

Least Favourite City/Town: Bravil

Favourite Daedra: Sheogorath(she's a bit remorseful he had to go)

Least Favourite Daedra: Malapha, Mehrunes Dagon, Molag Bal

Favourite Divine: any

Least Favourite Divine: none

Main Weakness: easily knocked down, perfers "show off" armor to the more durable stuff

Main Strength: armor is enchanted with heavy elemental protection, master of heavy armor and blade

Goal in Life: To put an end to Mehrunes Dagon, for now.

Why he was sent to jail: being a poor orphan who grew up homeless, she was not yet at the level of being a beggar but was caught stealing food.


other: Kitrina had no goal or direction on escaping prison other than delivering the amulet. Tracing down Martin, closing an Oblivion gate and cleaning out Kvatch were just errands. She was also delivered two deeds, one to Deepscorn Hollow and one to Frostcrag Spire. Two separate sides of her unknown family. Frostcrag offered no interest and she felt some kinship with Greywin and Deepscorn became a home. However, as time went on, she learned of a strange door in Niben Bay and of the Anvil chapel attack. Sheogorath needed assistance and the Oblivion matter didn't seem too urgent. Over the course of that, she also joined the Fighter's Guild and began to be hailed as the "hero of Kvatch". She joined the Blades. On the way to Anvil, she learned of Jephre and his corrupt followers, eventually infiltrating Narind and making a "death run" past numerous guards to grab the green stone. Being led to another ruin and taking back Jephre's armor, Kitrina eventually found the location of the helmet. Shortly after, she learned of the mess at Battlehorn Castle, cleared out the marauders and came into ownership, with a full castle and army at her command. The private quarters became a play room, a place to stock weapons and armor with a full lining of mannequins to display the better part of the collection. Over time, she also became involved with the holy crusade to stop Umaril. The next few weeks saw her infiltrate the Blackwood Company only to murder a town while poisoned on bad hist. She was furious and walked into their building, killing any Blackwood who dared attack, and literally trashed the place, flinging books and slicing up the furniture. Destroying the hist tree and cutting up Maglir for his betrayal, Kitrina was appointed the new master of the guild. It was after this that she collected the holy relics and ended Umaril, and finally learned of the truth of the Greymarch and defeated Jyggalag. Having been appointed the new Sheogorath, she realized that someday she would evolve into a daedric princess.


Weary and tired, Kitrina returned to Cyrodiil to check her monthly take from Fighter's Guild contracts. Taking a quick sleep, she was awoken by Lucien LaChance, who began to say she was a murderer and would be initiated into his group. She broke. She recalled Greywin's journal, how the DB had killed him and how he'd betrayed them. She also realized that she was nothing like her uncle or the DB. The Fighter's Guild, the KOTN, the Blades... and how dare this man come to Sheogorath and call a deadric princess a murderer simply because she'd slain so many evil people. Kitrina attacked him. Lucien pulled a dagger to fight back only to attract the attention of several members of the Fighter's Guild. Lucien met a quick end. Sick of Sithis and such evil, she went to Deepscorn Hollow cleared out all belongings and relocated her Cyrodiil base to Frostcrag Spire. Geywin may have been involved but he was not her only family. Frostcrag offered a more peaceful setting and much more room, as well as a place to better her skills of magic and alchemy. The blade of woe, which Lucien had given her, was tossed off the bridle leading to the Imperial City, along with the Ichor of Sithis, both doomed to sink in the waters. The altars which she had used before were now a key tool to stopping the will of Mehrunes Dagon. Obtaining proper armor and weapons with new enchantments, she obtained a near invulnerability to the elements and magic, and whereas she perfers enchanted katanas, the dagger Mehrunes Razor, obtained at some poijnt in her journey, is also carried around. Kitrina sees some ironic justice in using the weapon of Mahrunes Dagon against him.


Having been provided the final deciphering of the Mythic Dawn Commentaries, Kitrina was able to locate their secret shrine. Too late to recover the Amulet, she was able

to obtain the Mysterium Xarxes and wipe out all Mythic Dawn members present. Martin began work studying the book while she obtained the items he needed for the ritual. Brume, under attack from an Oblivion Gate, found them in her debt upon helping Captain Burd close the gate. Doing so for all the other major cities and obtaining aid for Bruma, Kitrina agreed to help Martin's plan to obtain a great sigil stone. Running into the great gate under full chameleon, grabbing the stone, the mission was a success- but Jauffre was lost in the fight.


Now all the remained was to enter Paradise and recover the Amulet. Kitrina did so, summong her daedric army to aid in the battle to kill Mankar Cameron. Facing the final challenge of escorting Martin to the Imperial City, Kitrina took along with her the Staff of Sheogorath, an odd feeling of something bad about to happen. She was right- before Martin could relight the Dragonfires, Dagon attacked. Fending off the dremora and keeping Martin safe, she felt desperate upon seeing the massive daedric prince himself. Drawing the staff, Kitrina used her new powers to freeze Mehrunes Dagon in place to escort Martin inside. Within, while Dagon was still held bound, Kitrina finally explained it all to Martin, how she had become the new Sheogorath. He understood. As Daon tore open the Temple, Martin ascended and became the avatar of Akatosh, ridding Dagon from Cyrodiil.


Feel the victory empty, Kitrina remained in Tamriel for a short time, but felt that her place was in the Shivering Isles and after a time, the Champion Of Cyrodiil vanished. Though some knew the true fate of the hero when the shrines to Sheogorath were all mysteriously change dine day into that of a woman rather than the old man. It is hard to say the result- no doubt the SI remained rather as it was, though subtleties crept in. Mania became the land of honor and heroism while Dementia represented the darker side of death. her lineage was a dual one, after all. No doubt the Fighter's Guild would find a new master in time, and no doubt the KOTN would find their new champion should they ever be needed again.


The last known word of the champion to reach Cyrodiil was a rumor that she'd been seen going into Cutter's weapons one evening... and both were seen leaving the next day.

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Name: Viola

Gender: female

Race: Human (Xenius Races)

Age: 29

Starsign: The Lady

Class: Battlemage

Homes: Castle Seaview (near Anvil)

Favourite Land: Dementia

Best Friend: Countess Narina Carvain

Worst Enemy: High Chancellor Ocato (based on the law of the german mod "Der Orden des Drachen" ~ "The Order of the Dragon")

Combat Preference: shield, sword and destruction

Combat Style: casting and melee-combat (pretty much like Jedi-Knights :D )

Greatest Fear: assassins, traps

Greatest Want: immunity to the law

Physique: curvy

Level: 56

Joined Guilds/Factions: Mages Guild (Archmage), Dark Brotherhood (Listener), Thieves Guild (Gray Fox), Fighters Guild (Something), Shivering Isles (Madgod), Arena (Champion 'The Iron Maiden')

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Order, Mythic Dawn

Childhood: Raised by a witch who found her set out when she was a baby. (That's why she has no second name)

Teenage: Became a witch as well, later she turned towards heavy armored combat and melee weapons when she recognized that knights have better chances in the cities of cyrodill that witches.

Prefered Food: berries and fruits from the forrests.

Disliked Food: meat

Favourite Arrow Type: Doesn't use bows or arrows at all, if she has to she uses what she finds.

Favourite Blade Type: Onehanded swords.

Spells: Fire and Lightning destruction spells

Friendly Races: Imperials

Neutral Races: most other races

Hostile Races: Dremora

Favourite City/Town: Cheydinhal

Least Favourite City/Town: New Sheoth

Favourite Daedra: Sheogorath

Least Favourite Daedra: Jyggalag

Favourite Divine: Dibella

Least Favourite Divine: Arkay

Main Weakness: missing patience

Main Strength: extra precaution

Goal in Life: Becoming the Empress of Tamriel

Why he was sent to jail: insolence towards an imperial guard




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Name : Keriss Idris

Age : 21

Date of birth: 3E413 Evening star 31st , on the day of the Old Life Festival

Race : Vampiric High Elf

Starsign: The Serpent

Class: Nightblade

Appearence : Blonde with blue-grayish eyes

Height : 1.71 cm

Physique : Slender

Current job : Dark Brotherhood's Listener, Empire Champion

Theme :

Favorite quote : "Some truths were never meant to be discovered."

Things important to her : Family, loyalty, friendship, traditions, order and hierarchy

Things she hates : Betrayal, chaos, lies

Weapons : Runya ( Fiery One )- her claymore ( rarely used ), Camisil ( Leap to the Moon ) - her bow, Morwen ( Dark Lady ) - her longsword (which she usually carries on her back ), Baelreth ( Arcane Guardian ) - her pair of long knives

Armor : she usually uses light armor, but she's not by any means stranger to the heavy armor

Animals owned : Hiswe ( which means mist ), her mearh, a gift from her father ; she's planning to get a pet in the near future

Childhood: She spend most of her childhood in Ulthuan, her father being one of the members of Ulthuan Council. She had a happy childhood and she was trained since she was little in the art of combat, her favorite weapons being the long blades and the bows.

Teenage: She was infected with vampirisim and she joined the Dark Brotherhood in attempt to find a cure for it because she heard a rumor that Vicente Valtieri might know something. Though she had quite a hard time at first and wanted out, Vicente gave her a partner to take care of the things she didn't like to do and taught her how to kill with grace and style. She quickly learned to like her contracts after that and she advanced in rank until she became the Listener.

After being arrested once for taking a fight with her partner, Adan, too far she became acquittance with the emperor and delivered the amulet safely to his heir after she escaped from prison.

She did the other quests too because she was too bored but none of the titles mean anything to her, with the exception of Listener and Empire's Champion.

Best Friend : Tristan Adan

Worst Enemy : Tristan Adan

Combat Preference : Melee or Stealth

Combat Style: A longsword or a bow with lots of destruction spells ( being a High elf had its advantages beside the huge pride )

Greatest Fear : To lose, to make mistakes

Main Weakness : Her pride

Main Strength : Her skills in battle and her clear head

Friendly Races : High Elves, Ayleid

Neutral Races : Wood Elves, Dark Elves

Hostile Races : Orcs, Imperials

Prefered Food : Fruit, Venison

Favorite color : Blue, black, purple




Edit: added a few details, edited some mistakes.

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Name: Aria Pelius

Gender: Female

Race: Imperial

Starsign: The Thief

Class: Bard

Homes: Bravil, Dunbarrow Cove I suppose...

Favourite Land: Around the Niben Bay

Best Friends: Methredhel, Davide Surilie, S'Krivva, Dranas Llethro, Martin, all the guards in the Market district

Worst Enemies: Alval Uvani (ran into that guy one too many times in taverns), Seridur, Hieronymus Lex

Combat Preference: Mind f**kery, sneaking up behind people and stabbing them

Combat Style: Uses illusion magic to either stop enemies from attacking her, making them attack their allies, or using chameleon to sneak up to them and stab them.

Greatest Fear: Liches (sp?), Umbacano (long story)

Greatest Want: Shiny things, sail the open seas

Physique: Skinny and rather short

Level: 32

Joined Guilds/Factions: Thieves Guild, The Blades, Arcane University (for the free alchemy stuffs and illusion lessons)

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Arcane University (got thrown out enough), Dark Brotherhood (stole from Lachance, Uvani, J'Ghasta, among others), Fighter's Guild (broke in and stole stuffs)

Childhood: Lived as a wealthy noblewoman in the Imperial City. Her father is a member of the Elder Council. Has a brother in the Imperial Guard.

Teenage: Lived a rebellious life running with thieves, hanging out in dark alleys, and generally making trouble, much to her mother's disappointment.

Prefered Food: Ham, cheese, sweetcakes, beer

Disliked Food: Mutton

Favourite Arrow Type: doesn't use them

Favourite Blade Type: Longsword, especially Dawnfang/Duskfang

Spells: Animal Soldier (command creature lvl 25), Bard's Persuasion (charm 100 pts), Riot (frenzy lvl 25 to 15 ft.), Soothing Melody (calm lvl 25 to 15 ft.), other standard illusion spells found in game

Friendly Races: Imperials

Neutral Races: Everyone else

Hostile Races: none

Favourite City/Town: Bravil

Least Favourite City/Town: Imperial City

Favourite Daedra: Nocturnal

Least Favourite Daedra: Molag Bal

Favourite Divine: Akatosh

Least Favourite Divine: none

Main Weakness: Isn't that strong, so doesn't do well in straight up melee fighting without poisons or stealth

Main Strength: Being sneaky, getting people to do what she wants

Goal in Life: Rebuild the Black Flag and get it out in the ocean

Why she was sent to jail: Stealing

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Name : Tristan Adan

Age : 341

Date of birth: 3E93 Hearthfire 3rd , on the day of The Tales and Tallows festival or Nocturnal's Festival

Race : Half Imperial, Half High Elf

Starsign: The Shadow

Class: Spellsword

Appearence : Dark brown hair with brown eyes

Height : 185 cm

Current job : Dark Brotherhood's Acolyte, Arena Grand Champion, Fighter Guild's Master

Theme : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvrZxK3zs-o

Favorite quote : "Great power demands great control. Rage, fury... those feelings grant power. And weaken control." and "Life may create life. But it cannot control it."

Things important to him : Loyalty, friendship, survival, to be accepted for who he is, not for what he is

Things he hates : Betrayal, fakeness, prejudicies, getting into hopless situations

Weapons : Gurthang ( meaning Iron of Death ) - his longsword, Blutgang ( Blood Fetcher ) - his shield

Armor : he usually uses light armor, but he's not by any means stranger to the heavy armor

Animals owned : Hashmeth ( Majesty/Splendor )- his horse, and Keriss Might just convince him to adopt a stray kitty she saw roaming the streets of Chorrol. Might with a capital M.

Childhood: Having an Imperial mother made life a little difficult since the High Elves were once allied with the Ayleids and they resented Imperials for their downfall so he grew up mostly alone, tough they were never mean on purpose.

Teenage: He left home when she was 17 and lived as a mercenary for a while. That way, he got to know Vicente Valtieri and become sort of friends, as much as he can be friend with someone. Every now and then he does small favors for Vicente, including taking care of a brat for him. A sexy brat who's a LOT younger than him and he does his best to remember that, but the brat won't behave and get the point. How could she not understand that running around in her underwear in the house is not something that most people do? And gods help him, her father and the whole army of Ulthuan will kill him before he does as much as lay a finger on her.

He's done lots of things in life that he's not proud of in order to get away from his elven legacy.

Best Friend : Keriss Idris, Vicente Valtieri, Lucien Lachance

Worst Enemy : Keriss Idris ( that damn brat will drive him crazy soon )

Combat Preference : Melee or Stealth

Combat Style: A longsword combined with his shield and a few destruction spells; rare but poweful

Greatest Fear : To show his weakness, Regrets, The moment when Keriss' father finds out that he's half Imperial. That damn old man was alive when the Ayleid fell into ruin and still holds for that.

Main Weakness : He's too unyielding

Main Strength : His ability to make the impossible possible

Friendly Races : Imperial

Neutral Races : Most of them

Hostile Races : Ayleid

Preferred Food : Venison, Mutton

Favorite color : Black, Red, Green



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Gender: Male

Race: Khajit

Starsign: thief

Class: Stealthy

Homes: Skingrad

Favourite Land: Elswayer

Best Friend: Amusai

Worst Enemy: The orc from the Shivering isle

Combat Preference: Bow and arrow then Dagger stab

Combat Style: Stealth

Greatest Fear: Dogs

Greatest Want: Big ball of Wool

Physique: Normal

Level: Max

Joined Guilds/Factions: DARKBROTHER HOOD, Thieves Guild, Arena , Fighters guild , court of madness

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Mages guild

Childhood: got lost in the woods when he was 5. then he was raised by jaguars. oh wait......

Teenage: He joined the darkbrother hood after some stupid dark elf tormented him in jail ;)

Prefered Food: Fish and Meat

Disliked Food: mushrooms and High elfs

Favourite Arrow Type: one 100 burden , then 100 to shock weakness for 10 second then 50 shock damage

Favourite Blade Type: Enchanted Dagger

Spells: OWNAGE = 100 weakness to fire, shock, frost for 1 second + 99 damage from shock, fire, frost

Friendly Races: Khajit,Nord,Dark elf, Wood elf, Orc

Neutral Races: argonians, imperials

Hostile Races: High elf, breton

Favourite City/Town: Cheydinhal

Least Favourite City/Town: Skingrad

Favourite Daedra: Nocturnal

Least Favourite Daedra: Azura

Favourite Divine: Kynareth

Least Favourite Divine: julianos

Main Weakness: low magika

Main Strength: Almost undetectable

Goal in Life: Become a god like sithis or like the night mother

Why he was sent to jail: stealing from a house in bruma

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Name: Jason Marlow

Gender: male

Race: Khajiit

Starsign: The Warrior

Class: Paladin

Homes: Ironshield Keep

Favourite Land: everywhere

Best Friend: jerry

Worst Enemy: Daedra

Combat Preference: Melee

Combat Style: Longsword and Shield

Greatest Fear: Death

Greatest Want: influence

Physique: Athletic

Level: 47

Joined Guilds/Factions: The Fighters Guild

Enemy Guilds/Factions: The Mages Guild

Childhood: Doesn't remember

Teenage: Elswyr

Prefered Food: Apples

Disliked Food: Meat

Favourite Arrow Type: None

Favourite Blade Type: Broadsword, Claymore

Spells: Regenerate, Frost Bullet

Friendly Races: Khajiit, Argonian, High Elf, Imperial

Neutral Races: Bosmer

Hostile Races: Redguard, Breton, and Nord

Favourite City/Town: Suran

Least Favourite City/Town: Bruma

Favourite Daedra: Golden Saint

Least Favourite Daedra: Scamps

Favourite Divine:Boethiah

Least Favourite Divine: Mara

Main Weakness: none

Main Strength: enhanced physical ability, master of shield

Goal in Life: restoring the Order of Ironshield to it's former glory, and rescuing the lost knights of the Order

.Why he was sent to jail: attempting to infiltrate a nation and assassinate the king

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Name: TESTING123

Gender: Male

Race: Khajiit

Starsign: The Lord

Class: Agent

Homes: wanderer

Favourite Land: he goes where he pleases

Best Friends: any NPC that doesn't kill him while he's testing my mods ^_^;

Worst Enemies: every new monster I add to my mods ^_^;

Combat Preference: potions, poisons, and pew pew pew!

Greatest Fear: when jamochwoke stops testing, then he will cease to exist!

Greatest Want: to not die so much

Physique: sleek and feline

Level: 8

Joined Guilds/Factions: all

Enemy Guilds/Factions: all

Childhood: this one does not remember...

Spells: Khajiit night eye, eye of fear, ghost walk

Friendly Races: everyone until they get to meet him

Neutral Races: Everyone else

Hostile Races: none

Favourite City/Town: wanderer

Least Favourite City/Town: the ones he dies in

Favourite Daedra: the ones that don't try to kill him/eat him

Least Favourite Daedra: any left out from the favorite category

Favourite Divine: Talos, because he's testing my Blades quests right now ^_^;

Least Favourite Divine: none

Main Weakness: Isn't that strong, so doesn't do well in straight up melee fighting without poisons or stealth

Main Strength: as the secret power to call on a modder to his aid!

Goal in Life: to eventually balance jamochawoke's mods

Why he was sent to jail: only the emperor knows!

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Kitrina V2, New playthrough. Mod-heavy character lore.





gear comes from Apachii Goddess Store, Eyecandy Compilation, Chapel Shop, Growlf's Hot Clothes and Black Daedric Armor(store seller version, not replacer). The helmet is invisible using a mod.



Name: Kitrina

Gender: female

Race: Imperial

Starsign: Warrior

Class: Crusader

Homes: AranMathi

Physique: Exnem's FEC body

Joined Guilds/Factions: Fighter's Guild, Blades.

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Mythic Dawn, bandits/raiders/marauders, all necromancers

Childhood: unknown, orphaned. If she had a last name, she never knew it. Kitrina might not even be the name her parents gave her.

Teenage: poor and alone

Prefered Food: any

Disliked Food: poisoned types

Favourite Blade Type: enchanted blades that swing fast, one handed blades preferred

Spells: helaing, mainly. she's not much of a genuine magic user

Friendly Races: most

Hostile Races: Dagon's dremora, Orcs, trolls, goblins

Favourite City/Town: New Sheoth, Chorrol

Least Favourite City/Town: Bravil

Favourite Daedra: Sheogorath(she's a bit remorseful he had to go), Azura, Meridia

Least Favourite Daedra: Mehrunes Dagon, Molag Bal... though she' snot met all of them yet.

Favourite Divine: any

Least Favourite Divine: none

Main Weakness: She rushes into battle rather than being stealthy

Main Strength: armor is enchanted with heavy elemental protection, master of heavy armor and blade

Goal in Life: To end the Oblivion crisis.

Why he was sent to jail: stealing food, perhaps?


Was it the apple, the bread, or the cheese? It doesn't matter, she was grabbed by a guard and with not two septims to pay a fine, was thrown in the Imperial prison. Until the old man came along, the Emperor himself. She just thought Uriel was a senile old man who thought everyone was familiar and that his guards were rude, but still, it was a free escape from this cell. Until the Emperor was killed before her eyes. Rushing the amulet to Jauffre before anyone could come after HER to get it, she was tasked with finding Martin. However, the old pieces of paper given to her told her of a lost lineage, one side evil, the other honest, with deeds to an underground lair and a forgotten magician's home in the mountains. It was while exploring Cyrodiil that she came across two large mansions, both furnished but abandoned. Inquiries in towns gained that their owners simply left. It was also the discovery of an unusual Ayleid ruin that changed her life- AranMathi was an old ruin near Bravil that had been completely restored and cleaned of evil, turned into a lavish home and museum... only for the owner to take all his possessions and leave suddenly, leaving the guards and servants with nothing. Having no home, and the guards no master, a mutual agreement was reached that gave her mastery of this home, provided payment made to the servants and new treasures brought in to display. The home was much larger than Frostcrag, much brighter than Deepscorn, and centrally located.


Reaching Kvatch to find it burned, Kitrina closed the Oblivion gate and aided the remaining town guard in clearing the city. Martin was found, alive, and taken to Jauffre, only to arrive too late to prevent the theft of the amulet. taking Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple, Kitrina was made a member of the Blades. The sudden weakening of the barriers though was taking its toll- the Shivering Isles opened a doorway as Sheogorath was seeking a champion, and she chose to accept the challenge. Various goddesses from a strange world known as "Earth" appeared and opened a shop in the waterfront district. These new swords and armor proved quite useful to her. Not to be outdone, various gods from that same world opened their own shop near Bruma. As if the sudden boom in stores wasn't enough, yet another major shop opened in the Imperial Marketplace and by pure accident, Kitrina found a hidden underground store buried beneath Weye filled with shady sellers, including a single dremora traitor parting out daedric gear.


On top of that, a shopkeeper in Chorrol offered to sell her a store for cheap. It quickly turned profitable as she now had a means to sell treasures for real value instead of the meager maounts shop owners paid.


Finding the Fighter's Guild to be of little interest, Kitrina focused on the Shivering Isles, becoming the new Duchess Of Dementia and preparing to stop the "Greymarch". Despite her best attempts, but always one step behind, she watched in horror as Sheogorath became Jyggalag. Now faced with the harsh fact that SHE was to become his replacement, and only her, Kitrina returned to Cyrodiil to obtain new armor and weapons. Returning to the SI and remaking the Staff, Kitrina obtained the madgod's powers and defeated Jyggalag. From now on, she was the madgod, with an uncertain future of possibly evolving into a daedric prince.


Now back in Cyrodiil, Kitrina has to face the threat of Mehrunes Dagon head on...

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