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Best crowded cities & crowded roads/random npcs mods


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Hello, I was wondering which Crowded Cities and which random encounters/crowded roads mod i should use for my game.


Only 1 of them.


Crowded Cities 12 by bkwyrm13

Crowded Cities 2_1 by SpiderAkiraC





Maximum 2 of them (must be compatible together so no let's say #1 modify vanilla npc and #2 also modify vanilla npc)


Wandering Encounters by kuertee

Cyrodiil Travelers Mod by PipBoy3000_v2

Immersive Travelers by Hasteric

Random Encounters byb3w4r3

Crowded Roads Revisited by LazyAltmer

Crowded Roads Advanced by Shakh

Crowded Roads Revamped by MaXiMiUS



I want life in Oblivion but without exaggerating of course, I do want to see npcs or enemies/creatures everywhere just not 15 of them at the same time so not a war zone.

I also want something that stay true to the game so friendly lore.


If you have better to suggest me, then I'll be glad to hear, those are the only ones I found, I'm already using Mart's Mutant Mod by the way.


Thanks In advance.

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On 1/14/2024 at 2:10 PM, kallekukhuve said:

Oh, nobody helping you? Weird. This is the nexus forums after all, not at all full of woke autistic dorks defending mediocrity and not having experienced any personal thought of their own in their whole life.

Yes, it's weird when people aren't answering almost nine years old topic much. I wonder why? 😀

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