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[Rel] TES: Arena Remapped - modernized controls for Arena


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After doing so much texture testing in Arena, I finally broke down and created what I believe to be the best possible TES:Arena key layout for Dosbox.


TES:Arena Remapped is a custom mapper.txt file to modernize Arena's controls while maintaining the ability to easily enter text.



  • Full WASD movement controls (arrow key and numpad movement unaltered)
  • Slide left and right keys (Q,E)
  • Dedicated World Map, Long Jump, and Quick Cast keys
  • Most keys moved for ease of access and to mirror modern Bethesda games (e.g. quick cast is C and ready weapon is F)
  • While L ALT is held down all keys revert to original keys for entering text. Releasing L ALT returns them to the new control scheme.
  • Handy keyboard JPEG showing the new controls (also linked below).
  • Here is an image of the keyboard layout... https://www.dropbox....Layout.png?dl=0


I have uploaded the file on both Nexusmods and Moddb.


Nexus Pending....


- Martin


P.S. It works REALLY well.


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