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All Weapons Unlock Attempt

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In case anyone else is trying to figure out how to get all weapons available (great axes, spears, halberds, ect) I'll share what I've seen so far. I'm first trying to get something basic like a spear as an item available for looting and shops.


You can use the Modding Tutorial and Unpacking tools provided by Polymorpher to unpack the files. Follow his tutorial, and you'll end up with the folders you need. It seems that content/patch0/bundles that his tutorial covers contains the gameplay folder with items files. You can easily edit weapon stats from here, and you'll find them scattered across multiple folders.


For my first mod attempt, i'm trying to get a basic spear, located in "def_item_weapons_secondary". There appears to be a series of tags for each weapon, the ones Geralt can use have "playersteelweapon" or "playersilverweapon" available. In this case, the spear I want is called <item name="Q1_Spear2h". It doesn't have the playersteelweapon tag, so I've added that. I also tried removing the "nodrop" and "noshow" tags.


There are a number of def_loot files that cover item types and chances they'll appear in shops, containers, loot drops from killed enemies ect. I tried using def_loot, and added the spear to the prologue shop in place of the useless poker weapon, and gave it a 100 chance to spawn.


Carefully removing comment text to keep the filesize the same, I repackaged the patch bundle and started up the game.


There must be something else I'm missing, because each attempt at editing the shop file makes all shopkeeper inventories go blank.


If any others have learned more, I would certainly appreciate hearing about it!



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As an update, I am able to get items in his inventory and actually show on his person, however, I am still not able to execute attack animations :sad:


If anyone wants to help, I believe the key lies in the tags section of each of the weapons. Here for example, "Spear 1" found in gameplay/items/def_items_npc weapons.


<tags>PlayerSecondaryWeapon,Weapon,Spear2h, mod_weapon</tags>


in comparison, this is from a Nilfgaardian sword he can use normally:


Autogen, PlayerSteelWeapon, Weapon, sword1h, 1handedWeapon, mod_weapon, mod_origin_nilfgaard



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