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[MOD request] Increasing damage of friendly NPCs

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Hello all !

In Witcher 3 the player travels together with other characters more often than in two previous games, and that is great - really adds to the immersion, the feeling of Geralt's venturing on adventure with companions. Yet there is one thing that is, in my opinion, quite immersion-breaking - the damage that your companion NPCs deal to the enemy NPCs. It is not exclusively the problem of Witcher 3, I think that it's rather a feature of the game. It was present in W1 and W2 as well, but for both games the problem has been solved with the Full Combat Rebalance mod by Flash.

I personally believe that the combat system in Witcher 3 is close to perfect and a lot of time will pass before people get bored with it and desire a mod similar to FCR =)
So, I only ask for a mod that would increase the damage dealt by friendly NPCs so that they actually feel like worthy companions. At least 70 or 80 percent of Geralt's damage would be great. It really annoys me, how other witchers are ultimate killing machines in cutscenes, but are total wimps in the actual game, who do nothing but dancing around their foes and occasionally striking them for 0 damage.

Thanks in advance,

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