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Texture isn't showing up?


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Some days, learning to mod feels like ramming my head into a brick wall. Sometimes the wall cracks and I figure something out. Some days (today for instance) I just get a headache.

I'm attempting to retexture a standard nord mead bottle from skyrim to have a custom label. So I unpacked the textures and made my own label in gimp, which I then set on top of the mead texture and merged the layers.

I also unpacked the mesh, and loaded it up in nifskope. But when I try to add the texture I created into it by clicking the little purple flower icons, the bottle mesh remains white. If I use the standard unaltered nord mead texture, it shows up fine. So I thinking I'm saving the file wrong from gimp.

I'm saving it as a .dds. I also made the normal map-- the pale bluish/transparent _n.dds file. I leave the 'create mipmaps' option ticked, and I've tried it at every compression or lack thereof. The altered texture is saved to my skyrim/data/textures folder. I've done a retexture before on a dragon, and I didn't have this crazy problem.

What am I doing wrong?



EDIT: nm, found the problem. I had to merge all the layers and crop them back to the original size.

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