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Day Dreams of a Spaced out Old Man


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Everything I have written has been to entertain. Tending to focus on fiction. i absorb a great deal of information from websites and Forums. Once I have a collection I give it my best interpretation from the information I have seen pictures and words. I started out looking for the earning possibilities.


My day to day activities even went as far as learning to mod. Understand that I was seeking a method to earn money.


That didn't pan out as I hoped. The rest of the writing I have posted in the thread Day Dreams and From Day Dreams are gobble gook with some short story, or at least attempts at writing short stories, for you, the readers, entertainment.


I see no falling or rising in the area of my posts. I didn't find a source of income from this so it is all, masterfully collected on a computer which has much to do else but keep my words in an effort to compile them in a way that they might make a good read for some people.


Until I rise from the nearness I spend to the gutter near my seat on the bench on the sidewalk outside the hospital I will ponder escaping the droll way of their support. They already kicked me out permanently. I am not suffering from any of their listed diseases that require full attention. If I don't crumble to pile of dust and get washed down to the drain while sitting there pondering my dulled life so far I may yet have some bursts of theory about other peoples hypothetical themes. Until I turn to dust and return to the Earth I will continue to lurk somewhere... Anywhere like this forum.


This forum seems to have enchantments about it. Which I think is that which is like a mummy had placed on them to never die. That mummy Boris Karloff played in the movie THE MUMMY seems to have left it here. Maybe Dark0ne has a genealogical connection to the family that found that Cursed Pyramid? Otherwise it may be that, England has our attentions drawn to it because of the many mystical and magical stories from there throughout history.


Ah! The enchantment of Merry Ol England.


Remember the Mummy was was buried alive, and cursed to live forever, to protect the princess in her tomb.


Now where did I leave those leaves I need to make the potion to keep my body from falling apart?



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I learned how to make Clam Chowder from scratch today. Seems like Mother was communicating with me from the other side. I've never made Clam Chowder before, but some reason I decided to buy some baby clams, had corn, and soup base and made a thick stew. All I need to do now is pour some in a bowl of hot water, blend in until just the right thickness. And Voila! Clam Chowder!


Just in case she is tuned in...


Happy Mother's Day

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I, David B. Hunter, posted the following story at Forums.nexusmods.com on Thursday, 18 May 2023 - 12:17 pm to bring to life my own dream of being an explorer beyond where people of the planet Earth have not yet explored in Outer Space; someday. I no longer have any hope for this day dream to come true; in reality.


I wrote the following words in memory of my Mother and Father. May they R.I.P..


The Inner Space and Beyond to where I haven't travel.


This morning as Da Vid sat on the floor he tired of trying of working on the shirt. He was tired of waiting until eight for breakfast time. Tired of the white colors of the room. For days he tried to discover why the floor was covered in pillows. He had to straighten his shirt so he felt proper to appear at the table for breakfast. He sat there trying to get the shirt edges tucked in to his trousers. Why the shirt was not tucked in when he woke up it made no sense at all. He could almost hear his Mother. Tuck your shirt in, not into your underwear, just in your pants.


He looked at the clean white shirt hanging over his baby blue slacks. He didn't remember then being slacks before. He shrugged.


Tired of trying he decided to stand up. The room had been redone since the last time he remembered coming back from school one day. He had just started Kindergarten that day. When he walked into the room his Mother was there finishing up. She had stripped all the lead based paint off the walls and redone them with wall paper.


The wall paper had a bunch of rocket ships, space men, and planets. Do you like it?


His face showed his excitement.


They hugged.


She closed the bedroom curtain and turned on a night lite. The ceiling lit up in a starry sky at night. She turned to him. Watching his face glowing with delight. She pushed a button on a little pad on the beds night stand. A little motor started whirring. She waited for him to see the little rocketship flying around above his bed.


He looked at the floor in his new room. He was amazed. It all made him feel like the room was a lot bigger. The Toy box was at the foot of his new bed. The pillow case and blanket had more planets and Earth right in the middle. He grabbed his mother and gave her a big hug.


Now go outside for a moment while I clear out my stuff. He looked at the bucket, scraps of wall paper, and roller for putting the wall paper up. Instantly knew that she didn't want to get him all covered in any of the that stuff in the bucket. He walked to the door. Opened it wide and stepped into the hall. He walked toward the living room so she could get by with all the stuff. He saw his father talking to the family doctor.


That should help him with his claustrophobia. Keep in mind to turn on the night lite to help sleep.


Hi! Doctor J.

Hey Father!


Hi! Da Vid. My, you've grown since the last time I was here.

Hi! Son, home from school already. How was your first day at school?


They had some clay and I got to make shapes with it. Soon as it's done I get to bring it home.

Great Son!


Well Da Vid. I have to go. Other people to see. Doctor J. D. Harper turned to go.

Thanks doc! Da Vid's father turned to him. I see my dear has cleared the way. Let me see your room.


His father turned to his mother and leaned in to avoid the tools and paste. Gave her a kiss on the cheek. Love ya, hun!


Da Vid grabbed his father's hand. Come on!


Mother smiled. You boys go and have a good time. I'll get cleaned up and get dinner ready. When it's ready I'll give you two a call.


Once the two were in his room Da Vid spun around. Pointing all the pictures. Isn't it great!


Sure is, son!


Da Vid turned toward his toybox. What did you do at work today?


Lets get out some toys and I'll tell you about it while we play!




His father helped pick out some toys. He set them down. Then he started by picking one of them up. Today we worked on an engine. He had a little toy space ship, then continued. It's for our rocket ship. He continued to pick up toys and lay them out with Da Vid eyeing them and putting some of his own choices among them. He talked about his day at work as they put the toys around on the floor so they resembled his story. Da Vid knew it was a story leading up to the plans for the day when they would fly into outer space. He'd get to pilot a rocket ship.


Dinner's Ready!


They both scrambled to their feet.


Da Vid looked at his father. Race ya!


They dashed for the bedroom door, Da Vid drove into the front around his father and bolted toward the kitchen dining table. Father shouted Blast Off! Then grabbed him and lifted him off the ground, legs still flying up in the air. Weee! Coming for a landing, His father set him down on the dining room chair. They laughed. You're just not quite ready for this chair. They looked at his high chair. You're too big now for that one. I know, until you've grown a bit more.


His father walked over to the phone stand. Grabbed the phone book. Walked back to the chair. Lifted Da Vid up and put the phone book on the chair. Sit!


Da Vid sat. Wow!


Mother chimed in. A perfect fit.


Let's eat!

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Lights faded out. It seemed like the night sky was above me. For a moment there were images of some space suits and rocket ships. I could see them disappear as darkness ended the day. I wondered in thought for a moment.


What happened? From that moment we all sat down for dinner I seemed to have lost all time after that. The bedroom. I recalled going to bed and the stars lighting my view above. The space suits images among the rocket ships and planets drifted. I was happy. I drifted along with them to...

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While I pondered a thought for a moment I felt my senses slow down. Delight filled my mind. I had come to the end of a troubled journey and it felt good that it was all finished, done, with all my work complete.

I raised myself to my full height. Looked at the views of the places around me from where I stood. Nodded my head slightly feeling assured that I had done what needed to be.

Turning my gaze to the sky I saw streams of mist and small clouds shifting. I felt the warm gentle breeze brush across my bare forearms and my face. A sudden air gust stimulated my scalp as it brushed my hair. The last lights of daylight beams moving among the clouds shifted and glided. In the distance I could see the evening stars beginning to appear along the horizon.

The sight of the drawing of the curtain from day to night brought my attention back to my present state of being. All the work, toil was over, I was exhausted. I began to turn to look for the place where I rested last. The sky before me was filled with darks chasing out the last light.

I felt tired. My strength remaining hardly seemed enough. I saw the distance I covered. I saw and realized the time it would take. Time for me to return to a place where I had a comfortable bed to rest. I knew if I started my feet moving right now, I could be there before darkness and starlight claimed the land.

It was almost all down hill. An easy stroll to the shelter I had made. Completely ready for resting safely from any weather that was undesirable.

I arrived. My torch barely burning bright enough to light the way through the passage way in. I walked in, turned to the side, put the torches connection on the magnetic wall charger. I slid the lights side shield upward turning it into a lantern. The torches light's battery charger began to restore the battery while the core of the lights were given full power from the connection of the magnet. I pulled off my coverall's and stepped into the circle on the floor. The tube walls rose. The shower head sprinkled me with water until I was damp all over. Soap sprayed out next. A second or two followed with air brushes working the soapy water to loosen the dirt and grime on my flesh and in my hair.

You need a shave Da Vid. Would you like one now!


The Android manager running the computer aimed the sprayer and reduced it's spray to line up with my face. Sprayed on hair remover on the soapy area around my face and neck.

Stand still!

I waited. A green light appeared on the monitor. I closed my eyelids.

The shower's micro rain simulator filled the tube with fine streams of water shooting out of the microscopic rainstorm spraying warm water on me, rinsing away all the days dirt and grime, and tiny whiskers. It stopped. Air filled the tube and swam around cooling me down, as the water that remained on my body got whisked away.

Night dressing?


An aroma familiar from my home land filled the air. I waved me hand over the shower Off switch on the display in the tube. The vis-a-wall curtain shut off. Disappeared from the space back into the circle on the floor.



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A young woman with light brown long hair down to her shoulders hanging down just below her suit's collar appeared outside his house. He could see her from his windows in the den. She walked into his yard. Stood for a moment and then started calling out to some people on the road. He watched for a moment, slightly stunned by the fact she was trespassing. He decided he'd seen enough.

Getting up from his desk he walked to the front door. As opened the door he heard her shouting to the people that she owned the property. He felt like he must have died and was seeing the invasion of the living.

He walked out to where she stood and demanded she leave. She acted like she heard him but preferred to ignore him. Then strode right by him toward the house. He demanded she leave. Since she ignored him he feared the person had somehow gotten so far in scheme to steal his land and fortune. It was old practice from back when he became a prospector and had applied for a title to a mine. Pending for ownership when someone else filed a claim and tried to prove they found it first. Called claim jumping.

He asked her to prove her words and show him the land's property title. She walked passed him and up to the house that was part of the claim he applied for on the land. She walked through the open door.

Once inside he demanded she leave. Instead she walked from the front entrance room where his den is. She turned right and marched into the living room, turned left walked into the kitchen, and went straight passed the kitchen's dinning room table and jumped upon his waterbed. She laid down and made glad sounds while getting comfortable.

He followed her all through the house, sputtering words out of his mouth aimed at her passing and rushing through the house, while she ignored him as if he wasn't there.

Before he could say a word another young woman appeared. She seemed to have risen from the woman's body on the bed. The sun was coming through the bedroom windows. The woman looked up. Her eyes irises were as brilliant as polished gold in color around her pupils. Her hair was bundled up on her head. Her face was light brown. Unlike the woman he had followed in who had no suntan at all. He leaned in to try and kindly address her and get her to leave.

The light in the room grew as the sun was nearly at 3-o-clock in the afternoon up in the sky.

He turned to his left. His eyes refocused. He suddenly was laying on his left side looking at the woman with the golden eyes. He reached out to touch her. The room filled with bright light. Everything became white in front of him. He felt he touched soft cloth. He pressed his fingers against it.

The cloth he was touching began to change it appearance. He could see edges shadow making out the white cloth to be a square pillow. The light faded quickly until it was nearly out.

Darn! The power must be failing. He rolled to get on his back in the bed. The lights began getting brighter. He could see white clouds above him. He muttered. I must be dreaming. They look like squares. He rolled to his right side in the bed. The view was blinding him with white everywhere.

He felt his bodies muscles twitch. The room's white changed and became nearly dark.

A voice coming from a round orb with a thin green line rotating around it's edge was visible to him on the wall by the door.

Good morning Da Vid. Shower and shave?

I had a shave yesterday when I came back. He remembered finishing the fields. Planting trees along the distant borders was next.

That was two days ago. You've been convalescing since you completed adjusting the force fields to keep the crops safe from high winds before the trees grow in. You finished a day early. Everyone at Alpha Station gave you party. Then gave you a full days sleep for your accomplishment as a reward of which you have 18 hours remaining to relax however you like.

His room in the life pod filled his sight. There was glitter and streamers still cluttering the room just outside his bedroom door.

Shave, and casual clothes?


Some of your garden plants have matured. Would you like fresh vegetables, fried potatoes, a leaf or two of lettuce for a salad and some home made bread with your protein breakfast this morning.

His dreaming mind fully cleared and in the moment he realized a golden thought. The harvesting bots had started working.

Yes. Yes!

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The room was fully of the sounds of excitement. The people in the recreation room for the party were moving around chatting and while he and others were playing games. The pieces on the chess board his opponent had remaining clearly showed the dark wavy haired white male he was playing against was losing. Da Vid picked up the white bishop and began to put it down. As his hand moved to set it down on the board his vision seemed to change.


The white bishop and his hand began to weave around as if he was making his opponent suffer a bit longer. He became confused. The huh-orsey can't make that move.


He became tongue twisted and his mind began slipping out of focus. The lights went out.


The air began to feel cool. He opened his eyelids a slit. He wasn't in his room. He closed his eyelids. Just to be sure he wasn't dreaming. Before he could open them the voice of his pod server who spoke, spoke.


Captains meeting at 08:30 Da Vid.


He looked at the orb on the wall by the door. What? He looked at the time display. 07:00. Oh!


Dress uniform is required. This the day you've been waiting for. Shower and shave?


Yes! Light breakfast low fuel protein.


You have fresh garden stock.




Fresh oats, freeze dried blueberries still available, synthetic milk, warmed. Coffee or Orange juice?


Yes! On the cereal, with orange juice.


After the shower and shave he ate little and took off the bib with space ships on it. Dust off t-shirt please. A brush appeared as a holograph image creating the illusion of it. Air aimed precisely cleared any cereal that might have escaped his spoon on the way to his mouth. He stood up walked over to the slim closet door. It's six inch wide and forty inch tall hatch opened. A long rode at the top of the entrance slid forward with his dress uniform onboard.


I sure hope the dream I had didn't have anything to do at the party. If what I think happened it won't be pretty for someone at the meeting.


A thin sheet of fiber optic material slid down from the ceiling. He examined his image in the repeater image on the screen. Good! Good! That's all!


All clear!




With more than a half an hour to reach the briefing he made his heading with a slight change to get a flower from the boutique nearby. He thought of the ancient act from Earth's early history lesson's. Just in case graduation was the order he thought of his girlfriend to add a little extra for her to enjoy afterward when all the excitement cooled down.


Be seated!


The rooms sound filled with silence.


He peered via his peripheral vision to the left and right without moving his eyes pupils. A trick he learned playing a game with a relative so as not to arouse the senses of the object of our interest. Wild animal were extremely sensitive to stares and even some people where hyper paranoid so it helped not to look directly at them. The usual guy that sat next to him was up in a seat located in the front row. Da Vid's friends and the chess player from the night before Alo Centus, he nickname Scent Man were forward too.


When I call your name please follow the light line on the floor to your destination points. Those whose names were called got up one by one and exited through a door on the right of the hall. Da Vid saw his girlfriend as she stood. Da Vid watched as she went through the door. Twenty four recruits were called. The female to his left and a male to his right got up. After all the names were called, the row where he still waited everyone was gone. There were more recruits still behind him yet to be called. When the calls ended there was a long pause. He felt uncertain about his future. He was sure this was supposed to be a graduation ceremony.


He thought a moment. He figured it was over. He must have done something wrong. He heard his name breaking his line of thought. He stood. He turned to walk out to the front where a line was glowing and flowing along the floor. He walk up to the front and began following it as it moved in the direction for him.


Four more names were called.


Each of them stopped by him to his right.


A voice from the podium that wasn't the same as the caller's called out. Attention!


The five snapped to attention. The curtain back of the stage opened. An officer walked forward to the podium. Stopped at the podium. Looked them all over. He noticed something about the person that made him little nervous. It wasn't because she was gorgeous. There was something about her that reminded him of someone. She called out the persons name to the far right. When he followed to come to the stage to receive the graduation documents Da Vid remembered what it was that was causing his mind to become more alert. The others were called. When the last one called was up the stage that female claimed her document.


The commander looked directly at him. Staring at him with golden irises. She paused and took a deep breath. I hear by name thee Commander. Come forward. Looking into her eyes he started to walk straight ahead. Turned a quick right face. Walked to the stage stairs. Quickly did a left face and climbed up to the stage. He turned left and walked toward the Commanding officer. He started thinking this was a dream and he would wake up.


The commanding officer waited until he was near enough to hand him is graduation document. Turned to face him. Held up a hand to stop. He stopped. She lifted the electronic tube with the scroll stored inside up. Congratulations. She smiled. The eyes, their golden irises. She was who he saw in his dream. He recorded it for later reference. There she was. Standing before him. He looked at the scroll. He was the same rank as the commander. For a few seconds he was stunned.


Speak freely.


Yes mam.


I am your equal in rank commander. So Da Vid according to privilege; you can call me Jane.


How? I mean, when? What?


You proved wisest when faced with problems not in the tests. You earned the rank you surpassed almost all expectations. So enjoy the moment. Let loose, so I don't have stand here like a statue anymore.


Da Vid took a deep breath. Thank you, Jane!


That's better. There. I am assigned to join with you as a member of the team here that will be in command of your ship. She saw his eyes lids widen. That's right! You're going to be in charge of the Explorer 1049. Our first!


There aren't any space ships. How?


This is the Earth's first. It took us years to prepare for you for it. Not you directly.


You're not human! Are you?


Yes, I am, just different, like you.


What? Wait? How am I different?


We'll have plenty of time to get acquainted after the party. Time for the party commander. Everyone awaits in the great hall. Da Vid
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Commadore!? I want to be a captain. A captain of a ship. I want to explore the universe. Commadore is the rank of retired officers. Groan!


Da Vid! Wake up!


What? What's going on?


The voice from the orb near the door spoke. You were dreaming.


Dreaming!? It seemed so real!


You had a hard day yesterday. Shower and shave?




Da Vid slid around on the bed and hung his legs over the edge. Hanging his head staring into oblivion. Dream!? That was a nightmare.




That woman with the gold colored irises was in my dreams again. I was dreaming I was at a meeting for graduation. A captains meeting!? All of us candidates were all captains at the meeting and I was given the rank of commadore by an officer. A commadore herself. She had those same gold colored eyes.


I sensed my trials prove I am ready for farming on another planet. With the first crops in, in time to start living off the plants before our stocks run out. Success has been greater than expected. And this dream seemed to suggest that my crops and garden are exemplary. Way too so!




Is there any freeze dried bacon left? I want a strong cup of coffee this morning.


Da Vid. Would you like some pancakes with breakfast?


I'd almost forgotten the wheat crop is ready. Finally, some flour! Yes!


Let me think. Synthesized yet to make pancakes are eggs, butter, salt, syrup from sugar cane. Cane is another crop I can make a trial field of. The weather moderator can make any kind of environment for crops needed for different types. Hm?


I wonder if the simulator can produce the seed for sugar cane already.




Stocks for survival will be depleted soon. Trial has not included animals for the farm. Or an Ark to bring them with.


Dream log. We haven't been able to build a Space ship yet. The memory from dream sleep suggested there is a large craft awaiting that has been kept secret. How nice for me to have such grand dreams with an astonishing moment like that to be told and not awaking from sleep until another science fiction moment where I am told she isn't as different from me as I would think.


The thought of becoming a commadore and having dreamed all of us candidates are already captains. Phaw! That was a ridiculous. I don't know why I didn't wake up the moment I had dreamed that. Working too hard isn't an ideal answer.




Da Vid's mouth drew the lips up tightly against his teeth. Dream sleep. Margin of hard labor isn't tiring as real manual labor. Am I... Awake?

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Trying to focus. Reason failing. Eyelids shut tight. Legs bent with feet slightly further down then his rear. His thighs pressed in on his forearms. His arms were crossed across his chest. Afraid of what he would see if he opened his eyelids. He peered at the tightly shut lids. Pinched tight.


Shadows crossed in front of him. He squeezed his eyes lids tighter.


The light outside his red brightened eyes lids began to fade. Darkness filled them. He felt himself begin to drift off. He sensed it, like, floating. No gravity. Just the outer space. No air.


No Air! He tried to breath. His nose seemed pinched. He opened his mouth and tried to suck air in.


His body lurched. His lungs hurt and were empty and hot.


He tried to yell.


Fear overwhelmed him.


He felt like being pulled out of something. Seemed to slip out like a foot from a sock. Apart, now, but still connected. He felt his fear fade away. He felt calm and his eyes lids opened wide.


He saw three people down below him. A man and two women. Walking around a couple of machines.


They were talking, but their words sounded like they were talking in a swimming pool under the water.


He has passed out!


Oxygen! Stats!

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What is it? Sanderson.

I scanned the program. It's has several altered short segments that were altered.

The first was a complete cut off from the programs path. Item two was altered to include a second party and a drama to the event. The third is the most obvious. A meeting was installed. Corrupted the end of the program making it seem like an advance group of higher ranking officials were up for promotions when the end of the program was supposed to be the adjustment for the cadets graduation day.

Here are my notes.

Each of the operators in the booth clocked in and out. The alterations were made by one member.

What's this Sanderson?

Sir, I recommend we filter the program and restore the settings in a dream sequence. Perfectly aligning them to the cadet's actual data in these core memory banks. It will clear up their confusion and save their progress without interfering with the training.

Good idea! Good work Sanderson!

About the controller sir. I would like to point out we may have an opportunity at hand here.

What do you suggest? Sanderson.

It appears the person is almost the same age as our cadet. That activity on the program was altered in hopes of removing our cadet, unintentionally.

What do mean? Sanderson.

I suspect this instance is related to first sight of a familiar. A likeness so close to the operators self in mental reference to them self and repulsion occurred via the natural order of similarity.

The operator may be getting confused signals while observing the cadet and keeping the cadet in view causes the operator a sense we know that happens when two people begin to have adult physical functions for the first time.


Yes sir?

Are you suggesting what I think you are?

I may be. Sir. This would be specially important if both persons were aligned in some way so the two of them could gain from their experiences. I recommend we offer the operator a cadet position immediately. Family and friends would be notified to allow for the full induction if the operator agrees.

Are you suggesting we put the operator on the program in rm 222? Sanderson.

Yes. The operator will have the same timeline experiences focused on the attentions for the purpose of the training. Once established. The operator will become a cadet. Only a good chance of a female with a likely chance of establishing a concord after the cadets finish the training and are debrief and given their results.

We will have two cadets. Both trained and relieved from the training at about the same time. With the operators watch removed so the cadet is settled down with no memories of the awakened status seeing his training room as it really is we can easily manage their acquaintance in the debriefing room and restore them to their former lives.

Sanderson. This is amazing. The first documented facts to fit the psychological belief in that moment of maturation without any interactive from outside influence to arrange anything. If he has the same reaction when they chance to meet the only thing we can do is hope they aren't too unsettled by the conditions of their meetings at first.

Yes sir. I suspect we will have an additional cause to incorporate more of the emotions of humans into the program.

Exactly! Give it your best shot at gaining the operator's trust and influencing her to become a cadet in program rm 222. It's design should spark her interests as it is the first designed for cohabitation in the likely chance of our programs becoming necessary for the next step.

She'll be off duty until Monday. We can ask her, and I mean ask her Sanderson. No charm, no stimulators, and no romance! You ask her. Invite her to be a first to the room 222 program. If she would like to be a cadet in the new life program. We can add a few weather changes, storms too. To test the force field fence around the land. The trees should be developed as supposed to be.

We can than adjust these two cadets debriefing so they are in the debrief room at the same time with the rest of the cadets. I want you to take charge of this Sanderson and make no mistakes. We'll get the board members approval with the male cadet's progress report. We don't need this new twist, but it sure would be nice to have the opportunity to set two young people up that could turn out to be something they would do that would take their minds off on another fulfilling adventure. With that kind of a distraction we are assured they will have a much easier return to civilian status. Even if they don't like each other enough to take it to the next level. Sanderson, I changed my mind. You may have all other tools at your disposal, but no interactivity for taking her virginity, because, and let me stress this so you understand why... He's a virgin too.

Sunday morning.

Chirp chirp


Good morning! Sir.

Sanderson. Why are you calling me?

It's the girl sir. She's gone missing.

That's unfortunate Sanderson.

Her apartment listing was empty. All contacts in the contract were phony. Sir! She's disappeared beyond the reach of our best trackers. She doesn't exist.

Keep looking! Sanderson!

Yes, Sir!
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