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The last movie you watched thread


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Apocalypse Now.. I've been watching some older films that I've been meaning to see for a long time but never got around to. Excellent movies, they are!


Oh man, I love Apocalypse Now. When first watching it, I was a little skeptical as I had read the book it was based on 'Heart of Darkness' sometime previously, and really didn't enjoy it particularly much, but... I don't know, maybe the new setting made it for me haha?

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Dr. Seuss' The Lorax


It has a kind of twisted truth to it. Which seems to be getting old on the minds of people who live in smog filled cities where they go to movies because it is fun and they can stay cool and don't have to save money for an air conditioner.


The movie only got a 59% rating from Rotten Tomato's and it makes me wonder if there is city that has taken the theme of that place to the extreme. Imo it reminds me, "I like fresh air."

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In a word, "meh." Nowhere near as good as the original trilogy, much slower, and the ending left no closure whatsoever. By the halfway point I felt like the 2 hours were about to come to a close at any minute, which is never a good sign. Too much bureaucratic conspiracy talking, not enough Bourne-esque activity.

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The Amazing Spiderman at my local cinema.


I so wanted it to be great, but the start was a rehash of the start of the first Spiderman, and was so so boring, half an hour and nothing happened. The Lizard was good to look at, but just didn't have the kudos of say Venom, and the ending was cheesy.


Hopefully The Dark Knight Rises will be far better.

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