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CBBE Morph not working with RaceMenu!

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also having trouble with this. i'm using MO and i added the bodyslide to the list of exectuables and so on opened the bodyslide and did exactly what that video showed. i got my stuff through the filters but it still wont work. in game the racemenu morphs dont change anything with the clothes on. only when my character is nude, then the morphs do something. =\

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well i finally got this to work. i still am not sure what i did. but i did make note of hitting the big Build button in bodyslide, instead of hitting batch build. so i'm basically building one outfit at a time. since i'm using MO, the very first time i built a custom body, MO generated a folder in the overwrite folder called CalienteTools. I simply dragged this and dropped it into the bodyslide folder in the mod list in MO (I have bodyslide installed separate from caliente's beautiful bodies edition mod.) also for the very first outfit i rebuilt, MO also generated meshes for this which i also dropped into its respective folder. the second outfit i built though, did not cause any folder generation in the overwrite file of MO. however the outfit was built and the files were overwritten when i checked the filetree and the time some of the meshes were modified.


i honestly dont know why batch build does not work. but i'm glad i can build outfits anyway.


also i do believe file structure has a part to play in this. if the outfit's file structure is not done properly bodyslide in MO has a hard time locating the files i think? idk. but i had an outfit whose data (main) folder contained a folder titled CalienteTools. everytime i tried to build this outfit, it would not work. so i removed that CalienteTools folder from there, because I had just downloaded another outfit mod and i saw that they had their CalienteTools as an entirely separate folder/mod that you also had to download if you wanted to use bodyslide.


so i ended up separating them into two different .rar files and installed each of them separately. only then did i get to see results. and i'm quite pleased.


again i'm a noob when it comes to this, but i'm just sharing what i did because it worked and i hope others get it to work as well.

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just realised that what i was doing for each outfit was unnecessary. i basically created a body for each outfit because i was just trying to get the cbbe morph sliders to work. i didnt need to specify the slider amount for each outfit in bodyslide. so after specifying sliders for each outfit i now realised that, i'm able to use the cbbe morph sliders and changes i make on that stay in switching from one outfit to the other (outfits that i worked on in bodyslide.)




so i deleted everything and i'm gonna start over and instead of specifying the sliders. i'm just gonna build the outfits to a preset and then use the morph sliders in game and see if the outfits adjust themselves based on the changes i made in the morph sliders.

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so i reinstalled all the necessary mods and i tested one outfit mod. so all you have to do is exactly as the video on the previous page showed you. install the outfit mod. open bodyslide build a body first of all and tick racemenu morphs and then click the big build button. mind you, i am using MO. idk about NMM


close bodyslide then reopen it. hit the top drop down menu and the outfit you installed should show up there. (disregard my earlier post that said to separate the calientetools folder from the outfit mod and install them separately. i installed it together and it showed up.) click the outfit. then from the drop down menu below select the same body type that you built your body with previously. then tick racemenu morphs then click the big BUILD button. once it says the .nif files have been processed. close bodyslide. go to your overwrite folder in the mod list in MO and you'll find the meshes that bodyslide created for the outfit you just rebuilt. drag the meshes folder and place it into the mod folder where your outfit is installed. and you should be done. so now in game i tried the morph sliders while nude and they worked. then i came out of race menu and i put on the outfit that i built in bodyslide and the changes i made while naked using the morph sliders applied to the outfit as well so when i put on the outfit, i saw the changes i made using the morph sliders while i was nude. so it works.


that is what i just did and it worked for one outfit mod so far. (mind you this outfit also came in two color variations. i still only had to build it once.) i hope this helps.

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Ok I'm having a similar issue, in racemenu I can adjust the sliders and nude everything changes but when I put on cloths

im skinny no but no breast and the sliders dont affect me untill i take my cloths off again. I was hoping the racemenu sliders would adjust my body without having to build every single outfit in body slide. Im currently using Killer Keos Skimpy CBBE V2-V3 Armor Replacer and I want to be able to put on new armor and have it conform to my shape and not have to build eveytime i change armor. is this possible? I have CBBE, race menu with plugin slides all working and body morph. my body changes my cloths dont. am I just missing somthing? when I try to load my cloths mod in body slide all I get is CBBE bodies no armor list.

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Don't like necroing a thread for a second time, but I can't really find a solution for this so screw it.


I'm using a UUNP preset, have the .tri file built in the MO installation of BodySlide (yes I'm running it through MO before you ask), and all of my armors with sliders batch built. Everything works perfectly fine, EXCEPT the RaceMenu UUNP Morph sliders. I am using the very latest version of both BodySlide and RaceMenu: 3.9 (released today!), and 3.4.5 respectively.


Yet just like everyone else in this thread, the sliders in game do absolutely nothing, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I've followed every video and written tutorial for this and they just don't work. I do not understand what I could possibly be doing wrong when the instructions are claimed to be so simple.

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