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CBBE Morph not working with RaceMenu!

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I'd have to agree with you, and haven't had the desire to make the in-game sliders work for the past few years I've been modding. I figured I'd try to get them to finally be somewhat usable but came up on a brick wall. It's just frustrating that they don't work for any discernible reason.

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So basicly I am having the same problem. Cbbe morphs slider does not work with my skyrim no matter what. I am pretty much desperate riight now.
I had it working a few months ago, everything worked just fine.

Now I made a complete fresh install and downloaded only basic mod list, but still nothing works.
I you this damn button batch build with a little morph box checked, but still NOTHING. And I have no idea WHY. I do everything the same way as before when it worked beautifully, and now it just doesnt. What the heck am I doing wrong?!

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I have downloaded everything up the wazoo. Sliders should work in game and you shouldn't have to mess around outside of it, that's just too much to do. The simpler thing would be to just use the race menu sliders and be done with it, not check boxes and hit buttons and go here or go there and download this and that. If you have to do all those confusing and asinine things than really it isn't worth it. The areolas of my female characters are below the actual nipples and I think it has something to do with these sliders but I'm not sure. She looks odd naked and the sliders do absolutely nothing in game so whats their point, to sit and collect dust with unintelligible abbreviations that only computer experts or modders themselves would understand. If you have to do everything outside of the game and the sliders are just there "WHATS THE POINT!" NOTHING!


Someone make body morphing sliders that work, please that are precisely labeled for each part of the body, don't use abbreviations, don't place stuff outside that the player has to mess with and PLEASE MAKE THE SLIDERS FUNCTIONAL FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!... thank you :)

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If using CBBE, for whatever body types/armors/outfits that are not customizable in-game through RaceMenu, do the following;


1. Open the 'BodySlide' program and select the above items.

2. Check the 'Build Morphs' option and click 'Build'

A very helpful video. Yes it's for Fallout 4 but the tool applies for Skyrim as well.



3. Afterwards if your game crashes for any reason (especially when adjusting the sliders in RaceMenu), go to the 'Crash Fixes' mod page and follow the instructions.


That's it. Had the same issue and the 'Crash Fixes' mod was what solved it for me.

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This was probably already mentioned but how I fixed this was to re-create my body nifs in bodyslide but make sure to check the the box "RaceMenu Morphs" in the bottom left of the bodyslide main screen, next to batch build. Then hit "build".

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I don't even have any sliders in the race menu under CBBE. Just a blank screen there. Gah! Is there a particular order in which these different mods need to be installed through Nexus?
Did everything in the BodySlide tool as was instructed here. Checked all the boxes etc. Clicked build. Nothing changes in game. I only have the basic game sliders available, and I can just go from skinny to fat (which is basically still skinny, but with ridiculously massive boobs...)


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