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Accelerator Toaru Majutsu no Index


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The Accelerator super power from the anime Toaru Majutsu no Index is very cool.


His power in the series is he can modify all vector values and from doing so he can do many sorts of crazy stuff. For examples, he can change the vector values of incoming projectiles like bullets, nuclear missile and make them go to their original place hitting the shooter. He called it deflection.


This kind of power would be very fun.


In Skyrim, you can make it like an active power spell. When it's activated, all incoming arrows or any form of projectiles are deflected back and they can't hit you. For melee attackers, when they are going to hit you, the active power spell will repel them like that of the unrelenting unrelenting force sending them to fly away. Make it so that you can attack people with your weapon, but when they attack you they will be repelled. So, virtually nothing can hit you because of the power of deflection.



Thank you and hope someone can make this spell. I will gladly donate because I really love this power. In the meantime, I will be learning the Papyrus language :D.

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