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COTLOP Enlightenment of the void


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Posting a couple of small writing projects, this one and one of the Lord of Powers minions, I'll post in a bit don't want to flood the forum.


I think I got this figured out decided to write about it yesterday.



COTLOP Enlightenment of the void



Enlightenment of the void or call of the void is not your typical hive mind. All who are blessed with can hear signing and whispers and random images these represent each being that’s been blessed with the enlightenment of the void. The closer in proximity they are to each other the stronger it is. The stronger the mind the greater the song and the more apt one is to bend others to their will. Contact with darkskin gives telepathic abilities to each blessed being upon the darkskin. Amplifying and warping this signal they can send information wirelessly along great distances so they can receive general messages and specific messages which may or may not be heard by others within proximity of the being or area on the receiving end.



For faction wars bio machines send encoded messages back and forth along the connection but each location requires the right bio machine to receive and decode the message.

But more so than that they all feel the presence of Darkness itself they feel his sorrow for the living and contempt for the uncertainty of life and his driving rage to return all back into Darkness. Darkness rarely speaks across the connection directly for his presence is enough to engulf and end most lives even those of Dark Forces rather he uses priestesses to give word directly to the masses. Dark priestesses are those who can withstand being in the direct presence of Darkness himself without being destroyed but they tend to have broken minds due to the encounter so they have acolytes and apprentices translate for them. There are a few male priests but males have a bad habit of becoming overly chaotic and random which is abhorrent to those of the dark. Out of both genders those with broken minds remain as a conduit for Darkenss those who do not break but are reborn become Lieutenant’s to the great generals which lead the main factions of all of Dark Forces.



Xai’raithi are Darkness’s favorite race and keeps trillions of them in various stages of evolution in statis in a pocket dimension near him. They are darkling class that can grow more powerful than some dark lieutenants in their final stages of evolution. Being an older Kind race they are almost completely immune to the enlightenment of the void but they almost worship Darkness and try and not interfere with the workings of Dark Forces in fact they are basically a faction within Dark Forces but with no representation in the dark confederacy, even the great Dark General’s dread dealing with Chaos Kings one of the most highest forms of a Xai’raithi. Xai’raithi are the only known race that lives only for war and battle to be fully accepted by Darkness as even they know all things shall end.



It is whispered that the son of darkness was once a priest and became so mad and cunning none could subdue him.




aw drat Cursed King or Chaos King but how they behave and how they are separate from the norms of Dark forces I think they should keep the Chaos King monicker....blah I swear it starts with a C its good enough >< LOL

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Interesting with good ideas! I am still thinking about the information in Post #1 before I give some more extensive feedback.

Thanks, Graham, alias Maharg67.

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