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Arena MOD: Player VS Boss


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Hello, i know from the news i read (and see on youtube) a MOD for fight like a boss vs boss.


But, what i really want its a MOD that can letme do the best part of the game... BOSS FIGHT!!!.


I dont know how it works but... Seems to fight a boss you need equip and level. So i think its good to plan like "Monster Hunter" series, where afther defeat the first monster in the arena the give something as a reward (well only give a scrap, but its the idea), so i think after won the first battle get random rewards of item like equip and items to increase the level.


I know do this it may be imposible, i dont know, its only ideas for the mod...


Anyway, i see in the others mods i cannot see items in others places, or new enemies (like a doble head bunny for ridiculous example), so im thinking its imposible to change the game... Well except i see the other mod... the boss vs bos mod i mean where you fight a boss in other place.

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Boss VS Boss is cool. But you already get pretty standard rewards from bosses. Personally, I don't like touching the gameplay at all for Dark Souls, except for if I want to give myself a special challenge for certain runs.

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