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A poem a Day


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Though I am not seen

I dwell in your shadow

Beyond the expanse of life . . . of time


I come where things have been

Where thing will be and so

I bring the answer long sought . . . but it is mine


Fear not I come again

Or not at all for some

Shadow dweller fears the light . . . but will it stay

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Excellent! I love the return of this topic so much here follows a short poem of excellent proportions and qualifications, demographies and cultural ramifications.


Love thee, hold thee, firmly but gently.

Kiss thee ever more upon the cheeks, forehead, and lips.

Listen carefully to your words.

Speak warmly in return.

All things abide in our hearts.

That dance together beneath a full bright moon.

Blessed be our union.

For ever and a day.

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Believe none of what we see, naught of what we hear,

A disillusioned reprieve; a solidarity most sincere,

Man is pure when the facade of nuance is stripped,

A primal instinct, a sensual revel with a tender grip,


In a moment of impassioned self awareness,

the world abstracts and begins to ensnare us,

Must we return to reality's trite rhetoric?

Must we return to being a sheepish hypocrite?

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Tease from something epic (in my mind)!


"Blood pressure is dropping. Pulse is weak and thready."
"How is his breathing? Is he breathing?"
"Yes! but very rapid"

"We must get a blood transfusion started immediately," the doctor declared as he began preparing his patient. "Get a crash cart ready also!"
"The bleeding has stopped doctor," the head nurse said. Not a minute later, the patient began seizing violently and had to be restrained. Suddenly the convulsions stopped. "There is not pulse . . . we need to start CPR!"

The night had its ups and downs, but the crew of medical professionals at Greater Northside Trauma Center and Hospital managed to revive and sustain the life . . . for now.


'I used to be powerful political figure. Not only that I had a thriving law firm where thousands of people came to bask in my wisdom. Everything was perfect. A beautiful wife, three wonderful kids, and a multi-million dollar house on 200+ acres of land, this was nothing short of the American Dream.


'The law firm had just won the biggest battle of the century in the Supreme Court, and this success prompted me to seek out State office. With the masses behind me, not to mention the money I had acquired, achieving State Senator was easier than melting butter. I was a super star. No political obligations to anyone but those I wanted to enrich and help promote me to the level of my grand idea . . . becoming President. This is everyone's dream. Be the highest man to make or break the rules. I am Bartholomew Kyle O'Mallie. This is my American dream, and I am on my way there.'


"How does that sound for a start to my autobiography?"

"Well," Sandra said, "you really sound bold and unstoppable trying become someone."

"But . . ." he said.

"You sound too cocky and prideful. Maybe a little arrogant."

"Do you not like the strength and power of it? I feel like I can conquer the world. Beside I am always cocky . . . especially right now!"

"Bart! You don't know when to stop to you," Bart's wife blushingly said. "Let me see exactly how strong and powerful you really are."


But all of this is about to change! While campaigning for the U.S. Senate, Mr. O'Mallie surged in polls and conquered his opponents quickly and with a flourish. Upon receiving his nomination and sitting in his Senate seat for the first time, fate came and began its work. As Bartholomew O'Mallie stood to take his oath of office, a strange feeling came over him., not one of anxiousness, or fear, or excitement, but weakness and mortality. When asked to repeat the words, nothing but gargled and smashed together words came out. A stroke had set in, but he fought it. The next set of words came out better but with great pain. Now the last few sentences said in a nearly dis-understandable voice came and with it a shaking of hands. Silence and darkness followed.




"Will he be alright Dr. Ryan? He just started his Senate term," Sandra O'Mallie asked anxiously.

"I have done everything we can do for him. All that can happen now is . . . he wakes up"


Mrs. O'Mallie began to cry as she sat next to her husband Senator Bart O'Mallie. She stayed by his side praying to god he would come back to her and the children. Four days this went on. Crying and cursing with blaming everyone and everything seemed her only release. But her grief turned to despair on the fourth day. Mrs O'Mallie went home for the first time leaving her husband to wake. And wake he did.


At first it seemed like a beautiful dream turned nightmare, but now he saw it was all reality. He could hear all that went on, but could not remember what had happened. Senator O'Mallie was alone as he opened his eyes. The light blurred his vision, and the sound of the TV blared painfully in his ears. No one was around as he finally gained clear vision. His room door was shut and everything seemed to be freshly cleaned and organized. As he looked around and took in the sight, something caught the corner of his left eye. He turned his head quickly with a slight jump as if being surprised, but nothing was there but the window with light streaming through.




"Must have been a bird," Bart thought to himself. " I need to call the doctor and tell him I am alright. I need to get back to the Senate."


Fumbling around for the TV remote that dangled toward the floor, another gleam of dark light blasted Bart's peripheral vision. It hit him like a ton of bricks as he sprawled out over the floor in hysteria. A near by nurse heard the commotion and rushed in to find Senator O'Mallie huddled over himself as if in terror of someone - something he saw.


"Mr. O'Mallie are you okay?" the nurse exclaimed helping him back to his bed. "What happened to you? Why were you in the corner?"


Bart O'Mallie was silent for a long moment, not realizing the nurse was there and had helped him. "I SAW MY SPECTER!"

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