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A poem a Day


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My Lesson of the Day


Life is a puzzle! Everyday we try to fit some more pieces together. Somedays we get it, but more than that we don't get the match. I myself like to work inside out. The edges will match the heart or core, which everyone will see and know is the real me.

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Over the hills and beyond the rills,

Through the water and the fire, I see her

Looking, waiting patiently for me.


But how can I lead, when I bear others' needs.

I must find a way for this burden to lay.

So to not trouble me, so that we could be.


To short have I known, and to long have sown.

I must take it slow, but deep in connecting know.

One may turn to two, but that may be to few.


Only until she is ready, I will remain steady

In the path I have made, for a future to have laid.

And in looking back, it all worked out as we knew.

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Over the hills and through the falls,

Past the forests of green copsed halls.

Beneath the sun and beyond the abyss,

With my love I steal a kiss. ;)


lol, just something I threw together in like two minutes. Sloppy. :sleep:


Anywho, great style you have going on here. Very good, keep it up. :thumbsup:

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Thanks Maharg, I really appreciate your feedback. Very good piece too Keanu, sometimes the sloppy ones are the best, just look at all mine. Jk
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Have I told you lately that you are beautiful? No, well:


While all the flowers

In the spring

Blooming with their powers,

And the bird's sing,

Wonderful is the sight,

But to me is the Night,

When compared next to you.


Have I said today that you are wonderful? Never, okay:


The majesty of the waterfalls,

Awe of the mountain peek,

Stars in the night halls,

Are all so weak.

When next to them I see

The most wonderful thing to me,



Have I commented on your perfection? Don't know, then:


As fitting a square in triangle,

More like a line divides a circle,

Symmetry of an angel,

With everything you encircle.

The puzzle is nearly complete

Last pieces matches neat,

You along with me.

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My Lesson of The Day


Benjamin Franklin rewarded himself throughout every day for a year. It went something like this, an illustration from my life. Working is the morning all day, and if I can get my self up early and stay awake and do my job well, I will reward myself a time with my pc game for an hour.


Now do this in everything you do. Everyday if it is something small it equally a small reward; something large, like I will not look with desire at another woman today, equally should have a larger reward for your self from your self. It doesn't have to be awesome just something do motivate you to do well and have objectives throughout the day.


The final step is to do this for the long term goals. Work today for tomorrow, but don't forget yesterday. Soon you will be doing thing for the fun of it and no reward at all. Trust me I know from experience!

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(double posted last one)


Poem on true love.


I can't stand it anymore,

It's worse than the sun's rays.

I can't get away from the lore

It makes me fall all different ways.


Sinking under the flood,

Needing no new air.

I can only chew the cud.

Because I am in the snare.


Burning in the fire,

Suffocating in the smoke.

But I like the tingle, I'm no lier.

I like the smell of the burning oak.


This is how I feel.

That is how I like it.

I would have it no other way.

If only with you I could stay.

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I'm running in circles, and can't keep going.

All alone up and down, around again growing.

Bigger and longer gets the path,

So far and wide, I stop my math.

Too tired to continue on, yet too energetic to stop.


Up in the morning, and sitting all day.

Not able to leave, to do my own stuff, just stay.

Can't leave when I can,

No, I am not a lazy man,

Not able to do what I like, not able to do what I need.


So quiet, with no interaction at all.

All I ask is to talk, or even get a call!

But work I do, and no more.

As the time will pour.

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Take my hand,

And I will show you a land,

Were you never thought you would be.


You, I'll carry,

Through troubles so wary,

Over the vast miles your watched by me.


I am near,

When gone. Never fear!

I will till end of time be under your tree.

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