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Daggerfall Armor System


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So, I've tried my hand at mod making several times and each time I hit a roadblock. This time, its just raw skill with the CK and texture creation.


Anyways, so I have playing DaggerXL the other day, because I still haven't beaten Daggerfall again since the first time I played it back in the day... and its been years... YEARS!

So far I've got a mod that will allow spell crafting again. - Last Alter!

Got a mod that allows me to hire a blacksmith to craft crap for me again. -Alternate crafting!

Got a mod that sorta-kinda allows teleportation from place to place like the Mage's Guild. - Wayshrines!

Got a mod that Lets me have a cart for all that crap you find everywhere. -Dragonkillers!

Got some amazing dungeon mods that help... but don't quite get that Daggerfall feel of endless sprawling mazes of torture... Still waiting on that one...


But what I'm here to request is far more simplistic in scope. Armor. Yep, in Daggerfall you had a ton of armor styles in EACH material type. From leather to daedric.


With Immersive Armors and LF-Armors you get a wide range of decent armor. But it still lacks that... How do I put it... It doesn't look or feel like a Nord blacksmith made that Glass armor. Or Ebony. Or any of it really... outside of the Iron and Steel. Ok, so I'm rambling a bit...


Basically what I'm looking for is the Nord looking armor sets to be craftable in each material type. Iron, Steel and Steel Plate meshes to replace the other armor meshes. Because those are the ones that look the most "Nord". Something I feel a Blacksmith in Skyrim would know how to craft, regardless of the material he/she had at their fingertips. I would leave the other armor meshes in there for NPCs who would actually own those sets. Like Thalmor wearing vanilla Elven or Dunmer wearing vanilla Glass. I've already got a mod that removes loot from cells so that you don't find ebony on a random bandit or dwarven anywhere outside their ruins...




Its three armor styles in each material type. Including leather. I think it would be really neat to have a set of leather armor in the style of the iron plate. XD Maybe not the helm though.

Since Mithril and Adamantium haven't been a thing in skyrim at all... I would feel ok about skipping them.


I have zero skill with Gimp or Photoshop. I've tried my hand at textures and its just a trainwreck. So I turn to you, amazing mod community. If anyone could do it, its you people.


Also, if you're feeling a bit frisky... You could seperate the greaves and pauldrons from the breastplates and we could have more options.

Kai1995 already has a great mod for pauldrons! - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26617/?


Thanks for reading! Even if this never gets made, I still love you guys.

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