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Balgruuf and the Stormcloaks


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So, was anyone else annoyed by the fact that 100% of the time, Balgruuf joins the Imperials without considering Ulfric's offer. We know that the Jarl of Whiterun is a man willing to listen to reason, so why can't we convince him to side with the Stormcloaks? Here is my idea. It would require the player to make multiple points about why he should ally with Ulfric, let's say around three chances to succeed. The success of each one is based on persuasion, and requires an increasingly higher speech level to succeed. Let's say the intervals are randomized per persuasion attempt at about 20, 30, and 40. The player has to get best out of three in the discussion in order to convince Balgruuf to accept. If he does accept, here is what happens.

  • The Battle of Whiterun is skipped
  • Balgruuf, Proventus, and Ireleth stay in power
  • The whiterun guards are switched out for stormcloaks
  • Sinmir still becomes the new guard captain
  • Most dialogue involving the change of factions still apears
  • Dialogue regarding Balgruuf's loss of power is disabled, along with Belethor's dialogue about the siege
  • Balgruuf's dialogue regarding the civil war is disabled, along with any owned by Ireleth, Proventus, and Farengar
  • Ulfric plays his dialogue he says after reporting to him about the battle's success in place of being disappointed that Balgruuf did not accept the axe. He also gets his axe back anyways to prevent bugs
  • You are sent right into the camp based missions after telling Ulfric it worked

In terms of the voicing for Balgruuf's lines, other parts of his already existing dialogue can be reused for the mod. If anyone could attempt to make this, that would be amazing.

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