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Exterminatus: Rival Species 2 (Warhammer 40,000 Source Mod)


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Free mod that requires at least one Source Engine-based game installed in order to run. Based on the Warhammer 40,000 franchise. Class-based First Person Shooter with two teams: Space Marines and Tyranids.




Creator and main contributor of mod: ChromeAngel

Other contributors: Don'tAsk4470, Stormwolf 597, wikkyd, X less force, and more.



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Alpha 8.22 Build is now available for the "Exterminatus: Rival Species 2" mod.



-New Dreadnaught player class. Very expensive class, should be tough to kill. Testing for balance and obvious bugs.

-Moved the melta gun wargear set from the specialist to the assault marine. This should cost more than the regular assault marine.


-Wargear system has been modified to allow for kits of different points cost on the same class.

-Player class system has been modified to handle player sound (such as battle cries and footsteps) differently.

Known Bugs:

-New Dreadnaught skins are not finished.

-New weapon skins are not finished.

-Flamer effect vanishes when you aim below the horizon.

-Placeholder particle systems for the Dreadnaught and it's weapons.

-Placeholder HUD artwork for the Dreadnaught weapons.

-Dreadnaught cables are visible in first person.

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Have they had a cease and desist letter from Games Workshop yet? GW are one of the most sue-happy companies who really take protecting their IP seriously.

No. The creators of the mod made it clear they do not want to profit from this game and use only materials from Source mods or stuff they made from scratch (The Space Marine and Tyranid models are 100% original and are not ripped from Dawn of War, Space Marine, etc.). This mod has been around since 2010 if I recall.

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