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Tranquilizer Ammunition (Not Gun/Weapon)


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It never made any sense to me, that the good guy is always murdering everything in his path, or that the stealthy sneak needs to bloody his hands to get a job done. If you want to do a nonlethal run, you need to use melee or not attack whatsoever, making the whole concept really, really strange. Why is that the case when you could simply use a rarer type of ammunition specifically suited towards...

Stunning and Subduing rather than killing

Rewarding the player with good karma for knocking out opponents that would otherwise be killed

Stealthily preventing enemies from detecting your presence without spilling blood


Think about it, it could probably be done fairly easily, and distribution throughout the levelled lists could be done the same as its done in CaliberX, it could be fed through smaller caliber weapons that you could mount a suppressor on, and there could be a few different strengths or types, like delayed delivery, or some sort of debuffing/enraging poison that makes people wig out and attack their allies.

Generally speaking, they're subsonic rounds that deliver tiny little bits of poison, we could go full-on Metal Gear Solid with this s#*!, and make it so that crits on headshot are garunteed, and that otherwise they have a buildup or something.

Don't make them craftable unless we're talking higher caliber, as .22/9mm/.45/5.56 would all require the pre-war gadgetry that is lost in this age, but add them to some sort of rare levelled list and vendor setting, it'd make the 22 LR pistol usable, and suppressed stealth would make TONS more sense

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Tranquilizer darts typically aren't used in regular firearms since they're not made to use or even fire them. Tranquilizers go off from compressed air, not combustion. Which is why you probably haven't seen a mod that doesn't have a tranq dart that's not associated with a tranq gun.


For a less than lethal round adapted into most (if not all) weaponry, rubber bullets could probably work. They'd essentially have to operate like the 12ga Bean Bag rounds.


So what I propose is that you can have a dart gun that shoots all those different kinds of tranquilizers and poisons with the new gameplay mechanics you mentioned. And then to make other guns non-lethal you give them rubber bullets, a less effective but more common option.

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