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GECK Issues (Requires Explanation)


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Without going into to many details regarding something that I almost have completed. I noticed recently that I am having trouble using terrain editor to paint the ground and do hand navmeshing to finish a few remaining areas. The problems appear to be that right click either requires a long time to do the commend, or does not register the command at all. Normally, this is an instant thing, but... as of late it has become increasingly difficult and even more time consuming than normal.


I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem before. It could potentially be anything from a virus on my computer, to the mouse finally dying, to well... the mods size. This... is not a small mod. It is extensive in size, 7 worldcells to be precise.


I would rather not waste large amounts of time playing around with scans or getting another mouse if this is something related to the mods size or some other odd-ball GECK phenomenon.

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your on the edge now. Ok, 9 divided by 3 is 3 so how many sections are in the mod as world spaces that will fit properly into that equation?


Equally and add up to the current size..

If no voice files or dialog are used, you can use the esm factor to verify the cell interpretations divided...just to check and inspect...not use..call it a throw away esm master file.


LOD's are segmented each to a world space / cell if done by them selves...this changes the out come if done by Entirety but LODing must be the very last thing done ever to a mod as it will be final at that stage...to alter it further breaks it.


so make copies and change the names of these copies that apply to the action taken...you know the name of your own work...but you can change any thing you want until "D" Day.....Roll the cells into sections that fit the code right.


1.6483 MB is 6 sections of Equal value that can be edited correctly and NOT crash out.

but keep in mind, the very same actions to each must be conducted.


that's the amount of data in your case to edit in one session.


you'll notice GECK will increase in it's speed too.


IF none of any of this makes any sense to you, Go to Bethesda website directly to the guide there, search cell segmentation.

Take into consideration I spent time with you and expect to see some results.


Take your time, be absolutely sure of any thing your doing, always keep backups or copies safe.

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