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Installing Remodeled Armor for CBBE - custom install order help


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Hi. this is my first attempt at reinstalling the game fresh (using Skyrim Improved) and i'm having problems between conflicting advice about installation order.


I might actually be a n00b and have issues with bodyslide (not building a tbbp body yet)...but i'll assume that's not the case since i don't remember having to do that in my first try at modding the game.


Anyways, i digress, here i am with a mashup of three very good articles about installing the mods i want in my game.

custom animation

installing HDT

remodeled armor


I've decided that the best way to go is trying this install order for now as my first test run (after failing horribly yesterday and having no bouncing butt/boobs)

1. realistic ragdolls

2. FNIS behavior

3. FNIS creature pack

4. Remodeled Armor


6. Groove's XPMS

7. XP32's new animation pack (yes, i know i'm a heathen for not wanting immersive animations. sue me)

8. HDT physics

9. Female hairstyles with physics

10. merida hair with physics

11. Merida hair update

12. HDT high heels

13. Dual Sheath Redux

14. Dual Sheath patcher hotfix


I've run FNIS at each install point with proper check boxes just to be squeaky clean about it.

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FNIS is FNIS. It doesn't matter when you install it as long as you run it after installing a FNIS animation.


Groove's XPMS & CBBE. Apples & oranges. Again dose not matter.


SKSE plugins don't have load orders only esps do.


HDT has nothing to do with FNIS. Again apples & oranges.


I use all on your list except the hair physics mods(did not like them). If a HDT animation is missing I reinstall the HDT version of the mesh manually.


In fact I down load all mods manually first & look at there file structure. I see if & what they are going to overwrite & make backup copies if they do.


Clothing HDT animations are independent of HDT body animations. If your not getting animations with Remodeled Armor it is not the armor. Reinstall HDT physics manually.


If your body mod is not using HDT animations, reinstall the body mod manually making shure that you choose the body that has the HDT physics.


The best way to make this easy is to practice on followers. Down load a none HDT follower & then add a HDT body mash & test. Add new textures or even change body style. If you mess up you can always reinstall the follower & start over.


The important thing is to learn what things are. It makes modding a lot easier.



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