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The Stranger was too angry


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I played full thieves guild quest line in the past. Now I'm playing it again, and doing the quest that introduces The Stranger.


Knowing now he's the Gray Fox, it seems odd.


He was the one who asked me to forge the letter to get Lex into Anvil. It's his highest interest that it's done.


So why is he so angry? Why is he so interested in being paid for a job he needs well done?


At first I tought it was to not let me suspect he's interested in it. But of course that's not the case, I can't relate him to Gray Fox even if he'd tell me.


He already heard of me, and now we finally meet. If I get Lex moved to Anvil he should be very happy, and I if I do some more contracts with quality he'll start passing contracts directly to me.


And when we meet with him as Gray Fox he's never that angry.


I don't see a reason at all. Maybe game developers's flaw in the plot?

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