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hello everyone, im announcing now that I am making a game called Gladiuswift.

Gladuiswift is a fast paced, First person shooter role play game.
The game focuses around a civilian which you give a name, which is struggling to survive in the vast lands of Avhanius. Usuallyn a very pretty land is now crawling with sick people, the bubonic plague has struck and humanity is slowly falling into chaos, with the 4 different clans not really helping out by having a war.
Meanwhile the civilian tries to find his destiny, he tries to survive. His father who died tells him there is something in Mythic empire that is destined for him. Now the civilian has to figure out how to get to the Mythic empire without being killed, by the plague or archers.

Experience the world from the eyes of the civilian, make choices that could wage war or stop it, make friend, get married or lose friends and kill people. The choice is yours, the world is yours, the consequences are yours and this throne might be yours.

I came to this disscusion for you to spread the word so that I get help, currently im only one person making up the whole team. I figured Skyrim has some pretty neat modmakers, so they might be able to help. Theres even some money involved in it.

I do however know how much time and effort it takes to make a game. However I am dedicated and willing to make this happen, I have already finished five types of armors. 20 static meshes. 3 buildings and 5 NPCs.

if you are interisted in helping out, please visit the website to find out about what available jobs are there and how to apply> http://drawesome1223.wix.com/admen-blog

I hope youre enjoying your day, and thank you for taking the time to read this ;

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