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Remove storm from the big nothing?


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I was wondering if anyone was working on a mod that removes the life-draining storm you will run into if you venture far enough into the wasteland. The devs talked about it and made it sound like you could go on forever "until you run out of gas, die, or get bored". Well death is significantly closer then they made it sound.

Just wondering if someone was already working on it ☺

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There are Cheat Engine tables that do this sort of thing, along with infinite gas, scrap, car and player health and ammos, canteen fullness, boost number, griffa tolkens, etc. The reason you won't often find them as game mods, is because locking these values can randomly crash the game for no apparent reason other than the game gets fed up with being unable to kill you (you can always re-load CE after relaunching the game, and keep playing form the point of your last autosave). They have yet to be able ot unlock the Interceptor or the New Game Plus stuff, however.

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