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Remodel Vanilla Armor and Clothing Boots/Shoes/Slippers etc as heels


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Hello there ^^


I've been looking across various skyrim modding sites and have realised there is absolute lack of remodels for the vanilla foot armor.


MAK07s remodelled armors seemed to have some remodelling to make the feet armor look like heels but they do lack changes for a lot of other foot armor in the game, especially cloth armor, nor do they utilize the HDT system. There is nothing of this sort for Cloth armors like the boots you wear with robes so if you play a mage character you will end up even more dissapointed. I also found Kendo 2's High Heeled Boots for 7b and they look really nice and even utilize the HDT system but they don't actually replace the armor (again, lack of something for cloth users). Although the HDT system isn't an absolute must, It would be nice to have some remodels of this sort. The reason for this is it would look a lot cooler if we had npcs walking around with heels. I mean there are really cool armor replaces, but the feet armor ruins a lot them, plus who doesnt love heels?? :tongue:


Long story short I'm talking about something like Nephs Stock Shoes as Real High Heels by Nephenee13 which was really awesome back in Oblivion. Which is why I'm pretty confident a mod like this will become really popular really fast as that mod is an absolute must have for a whole lot of people who mod oblivion. Not to mention there is already a demand for high heel mods anyway :wink:


I'm aware that there are already demands for way more important mods and that modders are probably busy working on their own projects but I decided it wouldn't hurt to try and posted this idea anyway. Cheers and Thanks for reading!

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