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Hello, I am wondering if anyone has the ability, or knows the difficulty of trying to do it myself, on how to make a gore/profanity filter for this game? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I know this was done on Fallout 3 so I am wondering if it would be possible to use any of that mod as a base for this one?

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There is already at least one mod that removes blood splatter from the screen in Fallout 4.


There are existing mods to remove/reduce gore for Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Skyrim. There is also a mod for Skyrim that lets you control the frequency of kill cams (when the camera zoomed in to show decapitations and such). A profanity filter is harder to do; I've used the mod that does so for Fallout 3, and it was an imperfect creation. I don't remember seeing a similar mod in FNV or Skyrim, though it wasn't high on my "search for" list, either.


"Family friendly" mods are not the most popular, so it usually takes a little longer before somebody makes one. Often, as was the case with Skyrim's kill cam mod, they aren't dedicated family friendly mods, but rather mods which can be used for that purpose. Nexus already has over a thousand F4 mods; give it a few weeks and I'm sure mods will be created to remove gore and probably recreate the kill cam mod from Skyrim. Removing profanity, however, may or may not happen.


When the creation kit is released next year, it will be relatively trivial to remove most or even all the blood and gore from the game. If nobody has released a mod by then, I recommend you spend a couple hours figuring it out and can then release the mod yourself. Again, removing profanity is more difficult, but if you are serious about it, wait for the creation kit.

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I would love a profanity filter. Don't care about the violence. If someone were to make a mod to filter profanity I would surely throw a few bucks to them. Also Poet- It would be nice if the title of the post had "profanity filter" in it . That may help gin up more interest. (imho) :smile:

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Hey i was wondering if anyone could port the magpul masada by striker5877 for fallout 4 ,its like my favorite weapon for new vegas and i think it would be a great addition to FO4 ,i don't know how to do it myself but if maybe i could get some advice on how to do it or if someone with modding skillz could take a shot at it that would be greatly appreciated,striker has given full permission to everything related to this work. thank you for your time :D

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