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Fallout 4 Local Co-op


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I think it will be a great idea if a friend of mine can play as my companion (only if humanoid) helping during the game.

The local coop may need to have the V.A.T.S. reconfigured to stop both mine and my friend's times or reconfigured to work with the default game speed.

I suppose this mode cannot come with a normal mod, as I'm pretty sure there is a limitation with the game engine, so it's all up to the developers.

What to you think about adding a local coop mode to Fallout 4?

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There is mod like that for skyrim, "Tamriel Online". However it's still in it's early stages of developement. With Fallout 4 engine getting upgraded to 64bit and modding community still working on script extender for this title, it may take a year or two (if modders will take interst in such project in first place) before we see any results.


I don't think Bethesda will take an interest in making co-op due to how the game utilizes ugrids and consoles being the main platform not performing well enough to run game for more than 1 player without technical issues.

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Tamriel Online is one thing.

It basically puts an npc in your game that represents the other player.


But local coop is a completely different thing.

That means two cameras ( for split screen ) need to be used.

The game has to repsond to different input devices.

The game has to manage two different players with all their stats perks and inventory.


I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen.


Although I have to say coop in fallout would be really nice.

And I'm not talking about the mess that was elder scrolls online.

Just two player online coop.

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Co-op mods can exist, and might be possible sometime in 2-3 years for FO4, but going on history none of them work well enough to do anything meaningful with. The method of inserting a NPC in someone's game controlled through scripting is buggy at best, completely broken at worst. The synch is missing in relation to things like combat and questing, and the other player mostly can't interact with anything in the world in a reliable manner. I wouldn't get my hopes up. There are dozens of other games out there for co-op things that do it better since they're actually designed for it.

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