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Nvidia plugin PS CC15 dds editing error "image width and height must be multiple of four"


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Hi everyone,


Im trying to edit a dds file, the only thing i did was adding an overlay on the blank texture-map and merged it together. Then i saved the file but it is giving me the following error:

"image width and height must be multiple of four".


Im using the "Nvidia Mipster" plugin for photoshop.


Anyone familiar with this problem? I appreciate any help!

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I know its been awhile but thought I post a solution if anybody else gets this error. Anyway ... I had the same problem ... I opened up a dds file ... did a little editing and then save it ... I then got this error. Did a little research and couldn't find a solution. Why should I get this error? I was not converting it! Finally I realize I had open up the dds file in photoshop but it was being used by another app (the game software). Once I closed the game I was able to save it without any error.

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This restriction on Nvidea is the stupidest thing I've ever seen ... I hesitate to continue using Nvidea for my next video card purchases: Multiply it by 4 ?????? This is from the fifteenth century. On the other hand, our friend RangerDulann is right, Intel Texture tools are all you need to work and are light years from the Nvidea plugins ... tested and guaranteed

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