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Hi all!


So I've spent the past week trying to get to grips with the modding within ME3. I've finally got all of them working a part from one. It's Ottemis braided hair mod.


I've used Modmaker as instructed. I have the latest of which and done the SVN checker. Everything in that area that I'm aware of is fine. Yet when I load the game through TexMod (after loading the .tpf) the game only shows the Mohawk which is the basis of the default hair.


Speaking of hair mine is basically ripped out from trying to find an answer, which the only solution to my particular problem that I can find is use the latest ME3explorer (106) and run SVN check.


Any help will be gratefully welcomed and I regretfully ask that any given could be in very basic term as aforementioned I am only starting the modding process for ME3.



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