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Does anyone still play BF2?

chris 07

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To be honest...I think BF2142 is my favorite game. I had BF2, but I was too young to really understand what multiplayer was (lol). BF2142 was like my gateway to online gaming, and I still love it. I have the full collection of BF2, I just to need to rummage through my older games and find it to install it (let's hope it works on Win 7).
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I play it rarely now, at least the vanilla game.


I like to play the mods for BF2 more now. Project Reality and Sandbox namely. The gameplay in both are completely different from vanilla BF2, thats the main reason I like them :P, I got sick of normal BF2. Though I used to be absolutely deadly with the gunship tv missle :D

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Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 are still popular ^^ and still have lots of players!


I play it quite a lot >_>


Cause the new games often are full of kids. So yeeeeahhh

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