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Original Fallout Mods for NV?


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Hello everyone! One of the things I've been looking for for NV are mods that make it feel more like the original; I've seen a screenshot of a Classic Fallout like Hud(Anyone know that mod?), there are a few that change items to their original appearance(Rad-Away, Super Sledge, etc.) and with Fallout: The Frontier, we'll be getting a brand spanking new Pipboy-2000 in all its beautiful glory! :dance:


But are there any more IN DEPTH mods? Enemy reskins to more easily fit the original? (Molerats, Mr. Gutsys, Super Mutants, etc. again) Stat changes? Perks? Basically, if it existed in the Classics, and could/should be found in the Mojave, I'm interested in it. If anyone has a list of mods like this, I'd really appreciate it.

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