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PatchusMaximus.jar Ruined my save/game?


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Normally i never had any problems with perkus maximus,



I always install it everytime i play skyrim it made skyrim funner and less boring to repeat.

Before i upgraded to 64bit my PC was 32bit and only had 80+ Mods,

including perkus maximus and its patch.

I had no problems with the patch or any game breaking glitches.


Last week i upgraded my PC to 64bit and now has about 150+ Mods, I ran the patch and waited.

Activated the esp placed bottom of load order then started my game.

After loading my saved game Lydia's appearance is set default vanilla with a tinted greyface.

My 'improved foreclosed helmets' now display my head invisible unlike before.

And im sure all my other NPC appearance altering mods are no longer working.


Bijin warmaidens and wives + Ordinary women of skyrim + Males of skyrim. never had a problem till now.


But i have my old patchusmaximus.esp in recycle bin before the doing a second patch.

So somethings wrong with my second patch but i cant seem to identify it.


Heres link to photos before and after patch




Do i need to start a new game?

or is there something i missed?





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Okay i confirm that Bijin wives is working fine cause i started a new game and visited Riverwood and Camilla was still lookin hot.

But i went inside sleeping giant inn and i found Delphine with the same problems with Lydia,

vanilla grey tinted face.


Same with Ordinary women of Skyrim, went into Whiterun found Hulda with vanilla look tinted grey face.

And Males of Skyrim were also having problems some male NPCs don't have the changes to them.


Bijin Wives N Warmaidens , OWS and males of skyrim were downloaded as loose files.

Cause i need to compress and resize them to 1024.


Improved foreclosed helmets still having problems, guard helmet had no more holes thru the eyes.

And most likely all helmets are still broken.


Does anyone know what i can do to fix these errors?

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